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figrat wrote (see)
Good taste?

I have never tasted toe- is it like chicken?


As no-one has entered the spot my house competition-here is another chance to win the ball -gown

I have ordered something garden related from Amazon that not all the country can use-what is it?

Usual t&c 's apply


I have had a surreal night out, SIL has taken up competition fishing, do people not realise one photo is enough?

@Geoff a sprinkler?

Good news gardener has turned up to prune the neighbours 12 russian vines, bad news the noise is driving me mad and he still thinks it is ok to leave the prunnings all over my garden


Close with sprinkler-you have one hand on the ball gown.

Does she display the fish around the house?

The cat has returned but so far no messages have been left-the prunnings worked


Cat water deterrent

No she returns the fish, I just had to look at the photos

Did the cat come back on his own ?



He reappeared just as we were where going away also there has been no sign of his car for three days but the cat was spotted-that is as in seen not as in spotted the colours that would mean a leopard and that is silly.

Not a cat deterrent-one hand off the ball gown

Don't understand angling -what is the point?


Irrigation system?

I understand all hobbies, but I feel she should join a fishing forum, how many times can you say that is a big fish?

Is neighbour back for good?


Don't know on the neighbour thing as we only get info second hand-he is not my mate!!

You are back on course but were closer with sprinkler

How are the noise levels?

How big is big?


13lbs was the heaviest.

A seep hosepipe?

Noise is bad, I really want to go outside but  I am waiting for him to finish our adjoining fence as he likes to shout at me from his ladder Strangers on the train offer still stands


Does he shout nice things or nasty things?

Am ready for murder.

A white shark weighs over 2 tons-now that would be an interesting catch

Not a seep hosepipe



He wants to chat about his medical problems


Not a fountain.

a clue-there is no hosepipe ban here and it is not a hosepipe- entries must be in by 11.30 am

Do you have a nurses uniform or a look of medical knowledge 


a pump up swimming pool or a water feature..


A trolley for your hosepipe?

He has finished the adjoining fence I may risk it, i-pod ready, dark glasses, nurses uniform



@sontongeoff.. oh i have one of those.. might have to use it later..had no rain and everything is wilting..



Geoff that is unfair to taunt those of  us with a  hosepipe ban . I think gardeningfantic and I deserve at least a crackerjack pencil.


Ok then- providing you are both called olive



How did you do that?


Time for a silly quiz-gardening related in a sort of way

1) name a plant you can keep as a pet

2)a plant that will make you loadsamoney

3)a toe you can eat

4)a flower you can see through

5) a caddish tool

6)a plant suitable for sheep

7)an Olympic vegetable

8)a communicating fruit

9)a tool part to help you in the dark

anybody with 10 correct answers gets a windmill

usual t&c's apply

entries entered after the closing date will not be counted but may still be charged.