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Glyn that was a very scrummy episode, not sure that 2 of them are used to being described as blkes.



Good Morning Everyone

I will have to have a good catchup later

Have a lovely day

Pam LL x



Gary Hobson

Pyracantha. This is a great plant. It's loaded with berries and very colourful. All of these berries will have been eaten by C******** ....

I received the monthly E-mail from Wyevale this morning. It includes an interesting tip for keeping squirrels away from newly planted bulbs. It's a variation of a method sometimes used with bird feed... "Make a paste using super-hot chilli - throw it into a full watering can and leave to soak overnight. Next day water in all your newly planted bulbs - squirrels will run a mile"


Morning you two-it is ghostly quiet on the board today-are they all jumping out of balloons or something?

It has stopped raining -washing machine on-live in hope


I'm here Geoff. Everyone must be at work or getting ready for the day ahead. We are going to the garden centre today to buy new piping for the garden pond pump, the other is kaput More expense.

Hope it stays fine for you, we have got a cloudy day here at the moment, but hopefully the sun will shine as we go over the Lincolnshire Wolds towards the sea.

Lovely pictures Pam and Gary, is Autumn really here?

Have a good day everyone.



Gary Hobson
lovetogarden wrote (see)

Everyone must be at work, or getting ready for the day ahead. ...

Or possibly still in bed? We're the ones who like getting up in the dark.

Pottie Pam

I love blue flowers, Pam.

The birds are going to have a feast in your garden, Gary. lovely plant.

Have you ever seen the film, 'Saving Grace'? Really funny about a pensioner having to make some money after her husband  died and she grew cannabis.

We've got a lot of wild areas in Cornwall covered in gorse and a couple of years ago two chaps made a clearing in the middle of a thicket of gorse and grew some plants. They spent all summer tending them and carrying water over quite a distance. Unbeknown to them the police knew about it from the start and when the plants were ready to harvest the police pounced.


Morning forkers.

:- D  P-Pam. Love the Caryopteris and the pyracantha pics. Recently bought a Caryopteris, just the normal Heavenly Blue as a more exotic one I had a few years ago didn't like me and died. My ceratostigma, another gorgeous blue, does well and is very popular with the insects. My pyracantha only has berries up one side - very odd - and my cotoneaster has far fewer than usual. I'm putting it down to lack of pollination due to appalling weather.

Promising start weather wise, hoping to be out in it soon.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

More antics last night with the yob from next door. Police called at 2.30am, in a very noisy car might I add. Police knocked my door this morning asking if I witnesed the assault yesterday morning??? They're coming back later for a statement to what I saw. Why do people seem to seek trouble. I would be horrified if my kids kept causing the police to come to my door.

Anyway, no sun today, but not really cold. Ironing on the agenda for today.



The only good thing about ironing is it keeps you warm ;- )
Glad I don't have your neighbours, Becks, I am VERY grumpy if my sleep is disturbed or curtailed!!!


Lovely photo Gary

Since the shooting next door in July it has been very quiet here !!!!

Pam LL x


Jean Genie

Morning all , Lovely pics. Been playing catch up with stuff I hadn't done during lurgy. A lot of activity on here last night - mostly about Felix . No way, can't believe someone would even think about doing that . Liked the u.f.o. stories -  never seen anything myself but know a few people who claim to have unless of couse they've been growing cannabis as well !

I have never seen the northern lights but have seen the pics. We are nearly at the end of a solar cycle now.  Very interested it all of that. In March , plans were put into place to protect some of the electricity grids as there was a large C.M.E. that threatened to cause major disruption of telecommunications.  The end of this particular solar cycle is predicted for end of 2012, beginning of 2013. Hmmm anyone seen that film ?


I have been busy out and about catching up with errands.

It is almost sunny here and no builders

Pottie Pam

Jean, what about the Mayan calendar that only goes up to December the 21st 2012.  Some say it means the end of the world and others say that machines will rise against man.

The solar storm of 1859 knocked out  the telegragh systems of the time. If a similar one happened now think of the chaos. We won't be able to get onto this forum

I haven't decided to bring C******** forward or not bother to do any shopping at all.

Lion S

Afternoon all, sorry for being AWOL again without a note but I couldn't get it across cyberatically.

That Pyracantha looks just like mine, but it has loads more berries on. A female Blackbird is fancying them and I'm trying to shoo her off regularly 'cause I love their bright colours in flower arrangements. Blue flowers were my first love.

I know we're not supposed to see the northern lights in The Netherlands but strangely enough OH and me did. One night we came home from Nijmegen and were driving past open fields when all of a sudden this strange greenish light appeared. It was beauuuutiful!!!

This afternoon my neighbour is coming for his English class so I'd better start preparing. Have a lovely day everyone.


Gary Hobson

Have not seen the film 2012. But am vaugely aware of theories about the Mayan calendar which some (incorrectly, I believe) say prophesies an end-date for us, of 21-12-2012, or C*******-4.

I did see a rather gruesome prog on telly last night about the pyramids of Peru. The Peruvians thought that trouble was coming, and believed that human sacrifice might save them. But, despite their best efforts, the Spanish came, and the Peruvians' end-date was up.

Pottie Pam

Oooh nasty. I missed that one, Gary.

I watched a programme about the Mayans a few months ago. i can't remember when  their civilisation came to an end but at the time they could predict solar eclipses. They interviewed some of the modern descendents of the Mayans and they'd never heard of the calendar and didn't seem bothered that it predicted the end of the world. 

Jean Genie

The Mayans were very good at astronomy - They were an amazing civilisation and were one of the first races to play a form of football. However, their ball was a human head.   I've watched a few programmes about them and one stated the reason that the race died out was because they used to perform human sacrifices and chuck the bodies in the same water that they drank from.  Hence the calendar ending when it did.

Pam , thats right about 1859. It also happened a couple of years ago in Ohio I think but in the grand scheme of things it's been going on since the year dot so I won't be climbing into my nuclear bunker on 21st Dec. !!!


There is some body next door measuring things-do surveyors measure things?

A bit of local news -there is a court case going on where an antique dealers is accused of forging signatures in books and selling them as signed copies--one is supposed to be Winston Churchill-his defence is that he sold them as "signed" copies not "signed by" copies- a moot but rather clever point?