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Gary Hobson
lilylouise wrote (see)

Those apples look a lot nicer than mine. It was dull and drizzling yesterday so I didn't take any pics. But I'll take some today.

Enjoyed ITT after tea. So we've got an SCD fix every evening till C********. Louis Smith spoke very sensibly and made a good impression.

Also enjoyed Secrets of Our Living Planet. It's been shown before. Last night's episode was about deciduous wodlands, which is what England used to be. The program explained the crucial role of mycorrhizal fungi which actually connect all the trees together, and feed the trees. The squirrels help to disperse the fungi by picking the fruits and moving them around. And lots more. It was fascinating.

An innovative garden statue, made by Damien Hirst, was featured on Sky News this morning. Not to everyone's taste but highly original. This is the Daily Mail version:

Jean Genie

Morning everyone, Pam , those apples look yummy

 How many apple pies will they make

Just looked at that statue , not keen but like you say Gary , very original.

Here is my offering, not much going on in the garden but the Hibiscus in the conservatory is still flowering. It's done well this year

Have a good day everyone.


Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the next door neighbours are having a full flown slanging match in the street!!!

Just going to make a coffee and go ouside and stand and watch/listen. Where's Jeremy Kyle when you need him!


Crikey Becks you are an early birdie today-have only just got dressed

No sun,drizzly again-not going out

Usual nice gallery this morning

Pennine Petal

Morning all, sunny in Rossendale, but I am off on the train to York shortly, unfortunately work not pleasure.I can sit and look out of the train at the countryside and other people's gardens. Lovely photos already today.

 Have a lovely day everyone, will catch up later.



I could not get into the site last night, I was worried that I had upset someone

Sun no drizzle

Becks I love it when the neighbours provide the entertainment.

Miss Becks

Kate, I know. It's regular with the young youth/yob next door. And always when the parents have gone away, which they have now.

This time round it was him and his girlfriend arguing outside, while the older sister stood there sobbing in her dressing gown.

Next a van screeched up, which turned out to be her (the girlfriend) Dad. He jumped out the van, eyeballing yob, then another lady comes tottering up the street. Turns out it's said yobs/sisters Auntie. Dad then yells, 'She's pregnant, you're the father, deal with it!' Daughter is then shuffled into van, that roars off again, and yob/auntie/sister have dissapeared into the house. Their 2 husky dogs have now been shoved outside, and howling and wailing to be let back in!! Common as muck!

Yes geoff, I am dressed. Forgot to put wheelie bins out, so it was a must.


I need to move-raindrops are making ripples in puddles-that is about it

Miss Becks

Has your neighbour sold his house yet Geoff?

Pottie Pam

Hello everyone,

You are so lucky to have all that entertainment outside. My only neighbour is my son and family who are pretty quiet.

How about that chap who is going to to edge of space today in a balloon, 23 miles, and then free falling to earth breaking the sound barrier. Will there be tears before bedtime?

Hope everyone is on the mend.


No-and now there is another one in the street going for £162.000-do you want to see the details?

Miss Becks

Oh my Pam. That does not sound like a nice day out!! I wonder how he practised for that??

Miss Becks

Yeah, go on geoff. I'm nosey like that!!


Not Going Out, Geoff, I like that programme. Always happy to watch the repeats. I think the addition of Katie Wix as Tim's girlfriend was inspired.

Had to go out, doggy haircut morning. Very light drizzle, the sort that makes your hair frizzy.

Glad I haven't got 'entertaining' neighbours. Poor dogs. If the girl is pregnant they'll be given up for rehoming as soon as the baby arrives because they can't cope with dogs and baby.



Morning everyone.

Crikey Becks, early morning entertainment!

Most of our neighbours are on holiday at the moment. Next door have gone on a cruise to New York and then up to Quebec, lucky blighters, the funny thing is unless they go on cruises they never come out of the house Others are in France, and across the road are on their narrow boat. It's great, very quiet.

I watched ITT last night, CRH was full of himself, and Jerry Hall was draped all over Anton, Louis Smith was lovely. I like Claudia, and her quirky way of presenting, Zoe hardly let anyone get a word in.

Plenty to do in the garden today, wallflowers to finish and lilies to clean up and treat with vine weevil killer, no rest for the wicked

Have a good day



yes please Geoff, love looking at properties - not that I'm nosy or anything of course!

Pam, those look like lovely apples - I shall be along with my basket shortly!

Becks, how is Jess today? Your neighbours sound lovely - a bit like Kate's neighbours. I'm lucky with most of my neighbours - apart from the cat stealing leylandii planting ones!

Glyn have a lovely day in York!

Jean, lovely hibiscus! 

Miss Becks

I love the hall of the house Geoff, lots of doors going off everywhere! Love houses like that. Little mazes! The rooms look a decent size.

Flo, the pregnant girlfriend doesn't live next door. I presume she lives with her parents. The dogs belong to yobs parents, and are very much a permanent feature.

I know Chris. Worth jumping out of bed for!

Lottie, Jess is still in bed, but she had perked up a bit last night, insisting she was going to nursery today. Thanks for asking!


HI all, complete change of plans here, so am off outside! Back sometime soon. J.


BTW site working properly again! J.