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Becks are the tomato and pepper indoors now?

Miss Becks

I've took the biggest toms off the plant and they are all in a brown paper bag on the windowsill, but there are still loads of tiny ones left on the plant.

The peppers are outside in the plastic greenhouse thing, and that's where they are staying! I just can't bring them in after being out there all this time. I dread to think what bugs would come in with them. And after my recent maggott incident, I couldn't cope with more bugs!!

They will have to die a slow, cold death I'm afraid.

hollie hock

phew- been trying to catch up Great peppers & chillies everyone, made me hungry just looking at them

Spectrums, commadores (not the band)(although that could work as well) & SNES are the antiques of the future- especially if you have the games etc as are LPs which are making a comeback. Not sure about Betamax though

my OH regular visits the darlek compost bin, he says saves him having to go back  into the house.

Nola- frost? please no

On the subject of the dancing- if this year is full of gimmicky pantomine rubbish then that will be it for me- I was very tempted to switch off last year- but I'm going to give it another go.

I had times in my life where I didnt have a tv at all and that was before the days of the internet- what I can remember that it gave you time to do all the other things that you were meaning to do.

You don't need a tv license- if you don't have a way of getting live TV into the house so a satilette dish or ariel. you can use bbc iplayer as long as you don't watch any live tv being streamed, you can still watch the programmes on iplayer or download them on dvd or dvix format. It's an option I'm considering, think in the long run, the BBC should be afraid of.  The internet can be a splendid thing

I really dislike yvette fielding as well



Miss Becks

Hollie, a couple of friends of mine haven't had a TV for years. They have their PC and a giant projector in one room for watching films. They don't pay for a licence, but are asked regularly for the house to be searched for equiptment??? It seems if you don't have a TV, or use one these days, you are suspicious!!

Pennine Petal

Haha, see ipad thought that barmy wasn't PC, so changed it to barry, hope he won't offended!

Sorry folks, I hate peppers, although it was a very nice photo. I just find they overpower everything else in the dish. I am sure I'm in the minority though

Finally watched the baking, those chocolate marshmallows looked really tricky.


Miss Becks

I only like Sweet peppers Glyn, not chillis. Too spicy for me.


Glyn I was really intrigued by the marshmallows, I always wondered how they made them.

Becks I never let my chillies go outside as I do not want to bring in any creepy crawlies and I was repeatedly told last year(by someone) that they needed heat  .

Miss Becks

I think next year Kate I will do half and half. Some out, and some in. But my problem this year is because I didn't sow any seeds until may. I know better now.


I am looking for recipes for sweet peppers my OH doesn't like them so why we grow so many I don't know.

We seem to give more away than we eat, and this year they have done particularly well.

Always feel a bit sad when it gets to this time of year, although the trees are starting to look spectacular with the Autumn tints.

Hot water bottle in, it's a bit chilly tonight, and the weatherman said we could have a touch of frost. so I'm of to The Land of Nod.

Night folks.



hollie hock

Becks- I know, even in the days that I'm talking about they were like that. I remember them climbing up 3 flights of stairs to have a look that I didn't have a portable hanging around. I didn't, so it was a  wasted journey. it seems to be if you declare that you are no tv you are classed as suspicious.

As long as you  prove on their initial visit that you don't have a "live" feed of (bbc)tv coming into your house that's all you have to do. As far as I know in this country the only people who can insists on coming into your home are the police- they still need a warrant.

not sure how the bbc are going to work out the radio stations in  the future- as far as i know you don't need a license to listen to them


Chris I would make a roasted pepper chutney then you can add it just to your meals.

I agree about the autumnal feeling but I will start sowing seeds in 12 weeks so that keeps me going.

 I have a scary feeling that someone at the BBC is already working on some sort of pay per view for i-player, I just find it odd the way that they continuously promote it.


Good Morning Everyone

Even though I grow lots of Chillies I don't eat many - I just love growing them  I give most away  . Yesterday I made some roasted pepper and butternut squash soup - it was lovely  Delia's recipe using chicken,peppers,rice etc. is very good

I can't believe it is friday already- off to Sainsburys and Waitrose this morning.

Have a good day

Pam LL x

Gary Hobson

I'm off to Sainsburys this morning too.

I often have some colourful peppers with dinner, for the goodness in them. I buy the pre-sliced frozen ones for convenience. The packet says that they're grown in Spain.

Didn't find much to watch on TV last night. Am not finding the Choir inspirational. The formula is too predicatable. Did some channel hoping and came across a couple of ghost hunters programs. They were being shown on Pick TV and CBS Reality, both on Freesat. But that's not my idea of psychic research. So ended up having an early night.

Looking forward to Strictly, starting tonight, 9-10pm. Gymnast Louise Smith is the pre-start favourite to be the series winner:

The mornings are getting dark. It's 7am, and is still dark here. Have not yet put the bird food out.

Jean Genie

Morning all, It's taken me an age to read all this lot. Geoff- love the Life of Riley stuff !  - standing joke in our family. I try to avoid driving on the '' M '' words, - motorways and multi-story carparks. To be honest I don't like driving much at all but it has to be done.

Figrat and Beck's - I know that Mr Power bloke very well . He used to live in our neck of the woods and all is not what it seems. I don't doubt that there are some people that have some sort of ''gift'' but put it down to intuition as most of them are in it to make a quick buck. There endeth the lesson .

I have spirits in our house - they usually appear around C...........



Phew, what a lot of chit chat I missed! Morning everyone.

Pam, fab flowers - my top is exactly that shade purpley pink! I can't think what they are called, someone please put me out of my misery.

Gary, I think your typo 'channel hoping' says it all ;- )


Pam lovely flower photo.


Gary I agree with you I also found The Choir very predictable last night. Will Louis Smith have the personality to go with the dancing?

Pottie Pam

Lovely photo, Pam.  Is it weigela. I've got a paler pink one with a few flowers on now but I think they usually flower earlier than this.

Pottie Pam

It must be coming up to winter. The visitors have gone home and the ducks have come to my pond for a free hand-out. I never see them all summer, but they've only been here three days and they already know that when I feed the chickens they get a handfull of corn too.


Sorry I am late- but I have a doctor's note

It has been one hell of a night out there-leaves all over the place and my limpic flag has fallen over-time to put it away perhaps??