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Miss Becks

Hey guys. Is there any way to test if eggs are still ok to use. Just noticed the BBE date on my eggs is 4th, but I still have 10 left. Be a shame to chuck them if they are still ok.


Take a glass of water-put egg in it -if it sinks it is ok-if it floats it is starting to go off or may be off-the older they get the inside shrinks and therefore more air making it more buoyant

Miss Becks

Cool. Thanks Geoff. You are so wise!!

Gary Hobson wrote (see)

Do you have any difficulty getting served in a public house. Or buying cutlery from Sainsburys.

:- D Gary. I am shocked to hear Geoff is entitled to a bus pass, I had him down as 35 tops.

Becks, I suppose it could have been anything in that baguette, I'm very trusting!

In all my years teaching I only ever twice had a child in my class with the same birthday as me. There's someone locally, whom I've never met, who uses the same doctor as me; she has the same first and last name as me and the same birthday but is  10 years younger. I always have to give my middle name or address when making an app't so they get the right one.

Gary Hobson

'Best before' means what it says - best before. It doesn't mean unsafe after that date. I never look at the dates, just keep them in the bottom of the fridge and consume as and when.



The more facts you know about someone the more likely you are to find a fact in common. One of the Forkers has the same maiden name as me

I now have crisps.

Geoff what worries me is that people often use their DOB as a security check is it wise to have it on a bus pass?

Gary Hobson

Excuse my ignorance, I don't use a bus.

But why is is necessary for people to undergo a security check before boarding a bus. Do they look through through all your groceries too. I know bus passengers are not allowed to carry panes of glass, tins of paint, or fish and chips, onto the bus.


It is the expiry date which is the same date when you become eligible-usually you just bleep in it on a machine-I don't expect the security aspect was considered.

Becks- I shall take that as a compliment and also the around 35 remark

Gary Hobson

I think I can understand why box cutters and marker pens are not allowed on buses too.


I agree Gary, I take best before dates as a guideline. Some things are ok well after that date and others aren't - smell is a good indicator!  

Not sure if its my internet connection being slow today or the site but things seem to be taking a while to load.

Still very grey here.


Buses are so much easier-none of that parking faffing-and they run every 10 minutes and best of all- it is free

Site running ok for me but not for others

Jean Genie

Aftie all , Firing on all cylinders now . Went back to bed for a bit and woke up feeling great ! 

Muddy fork, I don't think it was a sparrowhawk - managed to get a good look at it when it was swooping near the ground and its tail feathers were different. We have one of them that raids the birds in our garden but could be wrong 

Pony Pam  Love the pics, I could do with borrowing them.

Geoff, something always happens when you take a bus.

Carry on twitching Kate   Becks , I fancy scrambled eggs.


Jean Genie

Becks, sorry , I meant to say hope Jess gets well soon as well .

Gary Hobson

Response has been OK here.

When the site does 'go slow' I often see messages long the bottom of the screen. They flash by very quickly. They refer to other websites such as 'optimisedby', 'adserver', 'rubicon', 'doubleclick', and several other names like that. I think those may be other sites which are used to provide the ads, or to collect usage data. A lot of things go on which have little to do with the basic forum.

Normally, the screen comes up so quickly that you don't see those messages. But you do sometimes.

Miss Becks

Sites running ok for me today, but I totally gave up last night.

Thanks Jean. She's playing on her laptop snuggled up with her blanket, looking very sorry for herself. She can still manage to demand food and drink though.

Geoff, maybe that's why the bus driver checked your pass! He was threatened by your boyish good looks, and was checking your age!




A date guide~~~~~~

Sell by -a legal thing that shops have to abide by

Best before-does what is says- but is more of a guide to taste- loads of things are ok after best before has expired

Use by-probably dodgy after that date or soon after-bread springs to mind but that blue fluffy stuff is a give away

Blind date -best avoided- full of disappointment

Dates-only eaten once a year,full of sugar and can and probably will remain unopened well into January-the stones are then planted but never grow


Deanos Diggin It

Evening each n all!

Geoff! You really need to keep your bugs to yourself! 

Lot's of liquids consumed n I am beggining to come round!

Glad to hear you are on the mend Jean!

Becks - Hope Jess gets better soon! I hate seeing kid's poorly! 



I have just boiled some potaoes and after 10 minutes I had a pan of mush they have just completely disintegrated.

Jean would I twitch


Doesn't that happen with some tatties?

Tonight we are having toad in the hole

Hi Dean


Maris pipers should be ok