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Geoff it really is better on fast forward.

I never knew that. I just thought she was Jaggers ex

Caz W

I knew she was once engaged to Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry.  If they had ever married she would have  been Jerry Ferry


I'm afraid Mrs Geoff wants see all the action-I say nothing so nothing can be said during the next programme

I think this year on XF we will witness the first live meltdown -there are now 3 candidates


I had forgotten about Bryan Ferry

Geoff you are a saint I am afraid that I want to see one of them have a wicked witch of the west style meltdown.



Well split the tenner betweeen Jade,Ella and Jahmene on tonights showing.

Leona on tomorrow



See I thought it was odd to give the "urban" singer a euro pop song, actually a couple of odd 80's hits recycled tonight and as for Louis dig at Chris about the cruise

Gary Hobson

Last night's SCD. Am finding the standing ovations irksome. I think that one of the BBC audience prompters encourages the audience to do that. The scores seemed to be higher than on Friday, and CRH had obviously been spoken to.

Many of the performances seemed bland. By this morning I've forgotten most of them. No-one was outstandingly bad, or out to play the fool.

The two I liked best were - Jerry Hall. She had charisma and presence on the floor. Commentators sometimes talk of 'owning the floor'. She did. When Ms Geoff says 'look at this', that's what she meant.

And Louis Smith did a great job. He relaxed and smiled at the end of his performance too.

Must mention Lisa Riley - though don't quite know what to say about her. Very surprised that CRH and Darcey both gave her such high marks. She was exuberant, but was she so much better than everyone else technically.

A nice day forecast, am intending to tidy greenhouse, and move a few pots inside.


Good morning all.

Are you all having a lazy morning?, it's very quiet here.

SCD was a bit better last night, As you say Gary, CRH must have been spoken, he seemed a lot nicer last night. I think Jerry Hall is so laid back, she'll have to improve. Not so many "Yeah"s from DB, thank goodness. It really grates, Bruce, no better

Beautiful morning here. I got lots done yesterday, bulbs planted, veg garden cleared up a bit, bean rows taken down by OH. He does most of the veg gardening and I supervise

Just going to get our treat of the week, a fry up, then nothing else until tea.

Becks -- Jess looked lovely, she is so cute. I bet she was worn out when she got home.

Have a good day , ChrisX


Deanos Diggin It

Morning All!

Not as messy a night as I predicted! but very enjoyable never the less! 

Do not do telly, so cannot comment, but midweek conversations as stirred me to check out a 16 year old wee lass on XF who writes and performs her own stuff and is apparently, "absolutely outstanding"

Geoff! - Feel free to enlighten! Shall you-tube later!

Forcast is a good one! So coffee and plot bound! Major repairs to be carried out, and a full site survey in readiness of a full overall! Now this could get messy!

Have a great day everybody!!!!  

Pennine Petal
Morning all, you are right it is quiet here this morning, everyone must be in the garden. Lovely day here, still and sunny. Not sure what we are doing yet, so just having a relaxing hour on my own.

Oh poop. I posted earlier and my computer went silly, now I've got to start again.

SCD - Fast Forward if not your thing. Agree wholeheartedly about ridiculous standing ovations. What will the audience do when there's a really outstanding performance? I liked Lisa Riley, her exuberance and confidence made for an entertaining performance. At this early stage I enjoy the over-the-topness if the 'celebrity' has the personality to pull it off; for me, Russell Grant did and Ann Widdecombe didn't. 14 weeks of people earnestly doing correct steps would not make a good show. I think DB will be a good judge when she settles into it. She comes over as positive but with a determination to see things done properly.

Off to a Food Fair in a mo. Hoping to return laden with loads of tasty titbits and lots of cake and cheese!

Enjoy your days tout le monde.+


Well -hello to those not in church

Have collected some windfall apples and put them in bags for those who want them-having read constantly about a shortage the apple gods must have shone done on me-there is load in the freezer more on the tree,and apple pie and cake being made

It is not the silly standing ovations so much which seem to happen unless you make a complete pigs ear of it all but the fact we have to be told, the clapping with the music, the stupid links and corny jokes-and joodges

There were some good performances in XF bit I still can't work out what the judges here that I don't- you wince at some of the notes.

Nicole will get a telling off for some of the words that she used that don't translate well and Louis got the first "you made the song your own" in

What was the theme?

The Doctor

HI guys,

Been manic here the past week or so with changing roles at work, my brain has been so full of information I have just been coming home, eating and sleeping. 

The weather has been horrendous here and I have been raking up leaves that have been blown off of the trees. I have been debating to trim the buddleias down, one is about 5 ft and the other is around 20 ft, i want to get them down to about a foot tall but don't know when the best time to do this. 

Any thoughts?



Hi Dan

Thought you had given up on us-nice too see you back

It wont hurt to cut them back hard now-have done it in the past-they will come back next year

Apple chutney now being made

Hi folks am allowed to use the laptop today. The daughter was using hers for her uni work so she csn be forgiven , the husband spent the day farting around and playing games. Didnt catch strictly on friday but saw last nights. Darcy an improvement on Alesha but i did get fed up with the yeahs. Cant stand Jerry Hall even if she does have the same name as my dad Gerry Hall. Last time he was in hospital the chap in the next bad was called Tom Jones. I was finally discharged from hospital on friday, taken 3 years to stop my nose bleeds. Hoping you are all ok.



You must be very relieved Maud, hospitals are not a very nice place to spend your time, although we are all glad they are there when the need arises.

We have got a reasonable crop of apples, especially the James Grieve step over, it has done very well, about 40 apples from a small tree. The others have been a bit hit and miss. Good crop of pears though.

Yes Dan, buddleia are as tough as old boots, virtually indestructible so give them the chop now and you will have lots more growth next year.

Gary Hobson
Maud is in the garden wrote (see)

...Darcy an improvement on Alesha ..

I think this signals a shift towards a slightly more serious show. The elimination procedure is also being changed this year. Each week, it will be the judges who will decide who actually gets evicted. That will help to prevent people such as Russell Grant and Anne Widdecombe staying on week after week, when the judges feel they should have gone (unless someone is very popular with the public and they mangage to stay well away from the bottom). And that will also prevent someone who the judges consider to have talent from being kicked out accidentally.


Geoff. -  apple chutney, yummy, hope you are doing your bit and peeling the apples for Mrs Geoff, or are you making it yourself

SCD.    I think it's a good thing the judges are making the final decision on who will go, it's a lot fairer.

I agree that the judges making the final descision on scd will be a good thing. Not sure what i think of Jerry Hall time will tell. I just wish Anton could have a decent partner for once. We didnt get enough apples this year to do much with and if im honest they were a bit dry. Put them in a crumble so that didnt matter too much. Will get to allotment this week to dig up my 1 parsnip that has grown, dont think there will be enough to make any wine so it will go in the roasting tin.