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Police have arrested someone in the child abduction case-haven't found the child yet though

It is very distressing isn't it? Just too awful...I can't imagine what her parents are feeling.

To lighten the mood ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

WHAT’S the best thing about being aged 104? No peer pressure.

DID you hear about the bloke who was sacked from the dodgems? He sued for fun-fare dismissal.

TWO peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted.

A PAIR of rough-looking jump leads walk into a pub. The barman says: “I’ll serve you — but don’t start anything.”

A SKY dish marries an ordinary TV aerial. The wedding is nothing special but the reception’s great.

hollie hock

Evening everybody, update on the cat- she seems to be settling in well to life as a shed cat- she now has a comfy, dry, draught proof bed installed in the shed. She's not gone far today, sensible, as the weather has been awful. I've kept my distance but no aggressive behaviour has been observed. I'm very pleased that she got spaded before she had to go out Thanks to everyone who has commented and given advice, I really appreciate it- the whole thing has been very distressing but who knows things might turn out for the best for both me and her.



Good- as long as she seems happier and you are happy-all is well


hollie hock

it's a lot better geoff- thanks

Gary Hobson

Did not watch the baking program last night. Instead, I'd been channel surfing just before 8, and stopped at QVC shopping. There was an hour-long program devoted to Thornton's chocolates. The (slim) presenter was sampling everything, and doing her best to cybernetically convey the experience, of the soft pralines and crunchy brazil nuts, and toffee made from an original secret recipe. The C word was mentioned numerous times. Some of the boxes had a special C design, with a little label where you can write the name of the recipient, or 'self'. Stocks of the dark selections seemed to be running out particularly fast.

Sky News were giving almost continuous coverage of the hunt for the little girl (and still are).

Jean Genie

Morning all, Just been outside with binoculars watching an amazing skein of geese coming in. Had jim-jams on and lady who lives at the back must have seen me when opening her curtains. Oh well, give everyone something to talk about.  We live near Martin Mere ,  a R.S.P.B. sanctury and we are in their flight path. Expect there will be more to come.

Found a dead vine weevil in the bottom of one of my African violet containers yesterday  wondering what it's been up to.

Also watching news - hope they find that little girl.




Pennine Petal
Morning all, lovely day in Huddersfield currently, driving in this morning there eats a wonderful sun rise as I crested the hills from Lancashire.

Hollie, great news on the at. if the weather is bad this winter, you may find that she will gravitate back towards the house, but you seem to have achieved a good status quo.

Couldn't watch the baking last night as no BT Vision and can't currently record or use iplayer. Don't tell me who left, I have to find some time in work to watch it or wait until Friday when hopefully we will have all services back to normal. Waiting for a new hub, but managed to get a reduction in cost Into the bargain.

Hope to catch up later. Have a lovely day all.

Gary I love chocolate but could not watch that programme without eating a couple of bars

Jean you know that you must repot the African Violet in fresh compost today?

Glyn it is amazing how quickly we get to rely on all this technology.

I also did not watch TGBBO too busy watching football, now that was dramatic.



Morning all plebs and plebesses

Soggy morning-golf had been planned but cancelled because pain forecast-so as is the law -no pain

The trouble is with these searches there is usually nothing to report so it just a load of talking heads-I see they got a local church member and mayor on this morning.

Glyn you are in the IT wilderness must be awful

Don't watch cooking shows no spoilers from me-but there was something in the paper about a jazzy coat?

What does goose taste like?

Jean Genie

Hi Kate ,  Yes did it yesterday but my concern being I have so many plants in there and I don't know how long it's been in the conservatory. Haven't found any plants that have been notched and checked in all the pots and nooks and crannies. Hope it was just the one.


Jean they are little blighters, I do not know who said they prefer pots but I have them in the borders and they are making a right mess of my Cornus.

Moaning Geoff, are you a good shot?


How quick are they?-are we still talking about geese?



Hi everyone.

Lovely morning here in Lincolnshire, we are forecast a rain free day, so hoping to get cosmos and other annuals consigned to compost heap.

Jean- I water all my containers that I want to keep over winter with Pravado vine weevil killer, it kills the vine weevil grubs that are lurking in the soil, and so far I have been lucky.

Geoff, Goose taste very nice, but there isn't a lot of meat on them, they look huge before they are cooked, nice with apple or gooseberry sauce, but very expensive. Never tried wild goose though, be a job to catch I would imagine


I am orf to get my jacket

 and me catapult-goose for tea


Geoff if your shooting is as good as your golf will you be eating this week

Gary why do fat men not need low fat chocolate?

Chris I am also off to the compost heap today.

Mary is a style icon.

Jean Genie

Chris, I think that is what I will do. I've been lucky so far - my biggest problem being slugs and snails.

Gary, it wouldn't offend me - I'ld eat it regardless.

Hope it's warmer in your part of the world Kate, really cold here I've just ventured out to fetch some more rainwater for watering . Like to keep it at room temperature for indoor plants.

I have never eaten goose but have heard it's very fatty . I've found some suitable shooting attire for you , Geoff.

 Very fetching


Gary Hobson

Most men don't care about what they eat, as long as it's tasty. Those who do watch what they eat, probably do so for medicinal/nutritional reasons, rather than anything to do with appearance.

We used to keep geese once-upon-a-time. Adult geese can be very aggressive. But there is a way a catching them. You need to boldly grasp them around the neck. That requires a lot of courage. I have never done it. They are also a nightmare to pluck. I assume you will be plucking your own.