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Pottie Pam

Do you viewers meet your high standards, Geoff or do you and Cody have to go into mad mode round the garden to put them off?


Ooh must have a look see. Must be brain dead already to even contemplate it.

Problem is I ache!! Have been a very busy bunny out there today & know will pay for it tomorrow- when have a scan appointment! Actually it's a type of scan I can cope with & then me & daughter going out for a meal, as TC just happens to be on the way back.....

Anybody know if I could actually use the wallflowers on the top of tulip pots, when I do them next month? They are supposed to look good together, but not sure in pots will work. No point in planting tulips in the ground here- squirrels & soil not ideal.

The bag on feet idea good. I use clogs to go outside then transfer into wellies outside the back door. Clogs ok on kitchen floor, but easily kicked off when need to go on the carpet in hall etc

Do not go down garden in clogs as have come a cropper when wearing them in the past- 1, fell over in greenhouse one time, missing glass, phew & 2, tripped whilst carrying daughter's guinea pig- she bounced, I fractured my elbow!

Meal easy tonight. Cooked a large macaroni pasta/cauli cheese last night, so plenty for us tonight with ready made cheese sausages.

Right, need to get out of gardening clothes... J.


Shows how slow am at typing- was referring to the sky diver..... J


Jo I grow wallflowers on top of tulips, the variety I have seems to get a bit straggly though so it  is not as tidy as the ones Pam showed us .

Miss Becks

I'm not sure Geoff. Reflection of light.

Jo, make sure you relax and take it easy tonight!



Can I take it easy tonight as well?


Oh goody Kate, may try in the pots after all. Hopefully then the 'b' squirrels will leave the tulip bulbs alone? Not sure. They are quite happy today & nice busy ones too. Probably been pinched out?

I really must go & change- daughter not home too early tonight, so no rush for the meal which will be quick & easy. J.

Gary Hobson

There seem to be 3 small dots moving around.

Don't know if they are observation ballons.

They are also somewhat similiar to UFOs I have seen in some TV films. It's possible they are also monitoring the activities.

Or the dots may be a problem with my vision, or housemites on my laptop screen.

Miss Becks

Covered from takeoff to touchdown by more than 35 cameras in the air and on the ground, the live online broadcast will provide a firsthand experience of the entire mission (weather permitting).

An all-access documentary film will air on the BBC and National Geographic Channel in the weeks following the jump.

Above quoted off his official site.

They have stopped the countdown clock again.


Until I read that last bit I thought our Becks was a right old cleverclogs

I could do that-jump I mean


Miss Becks

I am clever! I copied and pasted it!!


Well then you are a cleverclogs

I am pre-breathing-as you do

Miss Becks

Felix enters the capsule. Inflation has officially begun.




The Government have pledged to bring down inflation-now I'm confused

Deanos Diggin It

I too watched the blob! Not entirely over inspiring!

Geoff I too pre-breath!........ Just before reaching the checkout after shopping!

Ref the Castle!..........Wouldn't wanna be the window cleaner!!!!!!!!


Miss Becks

Dean, we have movement now. The capsule and little people.


That is better-can you ask them to wait -dinner will be served soon

Miss Becks

Tut, geoff. I'll text them, but not holding out hope!