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Caz W

Hi all, another theory that's going around is that the Mayan Calendar did not include leap years so technically the world should have ended several months ago!

Can i come out of the naughty corner yet, promise i wont mention christmas again Oops. Have been to see some tropical butterflies today, they were beautiful. Must have thought i was a flower as they kept landing on me. Did the man jump? i missed the news last night as i was slaving away over a hot stove. Ended up having lunch in Sainsburys at Chichester as we didnt like the look of the food at butterfly place. I always end up in the naughty corner whatever i do or wherever i go, is it something i am doing wrong do you think??????

Gary Hobson

The man didn't jump. He didn't even get as far as getting into his balloon. He's having today off too.


Geoff you should be able to tell if it is a surveyor, they always have pursed lips I always think the signed thing is funny as someone in an office somewhere probably signs most stuff anyway. It would be different if it was a letter.

Maud I find all those places that have restaurants attached are quite expensive for what you get.

I have climbed the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon at Teotihuacan.



The washing is dry, has been ironed and put away-I helped

Just thought I'd share

 Sainsburys have just delivered the shopping and this time the delivery man was a lady, never seen this lady before but she was very nice. The food was expensive at the butterflies and didnt look that nice either, Sainsburys didnt disappoint had fish and chips will diet for the rest of the week. Do you kow when he plans to jump will try and watch the news tonight.


Thanks for that Gary, I just shouted pyramids at the bus driver.

Geoff how is the curtain twitching going?

Maud did you mention chips


I can't hear the pronunciation, Gary, my speakers are kaputt.

Maud, you are clearly a lovely- if somewhat naughty - flower ;- )

Pottie Pam

Glad I don't have to dig a bunker.

Hi Maud,

I read on one site that the skydiver was going to have another go tomorrow. They can't use the same balloon again and the balloons and helium gas are so expensive that if tomorrow is a failure they will have to put if off indefinitely. May have all changed though since I read that.

I always thought that when any sort of gas filled balloon got to a certain height it would burst as the pressure inside would be more than the outside pressure. I must be wrong,


I have also read that they will try again tomorrow there seem to be a lot of factors involved.


Kate-he was here for 30 minutes-catman is not here so must have a key-just intriguing

Maud-yellow card

Mary Poppins uses an umbrella to get airborne



Hi everyone.

The Garden Centre was full of C Decorations, sorry Geoff, but it was full on as you walked in the door. I'm not a misery, no matter what any body says, but I really don't want to think about C yet. To top it all I went to visit a neighbour who I haven't seen for a couple of days and was getting a bit concern about and as I left she handed me a C cake she had made for us. She says I have to feed it then went on to explain that it needs a drop of brandy every week, until C.

No tea for me tonight, had fish and chips at lunch time, so too full for tea, may be a sandwich later.

Will make my way to the naughty corner now, sorry.


It will be getting crowded in that corner-can we all just hold off for 21 days ??

Spag bol-OH going swimming again tonight


Geoff I am afraid that in most households, the women have to plan for the festive season. My large and rather complicated family has already started on the negotiations. If you are catering for 2 Christmas dinners each with  more than 15 people you would need to start planning now.

Aladdin uses a carpet to get airborne


Deanos Diggin It

Very quiet on here this evening!

A full day spent in the classroom today! Which alway's proves a full day! But survived!

Maud! You have been warned! 

Gary! Your still scaring me!

Spiderman uses telephone boxes to become airbourne! 


I understand pigs can fly at certain times-is this true?


Dean glad you clarified that I was confused there for a minute.

Geoff I have seen a flying pig.


That was a flying pig-eon-not the same thing