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Gary Hobson

A green house is made of recylced materials.


Ok I'll ask-which part of the body is the eryngium ?

Kate put the Beano down!!

What goes red and ding a ling?


-but not the answer on the card


Gary Hobson

Guess #2 - a red ding a ling.


Ok what is red & goes round & round?


A rotating scarlet macaw, Jo?



Now back to what is red and goes round and round?

A finger caught in a blender?


Saw that Mitt Romney during the debate said he would pull the funding for PBS if elected. He'd better keep his hands off Downton Abbey! The prospect of him as president is really scary!

Am off to take my old dog Blue to the vet for a checkup this morning. He does very well for being a large dog of 15, but I think it's time to put him on a regular dose of painkillers for his arthritis.He is active and loves to play, but he pays for it later.

Gary Hobson

The funding of TV is very contentious even over here. We all have to pay a tax to fund the BBC. But we also have commercial operators, Sky and ITV and others, who run themselves independently. Downton is produced by one of the independents.


Deanos Diggin It

Hi Guy's!

Not a good day!

The plot as been robbed!! Gutted!!!

I am a realist n new it would happen at some stage! But does not relinquish the anguish! 



Dean, that's horrible! What happened?


Oh Dean you have my sympathies, what did they take?


Dean. that's terrible. I hope something nasty befalls them :- @

Pennine Petal
Blinkin' 'eck, Dean, heard about it, but never knew anyone it happened to, bad luck mate.

Off now take OH and pick up friends OH to take them to a beer festival in Chorley, then we are going to spend the night in watching Strictly. Unfortunately will have to pick them up when they've had a few and having a natter.