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Geoff are you not better? Yes it is time to put the flag away and get out the lights


I hadn't realised it had been a stormy night until I saw my solo sunflower leaning at a very perilous angle, and a chunk of Clematis Armandii draping curtain-like across the path. I have staked the sunflower and hope it will survive to produce lots of seeds.

Pam, I did think weigela too but it seemed a funny time to be flowering. I love ducks, they are so funny!


No more food talk please-need a medic over here.



Geoff I have just put a chicken in the oven to roast, what do I do now

Flo I also have a couple of sunflowers that I am trying to stake but they are so heavy in the rain that I am also worried that they will break.

Pottie Pam

Don't think it should be flowering now.



Kate -never mention it again

I would let the birds have the sunflowers




Oh dear Geoff, take it easy today and get the kitchen staff to bring you nourishing little snacks, and plenty of drinks, not  the alcoholic kind, hope you are soon fighting fit.

Shopping day today, visit Mum, visit daughter who has just got back from her hols in Portugal, OH hoping for a bottle of port will be handy for C***********.

Having a rest from the garden as we had some overnight rain, but not the strong wind some of you have had. Might get some bulbs into their pots later if I have time.

Thanks for the pepper suggestions, will get onto Delias site to investigate.

Have a nice day.



Chris should Geoff suggest canapes, tapas or hors d'oeuvres?


Am on to it already but it is the kitchen maids day off-I may have to make some toast in a minute-can anybody advise me on the procedure?


 Hello All

Geoff have you been to the doctors yet? we did nag!

Well the worms survived - and each Cub took 20 worms for their wormeries - some got very enthusiastic about it and started naming them, but one little boy wouldn't touch them so only had 5 worms - he didn't want any more. There were quite a few left over so they're heading to my compost.

I thought the Choir was a bit disappointing as well - but I'm hoping the competition at the end will be good.                                       

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies.

Very grey here. No evidence of a strong wind outside though. Nothing much to report really.

Geoff, stop going on buses!! Everytime you go on one, you get poorly. Goodness knows what germs those seats and rails harbour!!


Yes Lottie went this morning-and very nice it was too-I like the idea of naming worms-but now there is a boy there who is scarred for life

In future Becks I shall wear sterile gloves and a surgical mask on all trips out-going to get flu jab on Monday from Asda-you can't be too careful at my tender years

Miss Becks

Too true. And you need one of those oxygen beds like Michael Jackson had, just to be sure!!



I was thinking of upgrading to this -and there is a space in the back for your shopping



Miss Becks

LOL!! You could plant a Tomato plant in that back bit!!


I was thinking more of pobs as suggested some time ago, but that's enough to put you off food for good..

Did anyone watch Hunted last night?, it was a bit frantic, but looks as though it might turn out to be a good series.

Watched Wartime Farm didn't like the look of the food on there much no luxuries, just what you could get to fill your stomach, sorry to mentions the S word Geoff.


Chris I have recorded Hunted, I quite like frantic.

Doesnt everyone name their worms?

Geoff I have a feeling if you got on the bus dressed like that it would soon be empty.

Gary Hobson

Was slightly tempted to watch Hunted. But review in paper said something about gory scenes involving eyeballs. So avoided program as I did not want to be sick in my bedtime cocoa.


Yes it is Weigela and it is flowering very late   Yours is a very pretty colour Pam

Back from shopping - early lunch I think

Pam LL x