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Deanos Diggin It

Jean  Completely with you on that one!!

Right! off to cook OH her tea! She will need substance I'm sure after baby sitting little Miss Ploppy Pants! She can be an handfull!

Kate! Just let me know if any good! You can have them freely!

Jean! Same applies!

Be glad of the garage space! Like Nelson Mandella Towers in there! 



Hi Chris-sounds yummy

-tonight we shall be mostly eating cow and chips with an egg

That John Lewis advert on again

Jean Genie

Am I glad I didn't try those road kill burgers

I much prefer your menu , Chris.

Flo, you're right - I try not to think about it.

Oh well, off to face the wibbley wobbly road again , Hubbie back, car done  so going up to fetch it.


Gary, pumpkin is like a lot of veg - delicious when cooked the right way (and horrible if not)! I make thai style pumpkin soup with the inners of the halloween pumpkins, with leeks, chili, coconut milk & coriander, and its always very popular. My SIL makes pumpkin pie, I think with condensed milk - yummy. I like courgettes unless my mother has cooked them! I don't like marrow.

I have eaten rabbit - my gran used to make rabbit stew, and I've also eaten horse by mistake when we lived in Belgium (and it was nice...)..


Deanos Diggin It


It was Belgium that I mistakenly ate mine!! and yes! In agreeance!  


The best use I can find for a pumpkin


Miss Becks

ooh Geoff, can I borrow that for Jessies Disney Party on Saturday? What are your rates?


Reasonable -will do mates rates and throw in a fairy godmother for free

John Lewis advert on again

Late on parade again. Very busy in garden yesterday clearing up what i started the other day. What a mess. Me rather than the garden. Had a lovely day in Arundel with school friend. Had afternoon tea in little cafe called Belindas. Sandwiches, cake,scones with jam and cream and a pot of tea all for £14 for the two of us. Bargain!!! How are you feeling now Geoff? better i hope. Ive got to go back to Drs on friday concerns about my blood pressure its alright at home its just when i go in the surgery. And checkup at hospital on Weds on my nose that i had to have an op on because it kept bleeding everywhere. Have a good week everyone


I virtually ok now Maud thanks, appetite and internal plumbing nearly back to normal

You don't sound too good though-hope you get sorted soon

Im ok. They do say a creaking door lasts longest. Glad you are feeling better.


Am quite glad dont actually eat meat any more. Fish yes, but dont think about it courgettes, hate marrow, but did used to do a good marrow & ginger jam.

Weather forecast for here tomorrow is c**p again! Still if it ends up anyway reasonable (ha) in the afternoon may get out into greenhouse to plant up some bulb pots.

Have just been under the stairs for something & realised that will need to clear a HUGE space for engineer to access the gas supply/meter at the back. Oh well another job for tomorrow- empty out all the 'stuff'' from under there. Probably a good chance to actually sort through some of it. So maybe the bulbs may have to wait... J.

Miss Becks

Oh jo, it never goes right for you does it. Big virtual hug. xx

Thanks Geoff. Who is the free fairy godmother??

Maud, at last, you got your get together and lunch. Glad you enjoyed it. x



Maud- have you been wearing a BP monitor? That should help rule out any 'white coat syndrome'. You could also suggest that a practice nurse checks you, it may be better with her? Dont panic if it is raised, lots of ways/tablets around to control it. Sounds as if they're keeping a good eye on you. J.

hollie hock

Evening everyone- the cat has been spotted this morning in the garden, looks like she spent the night in the shed and has had a meal. I got her at about 12 weeks old for free off a wilkos add. Yes she's always been feisty, but also really friendly & very bright, it's as if something just switched in her brain.  Thanks for the link Jean- from what I've been reading I think it's a case of redirected aggression As she has just been to the vets I don't think there's anything physically wrong ( but I could be wrong). Unfortunetley because of the level of aggression/unpredicatability? it's just not possible to have her  in the house anymore. Feel very sad about it though At  least she's not crying to be let in she's  making her own way in world.




Thx Becks. Totally self inflicted this time. Have a large 'under the stairs' area & it's very easy to just pop stuff into it. Dont have a utility room, so have the tumble dryer under there plus all the rest of whatever doesnt fit in kitchen etc! Usually try to do a sort out once a yr, but this time it didnt get done, like a lot of things round here.

I need to phone a friend to rearrange a meet up. She's having a household crisis at the mo too, so understands. She'll be watching the program about the Beatles too, so shall wait a bit. J.


It looks like I will have to be the fairy godmother-bibbidi- bobbidi -BOO

Hols -you don't think the cat will just wander away?

hollie hock

Hi geoff, never been in this situation so really don't know- I've just spotted her near the shed so I think she's come back for her grub From house cat to shed cat.........feel relieved that she is ok