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Jean Genie

Morning everyone, not a bad day here but still too wet to rake up the myriads of leaves that have appeared in my garden seemingly overnight.

 I am thinking of investing in a leaf vac .

Energy prices are set to rise by 8% this year, so I've been told - not good.

I have been pottering round in the conservatory and thought I'ld take a few pics .

Houseplants of the day -These are my African violets which are nice and cheery

 The other pic is my supermarket monstera. Not bad for a fiver, eh ?


 Well off to shops now but not before the offer of a full english with my friend in the cafe  Have a good day, forkers.


Good morning all.

Hope we are all bright and breezy this morning,

We had our renewal for staywarm gas and electric yesterday.and was pleasantly surprised that the price has stayed the same as last year,. That's a relief, can now put heating on a bit more

I have been on the internet looking for holiday gites in the Dordogne/Lot area of France for next May. Oh has got a bee in his bonnet and wants to plan for next year likes to have something to look forward to he says. Daughter and her partner are coming with us so I shall be spending endless hours on computer trying to find something that suits us all. Something to do when I can't get outside, I suppose.

The sun has just made an appearance so might put some washing out and go and look round a very soggy garden, pained down all night here.

Be back later, enjoy your day.



Morning all, Gary maybe your water bills went to pay for that lovely shiny new building they were working in. I have building envy now - I work in what is little more than a converted warehouse.

Lovely and sunny here at the moment so I'm hoping to do some digging at the plot - have decided to dig it over and then put down lots of manure to break down over the winter. Trouble is I will have to carry the manure myself....

I'm still waiting for my share of the new bread and cherry jam to arrive - hope its here soon as I didn't have breakfast.

Chris, I like to have something to look forward to - am looking forward to a trip to Southampton!!

Jean, lovely African violets - my mum always has some growing.


Jean they are lovely.

Chris I would always prefer to book a holiday in advance and have the pleasure of looking forward to it.

Lottie maybe someone with a lovely building has a vacancy that would suit you 

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Sun is shining so might get my sweet peas sown later on when little miss has gone to nursery, and tidy up the garden a bit. Also got some tulip bulbs to plant, so will wash some pots out ready for them to go in.



Well -energy prices researched-my current supplier is a bit cheaper than this time last year but that is because prices went down then up again-switching will save me peanuts-so will probably stick with what I've got

Jean-super.great smashing

Hasn't everybody already booked next year's holiday?

Lottie are you coming too see me?-with can have a clandestine meeting under a clock-I will be in disguise



I am waiting for that lottery win before I book my once in a lifetime cruise to Hawaii.

Geoff which of your disguises will you be wearing.


Becks-has Asda been -I have had a disturbed night!!

White joggers-out.speedos-out-beige -out

I need to blend in with the crowds-need some suggestions

Gary Hobson
jean riley wrote (see)

That's a gorgeous plant, for those who like big plants, and I do. Getting that plant into the car, and through the doorway, must have been interesting challenges.

I tred overwintering a large banana in the living room one year. It seemed a good idea at the time, but it just took up too much room.

Miss Becks

No Geoff. She phoned this morning at 8am and said it wouldn't be here until 7pm tonight!! Contrary to what I said last night, this time I did make a fuss! A big fuss!! So now EDT is 3.30pm - 4pm. She is also adding another goodwill voucher to my account, and refunding yesterdays delivery charge.


 My pic of the day, well yesterday actually. I have got several pots of pelargoniums still going strong, haven't the heart to cut them back and store yet. 

Geoff, it's early for us to be looking at holidays, we usually leave it until the New Year, but as others are joining us we want to make sure we get the property that suites us all.

Jean -  your African Violets look superb. I used to grow quite a lot at one time, haven't had any for a few years now. Do you take cuttings?



The sun has come out, I am also going outside  to start Sweet Peas

Geoff surely Southampton is full of sailors, that would be a great outfit.

Gary Hobson

Is this a disguise intended for aforesaid clandestine meeting with fellow forker.

May I suggest Guy Forks. You just need to wear something like a shabby mac, and look a bit shifty. For certain identification, carry a candle, or box of firwworks.


Hi. Just got back from swimming for older people. If I said I feel invigorated I'd be not quite truthfull

Pain gauge says we had 7mm anda leaf yesterday.

Had quick walk round garden, do it  every morning rain or shine me, dog and cat always do it. Wind blew over one of my olives and another pot so crash last nigh must have been from next door.

Hope to extend a bed and plant a phlox today 'Norah Leigh'.Quite excited at prospect. How much does it spread?

If shoulder plays up after swimming may delay.

Pottie Pam

Good morning F.Fs

Lovely photos Jean and Chris.

Lottie are you going to Soton to view the house next door to Geoff?

Gave myself a treat and ordered some fritillary bulbs after seeing them on GW last week. I think if I plant them in the garden the squirrels and rabbits will have them so I'll pot them up and plant them out after flowering next year. They have included 15 peach tulips with order free.



Chris, I need advice on storing pelargoniums - I have some in pots that I'd like to keep going if possible.

If we are doing disguises can I have some suggestions for me too please?

Becks, glad you had a rant at Asda - seems like shoddy service.


Flying visit, just to check you're all playing nicely. Will catch up later.

Just had to report - to those who appreciate such things- that the ivy that has taken over the old flowering cherry out the front is covered with dozens of assorted insects and five Red Admirals. I think it just bought a reprieve ;- )

Gary Hobson

A good way of keeping pelargoniums is to remove the plants, shake off the soil, and keep reasonably dry somewhere inside the house. Our old friend punners (who remembers punners) suggested that. I tried it last Winter with great success. Or you can bring the pots inside, if you've got room, keeping them just as they are.

I had a cherry tree covered with ivy. In the course of time, ivy will strangle the trunk, like a boa constrictor. Some trees can take ivy, but cherries are not strong enough. It may come down to a choice between the ivy and the cherry.


I like the Guy Forks idea-Gary you are on form today-do not posses a shabby mac

Becks well done-it is good to talk

Bjay-OH goes swimming umpteen times a week now-deep water,some dancing stuff-I am quite happy on dry land

Lottie yes why are you coming to my City?-have you had your jabs and visa checks?

Chickens scratching about managed to catch a mouse-it will not be singing anymore