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Gary why do people with so much money have so little sense?

Jean Genie

 I may print that off and stick it on his front door. !

I think we can safely say that the lavenders' had its day.

Gary Hobson

It is very strange behaviour. Normally people would not buy a house with a garden unless they were mildly interested in maintaining the garden.

Perhaps they have won a lot of money and so were able to move into a larger house. I think this is often the case when you see people in a house who you might not expect to live there.

It might be a good idea to make friends with them.


What else is going on in the neighbourhoods?

Have the builders arrived Kate?

Have The Bill been back Becks?


Gary Hobson

Ballon man has decided to take a few days off, and won't be making any more attempts before Sunday.



Good morning all,

There's nothing happening in my neck of the wood, quiet as the grave .Everyone's away on their hols. Some people buy their house just for the house and don't consider the garden at all,. Then they move in and realise that gardening' is jolly hard work and it is easier to pay someone else to "tidy" it up. The results often speak for them selves.

A little snippet from todays Daily Mail. - apparently scientists have discovered that mice can be taught to sing, well Bagpuss knew that! The next job for Gareth maybe, a mouse choir,

There is a lovely cartoon to go with the article. A little mouse sitting on a stool playing a guitar with couple looking on. One says to the other. "Well I knew he could sing but didn't know he could play the guitar." just my sense of humour.

Have a good day, no rain here as yet.


Gary Hobson

This is a singing mouse:

It is important to know what they sound like, even if you can't understand what they are saying. If you hear that kind of noise during the night. Don't worry. It's just a mouse.


Just had a look at that on-line Chris

I have to report that raindrops are making ripples in puddles again and a leaf has just fallen from a tree


:- D :- D Chris, Gareth's mouse choir. Will other rodents be required? Rats for the tenors, squirrels for the baritones, perhaps.

Love your helianthuses / helianthi Gary. Lots of small flowers are still lovely. Wet here, don't feel like doing a lot.


How cute is that Gary, now I know what to listen for.,

Leaves are turning, and dropping how sad. don't like the thought of winter at all, already got thicker jumpers etc out. OH wore his scarf when he went out last night, a sure sign winter is getting closer he's a bit of a wimp, it will be the gloves next week.


Apparently the builder is injured so it is all quiet again today

I bought a house and I had no interest in gardening

Jean Genie

How about whales and dolphins ? They could also be included in the choir

Gary, I know this people to talk to and they seem like nice people. They own a busy pub so maybe they just haven't got the time ?

For a smaller fee , I could have done that for them.  Except for the conifers, I don't like heights.


I have put the shorts away and the t-shirts-wore a fleece the other day-it was still gloomy at 7.30 and we seem to have gone very quickly down to 11 hour days- the really sad/bad news is the clocks go back in 2 weeks

Crickets sing




Morning all, not paining here yet but I'm sure its about to be as the forecast is for heavy showers followed by light showers followed by more heavy showers. I may not get to dig at lunchtime at this rate.

Jean, I agree, I think the lavenders may have had it. What a shame!

Now a little Halloween challenge - to stop you lot going on about C****!! Pair up the characters with the films:


Norman Bates

Freddie Krueger



Michael Myers

Annie Wilkes

Hannibal Lecter


Friday 13th



Silence of the Lambs

Child's Play

Nightmare on Elm Street

The Omen


All correct entries received by the closing date will be awarded a toffee apple!



Miss, Miss, Miss -I' ve done mine -Miss

Chucky-Child's Play

Norman Bates-Psycho

Freddie Krueger-Nightmare on Elm Street

Damien-The Omen


Michael Myers-Halloween

Annie Wilkes-Misery

Hannibal Lecter-Silence of The Lambs

Bruce Forysth-Night of The Living dead

Jean Riley-On The Road to Nowhere


Kate-Builders from Hell

Lottie-Jack and the Beanstalk

Gary-Field of Dreams

Chris-The Mouse That Roared

Glyn-Fame Academy


Did I win?????

Jean Genie

Chucky - Childs Play.

Norman Bates - Psycho.

Freddie Kruegar - Nightmare on Elm Street.

Damien - The Omen.

Jason - Fri 13th

Michael Myers- Halloween.

Annie Wilkes - Misery.

Hanniball Lector - Silence of the Lambs.

May have got 2 wrong.


Geoff I was going to copy and paste your answers but I was laughing too much.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all. Love toffee apples. Have to guess some.

Chucky -Childs Play

Norman Bates- Psycho

Freddy Krueger - Nightmare on Elm Street

Damien - the Omen

Jason - Halloween

Michael Myers  - Friday the 13th

Annie Wilkes - Misery

Hannibal Lecter - Silence of the Lambs


Jean Genie

Geoff - you are nuts !  And you sure can type fast.