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Jean Genie

Is it something to do with the nitrogen level ? Farmers used to ''do it'' on their beans and pea crops (don't know about their wives though )

Becks, does the mermaid costume fit Jess ?

I am not good with science and Lottie , I think you are very brave - I won't drive on M25. Can't. won't, shan't .

Gary Hobson
jean riley wrote (see)

Is it something to do with the nitrogen level ?

Yes, "during a pee, a healthy adult will release 11g nitrogen/urea, 1g phosphorus/super-phosphate and 2.5g potassium."

But neat pee is too strong to be used directly on delicate plants. So, for example, you shouldn't 'water' a row of lettuce plants directly.


Oh no, I now have a mental image of me trying to 'water' the plants at the plot!!

So I'm guessing it doesn't matter if its male or female? 


Miss Becks

Just had a visit from my dad!

Thanks for the info jo!

Kate, as I don't normally watch TV, I'm not sure what comes under the trashy catergory.

Jean, yes it does fit her!! Have had to buy her a tiara today, as the girl on the costume packaging had one on, although it wasn't included in the costume. I will post a pic on Saturday when she's all dolled up ready.


More life of Riley



Personally Initiated Soil Stimulant according to Bob Flowerdew. Got microwave for a fiver from second hand shop which is closing down, will start experimenting with compost sterilising soon. But back in the garden now, must make the most of it before the weather gets too seasonal.

Becks my guide to pleb or trash tv

Any thing that invoves amateur talent,celebs doing any sort of show and giving the prize money to charridee even though they would rather keep it, Big Brother,celebs eating kangaroo anus.


Gary Hobson
Lottiebeans wrote (see)

So I'm guessing it doesn't matter if its male or female? 

Almost certainly no significant difference. Those 3 principal elements in pee - nitrogen (N), phosphorous(P), potasium (K), are the 3 ingredients quoted on most packets of garden fertiliser - NPK. So pee is a high N fertiliser.


Becks why no tv?

Geoff sounds like my driving you know those signs people have in the back of their windows, mine would say Women with other things on her mind, watch out!

Miss Becks

Geoff, nice TV guide. I did watch Celebrity Big Brother this year, but only because it had 2 celebs in it that I like. Normally, I wouldn't.

Kate, it's just something I don't bother with. I would be quite happy without a set in the house. But, I love watching films. Jess domineers the main TV, which she watches all her kiddies programmes on, and I have a flatscreen next to my PC with headphones, for when madam has gone to sleep, where I can watch a film in the evenings.


Kate that is a theme we need to develop if only to get away from pee-wee stories

Becks did your Dad come bearing gifts and what sign would you have?

Miss Becks

No, he didn't Geoff. He was just in the area and popped in for a cuppa. Jess will be furious that he came while she was at nursery, as she loves her silly Grandad, so I think I'd better not mention it.

I will have to think about what sign I would have. I hate those signs/stickers.


Geoff what would the sign in the back of your car say?

Becks I am a tv/film addict so I am always curious when I meet someone who has no interest in it.


Miss Becks

Kate. I would be interested in it if it had more stuff on that I liked!! If there was a whole channel dedicated to Paranormal/Supernatural, it would be on 24/7!!

Miss Becks

Is that your sign Geoff???? LOL


No- but it could be-I quite like it now

-wasn't there a Paranormal Channel on Sky?


You know what someone said about having to eat a whole bar of chocolate in 1 go!! Blame it on you lot as was catching up on the posts & well it sort of got broken up & consumed....... Suppose it'll help with the flagging energy levels though.....

Have managed, just about, to get all the big pots of Agapanthus into the big coldframe. Found a lot of slugs/snails everywhere around the pots, so have put some pellets down in the frame. Will wrap the pots later in month when they have dried out & am less likely to wrap a slug as well!

Right, coffee next & then back out to continue emptying Pop's pot of used compost. Then when the little clematis starts to die back shall repot it into the bigger pot. Keep finding nastursium seeds in it which am saving for next yr!

Oh yes the Nerines are almost in flower. Have put their pot into the greenhouse so they will get better light & some protection. Then they will also get wrapped & put into the coldframe.

BTW I always understood it was male pee. OH never agree to oblige, even when I suggested a bucket! J.