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Gary Hobson

Just seen the posts about Dean's shed. Sorry to hear that. There have been several threads on here, within the past few months, about vandalism of various forms. Several of my near neighbours have had sheds ransacked, over the years. And there's also the problem of professional burglars who are active at this time of year (with the dark nights), though more often targetting homes. A few people take the attitude that they can claim off the insurance, for some things, but that still doesn't compensate for the upset it causes. Everyone needs to consider security, and take whatever measures you feel you need to. Some people may decide they will take the risk.

Watched SCD, of course. Was apprehensive about the first show - just an hour, and wondered if the formula might be getting stale. Not to worry. It was a good show. Bruce was still able to see the teleprompter (just). The short time-slot meant that many of CRH's views remained unheard. The two performances I liked best were Fern Brittain - she obviously enjoyed doing the show, which is important. And Victoria P - great expectations, but she wasn't very good, and became very emotional. That's what we want to see. Plenty of genuine blubbing. This job isn't easy. But she'll make the J (journey) in the end (we hope). That's what the show is about.


Rained all night but sunny now, will I be able to dig today

Gary I am going to disagree with you, I found VP's performance scary, she did not appear to have any form of rhythm and obviously lacks the skill the other "tv people" have of bluffing when it all goes wrong, they were the dream team but BC has got a lot of work to do.


David I do not know if you watched The Voice but after 3 weeks of everyone being "wonderful" it became a bit bland. I do view these programmes a bit like a pantomime where you need a bit of good and bad to make it work. I reckon Darcey said "yeah" over 40 times last night, a rookies error but I hope someone will kindly tell her. 

Gary Hobson

I'm siding with DK on all those points. It will be interesting to see whether VP can shape up. What I liked was that her emotions were genuiine.

This is not the Voice. No-one was wonderful. The scores were generally quite low.

Seem to be lots of duffer men in tonight's show.


Gary I also think it will be interesting to see if she can shape up, I imagine that she could be fabulous at a waltz but as they were tipped as "the dream team" I am not surprised that she was genuinely upset.


Gary Hobson

Your're correct in saying that the person does need a sense of rhythm, and we really don't know if VP has it. Louis Smith, bookies favourite, is on tonight. He's been looking worried too.

At least Bruce didn't grossly misread any of his lines.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

I'm worried about Inka after seeing that clip with the deer. I thought it was only her plants she had to worry about.

I have a confession. i didn't watch SCD but I'll make an effort to watch tonight so I can keep up with you all. I did watch John Bishop, though. Brilliant!

Sorry about your plot, Dean. It's not the money with these kind of crimes, it's the time that people put into their gardens.


Now David we are in agreement on Bruce and the standing ovations

Morning pottiepam

Pottie Pam

Saw on the news an item about Abu Hamza's trial or appeal and someone in the crowd outside was holding up a placard which  said ' SLING YOUR HOOK'.

pottiepam wrote (see)

Saw on the news an item about Abu Hamza's trial or appeal and someone in the crowd outside was holding up a placard which  said ' SLING YOUR HOOK'.

 I wonder how long it took to come up with that


Hello to the Saturday Morning Club

Didn't "watch" SCD but it was on in the background so will not pass judgement other than the fact it it is the same formula-but if it works.................not to be taken seriously unlike of course XF

Merlin back tonight-we are in countdown to C********

I have now seen/listened to that John Bishop show 3 times-and it is still funny-they did cut one liitle bit out about the BBC bad language bit which was not surprising.

What football highlights is there today?


Good morning all.

Beautiful morning here hope it is the same where you are.

I watched SCD last night, enjoyed the show, but CRH and Sir Brucie, please lets hope they get a grip, and as for standing ovations, neither performances warranted them. DB was I think the most constructive of all the judges, what she said was encouraging which is what the contestants need at this time, no the nasty put downs from CRH. He overplayed the nasty streak last night, it did him no favours.. As for the extradition issue, long over due.

Sorry about your shed Dean, it's a sign of the times I'm afraid, lets hope they catch the blighters and deal with them accordingly.

Well I've got that off my chest, so have a nice day everyone, play nicely, will be back later.

Becks, hope Jess enjoys her party.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!!

Sun is shining! Nice!

Thanks Chris! Last minute adjustments done to the dress. Daren't dress her until last minute, to spare accidents! Party starts at 12pm.

Geoff, totally enjoyed the comedy last night! Thankyou. His piece on having/not having kids had me giggling and nodding my head! And he made a good John Travolta!!


Morning Chris and Becks

Glad you found that funny Becks- will point you in the direction of anymore when they come up

Are you psyched up for the merriment ?


Jean Genie

Morning everyone, typical. First decent day here and I have lurgy.

 Geoff, I hope you haven't sent me a cyber bug.  Don't feel like doing much today so will watch trashy tele whilst  eating large amounts of chocolate.

Dean , really sorry about your shed. There are some horrible people about.

Have a good day, everyone.



Pennine Petal
Morning all, drunken beer festival revellers all delivered home safely by Glyn's taxi service. My friend and I had a lovely quiet evening for a chat and SCD. She has been on a cruise where CRH was one of the celebrities and she said he was absolutely charming, really friendly with everyone. I agree that his act has gone a bit over the top. Rossendale jury is out on Darcey. I think it is time for Bruce to retire! It's getting a bit like a pantomime, I think I am going to start recording it, then I can FF through the dross.

Caroline, mam used to make lovely Welsh cakes, mmmm hot with butter straight off the griddle. We used to call them bakestones in Newport. My sister now living in Canada maintains the tradition, but has changed her recipe slightly. She makes a batch and they disappear instantly.