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Boats always amaze me, it is crazy when you think that there are all sizes  on the seas and there are no white lines or brakes.

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. And they say car drivers are bad??


Boring fact-did you all know you can't even give apples away?

The job at Bournemouth FC has been filled

Miss Becks

Does no-one want your apples Geoff?



2 bags have gone-apparently people don't cook anymore ?-it is a shame because there are loads more and we have no more space.


Geoff  Lord Sugar would be asking what is your USP, margins, marketing, think outside the box. See if you added a bit of pastry you would be able to sell them, what about some cider?

Was Howe homesick up north?


Marketing-a box with "help yourself" on with a free bag-I have tried thinking outside this box but keep getting wet

USP-they are free,no charge, giving them away, no catches

No profit-no loss- no operating costs

I am a failure


How about juicing! Fruit farm here will do that. 

Loved the dinosaur, 

Gary Hobson

USP - unique selling point.

You have to make your apples different and exciting.

Perhaps make them into toffee apples.

Or smoothies.

Richard Reed started with a few apples, and a blender, and became a millionaire.


Geoff see this is where you are going wrong, free stuff makes people nervous, if you had put a price on them for a day, then reduced it people would be all over them like flies.

Remember your time and effort, so in theory you have made a loss.



Gary/bjay-good input

Kate-thanks for softening the blow

Still a failure



Geoff I think I could do a better job than KB.


Hi all.

Had a retail therapy day, more for daughter than me. Local Ikea was unfortunately celebrating 25yrs in UK- Warrington was the first store over here. So T'was a bit of a mad house & plans for a snack meal there were quickly changed to a M&S buttie whilst sat in car!

Ended up at GC for coffee & cake & bought some much reduced price trays of violas & cyclamen. Lots of plants, just passed their best, but well worth it. Oh & some 'C' tree chocolate decorations too.....

Back later, J.



Kate -you are hired

Something momentous has happened


A few classroom clangers as in todays Daily Mail

1. What part does the House of Lords play in legislative procedure.

It keeps the people involved in the procedure warm and dry

2. What is the Italian term for change of speed in music.

Fast-a fast-a.

3. Give an example of how smoking can cause long-term damage..

It causes heavy breeding.

4. What sources are there for social and ethnic stereotypes.

Tomato ketchup in the south, brown sauce in the north.

Aint Education a wonderful thing. Out for tea tonight at daughters, now I wonder what it will be?



Damp and horrible soon to be warm nd snug - just lit the log burner. AAAAH bliss


What's happened Geoff, have you got rid of another bag of apples, or have they all gone?