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Hols -tell us more about cat- not good?

hollie hock

Hiya, ventured out yesterday into the garden with her, that's the first time I have any contact with her for nearly a week, because the attack, 2 weeks ago, was so nasty I do have a  genuine fear of her now. She has been out of the house for a week now, but she isn't going anywhere. I pushed myself to go out out in the garden with her yesterday and it went ok, but I was still very much on edge. When I got over my fear, she was very affectionate but at time very on edge and defensive. At one point my OH came close to me and she started to wail in a nasty way.I just dealt with it by turning my back. Since I've been out yesterday she's been at the door crying to be let in- which I just can't do.Just like a kitten calling for it's mum. OH went out to this evening, very defensive. She's very stressed and so am I. Just can't see it improving but only getting worse. It's not going to work out especially as the winter is on it's way

Miss Becks

Evening all.

Site running slow again? Or is it just me.

Oh Hollie. What a dilemma.



When you say you can't let her in I don't understand -do you think she will attack again?

My opinion- for what it is worth is take it her to the cat rescue centre-this is not doing anybody any favours

What options do you think you have?


Hi Becks -think it might just be you-you need to run faster on that treadmill to generate more speed


hollie hock

Hi geoff- had a full blown attack from her 2 weeks ago- very nasty, she smelt something on the air and then she just went mental. I had to sheild myself with my quilt after she really did some damage to my leg- I was just getting up at the time so had bare skin. I'm not a drama queen, this wasn't a swipe this was a full on cat attack. 2 weeks on I still see the damage although nearly healed now.

She was unneutered at the time so got her spade straight away thinking that might have been the problem. This was 2 weeks ago tomorrow. She then was fine until last Sunday and then it all started again. To the point that I was frigthtened to go in the house- left her for 3 hours with a window open( so she could go out of her own free will) as soon as I walked in,all the behaviour started again.

Yesterday was the first time that I spent time with her. I did think about some rescue centre but they all overrun with unwanted cats/kittens, I really don't think she can be rehomed especially to a house with children.

We've rigged up a great bed in the shed, with a heater, plently of food. I know don't think it's a hormonal thing,friends & familily who are animal lovers think it might be something else...........they have never  known anything like it


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. Well all the other sites I use are running normal, except this one! Thought I'd ask.


Hi Becks, Yes I am finding the site slow. It takes ages to go from one page to another, every other sites I use are ok.

When I click on latest post etc, the little green thing goes round and round and round and------- it's enough to make you dizzy. it seems to be at certain times of the day.

Hollie. the cat has obviously got a serious problem,mentally or physically. I don't envy you trying to decide what to do.. They can certainly do you a lot of damaged, as you have found out. We have always had a cat but have never had one that behaves like yours. Best of luck whatever you decide.


Pennine Petal
What a dilemma Hollie. Try contacting one of the cat protection charities, they may be able to suggest something. They may have cat behaviourists who can advise.

Good Morning Everyone

I hope you feel better this morning Jean

Hollie - I am sorry to hear you are still having problems with your cat

We had a lovely weekend in the garden

Are you getting fed up with my pics  yet? Here is another

Pam LL x

Rainbow Chard


Gary Hobson
lilylouise wrote (see)
...Are you getting fed up with my pics  yet?

Keep the photos coming. I almost registered a complaint yesterday because there wasn't one. And no-one else put one up either. I can't believe the gardens of everyone else are all completely over.

Taken yesterday afternoon, a red admiral on a wallflower...


Good Morning All,


This is a Robinia Pseudoacacia Twisty Baby that is in our front garden.

I had it in a pot for a few years, but it stop growing and look sick, so I popped it in the front of the house in a sunny position and it is growing quiet happily there.

Gary --As you say there is still a lot of colour in the garden at the moment. Loved your butterfly photo.

We got the cover for the caravan from under the leanto yesterday and disturbed 4 peacock butterflies that were hoping to hibernate there, hope they found somewhere else to go.

Have a good day fellow forkers.



Jean Genie

Morning everyone, lovely photos Pam and Gary.   Not got much in my garden now except honeysuckle and nasturstiums which are still flowering and I've a few cylamen dotted around. Will be concentrating on all the houseplants now , getting them ready for winter. I like to clean the broad leaved ones and will be cutting a few back.

Hollie. so sorry about the cat . Can't think of anything else to suggest - I wish I could.

Still can't recognise the hawk I saw yesterday - It's now looking like it could have been a peregrine but it seemed  to be bigger . 

Thanks for all the get well wishes everyone - think I've got a noro-virus     but a bit better today. May ring docs after - probally get an appointment for next January !

Jean Genie

Soory Chris , Your tree is lovely as well.


Morning everyone.

Came back from food fair with posh bread, several flavours of chocolate, Turkish Delight, various nuts, fudge and baklava. No cake as such. Ate wild boar in a baguette while I was there. Lovely day to be out.

Hollie, it's such a horrible situation for you with your cat. I'm pretty sure a rescue won't take her as they are all full up anyway and if she's not rehomeable they know they'd be stuck with her. And she may be unhappy penned up. I've been told that when a dog is neutered it can take a few months for the hormones to stop working and not to expect instant changes, I wonder if that might be the same with a cat. Maybe the vet could advise. If you end up having to make the decision to put her to sleep, try not to feel terrible, you have done more than many people would to help.Sometimes, for everyone's sake, it is the kindest outcome.

Love seeing the photos, thanks everyone. I had four bees on my Lemon Queen - the hoverflies must have spread the word - but they don't wait around for the camera. Wonderful dropletty spiders webs this morning.



The site was running so slow last night I could not even get in to read comments

Very grey day here

Jean glad you are feeling a bit better.

Lovely photos.

XF- oh so staged why are they obsessed with that song by Emeli Sande.


Jean, could the bird you saw been a Sparrowhawk?  They are quite large.

Pottie Pam

Good morning fellow plebs and forkers,

Love the photos Pam, Gary and Chris. Does your tree turn yellow, Chris?

Hope your feeling better, Jean. Geoff should keep his germs to himself.

So sorry about your cat, Hollie.  Could she have a bad tooth? I suppose the vet would have checked when she  was spayed.



Morning all-lovely pictures as usual

Hollie there is a neurological disease that effects some dogs where they have a funny five minute-cocker rage is an example-if it gets too bad they have to be put down-I do feel you need to seek some professional advice for the cat

It is very dank and drizzly-have been on a bus again to go to the supermarket for a flu jab-that's Asda price.

I have a fascinating fact to share


Lovely photos Gary and Chris

I phoned the surgery to make an appointment for my flu jab - I had a text message the other day  reminding me - was told I have to wait about 2 weeks as they have run out  

Horrid murky day here - I have put the washing on,cleared out a cupboard in the kitchen -things were starting to fall out when I opened the door  Just going to do a bit of ironing now

Was reminiscing about Wombles and spam fritters with one of my Sons at the weekend - now I fancy spam fritters for tea Haven't had spam for years

Pam LL x