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It is colder outside than it looks, I did some tidying but have not got to the sweet peas yet.

Lottie I tried Gary's method for storing pelargoniums and it worked. As we are approaching Halloween a catsuit would make a great disguise.

bjay and they say exercise is good for you

pottiepam I failed with fritillary bulbs 


Went swimming last week as well - first time in years- nice young bloke suggested I started by getting my buoyancy back! Did abit better this week -Didn't sink! Not sure yet if its good for me! Prefer gardening-

Have some fritillary to plant in very wet part of lawn. One of next jobs on list - thing is dog likes laying there so they probably don't stand a chance.

Winds bit strong just blew dustbin through side gate into front of house. 


Pottie Pam

Oh, Kate I'm disappointed now. Fritillaries do seem to need special conditions though so I can only try. 

Geoff, aren't chickens horrible when they catch something alive? One runs arround with it dangling out of it's mouth with the others chasing it. Mine caught a toad and I'm sure they couldn't have ate it. Supposed to taste awful and are poisonous. I managed to rescue the toad but I  don't know if it survived, didn't look too happy.

I took down and emptied out a window box this morning. It was full of vine weevil grubs. I'm sure I gave it a dose of provado earlier but must need a couple of doses. Chickens were grateful for the feast.



pottiepam, I think it may be because I am on heavy clay, I have had no success with naturalising bulbs as MD.

bjay I am sure that the swimming is good for you. At least you can have a guilt free cake.

My neighbours noisy gardener has tidied the front of my front garden again.

Jean Genie
Gary Hobson wrote (see)
jean riley wrote (see)

That's a gorgeous plant, for those who like big plants, and I do. Getting that plant into the car, and through the doorway, must have been interesting challenges.

I tred overwintering a large banana in the living room one year. It seemed a good idea at the time, but it just took up too much room.


 Gary !!!

Back now , Kate , same here - sun's out but quite chilly.

Glad you've sorted out your delivery , Becks.

Chris, yes I make leaf cuttings from the African violets and sometimes split them.

Bjay - glad you enjoyed your swim . I could do with going for one now to work off that fry up

Hi, Pam and Flo

Geoff. be sure to post a pic of your chosen attire

The postman has just brought me my dual fuel bill.  Super.



Had our dual fuel bill today as well. managed to get on a deal that fixes prices till 2014. Quite relieved when i saw how much they are going up.

Love the banana

Just going out to garden as mentioned earlier


Jean did you bring us back any fry up?


Another quick visit while it's quiet in the office (voluntary duty not paying work!).

Jean :- D :- D I had the same picture in my head!

Gary, thanks for the advice about Ivy v Cherry. I was thinking about hacking Ivy back but letting it grow up again to provide flowers rather than trying to remove the whole thing. Cherry was well-established when I came here 24 years ago and only flowers intermittently these days so is quite likely past its sell-by date.

I've got to research fuel prices too. I should have done last month when my current deal came to an end but, once I get on the computer there seem to be more interesting things to do ;- )

Jean Genie

Have a look in your cyber locker , Kate. You may find a sausage . The egg may be a bit hard though

Bjay we would all be rich if we didn't have to pay these flippin' bills. Don't like what I've been reading this morning about the price hike - think I may invest in more jumpers.


I don't think that those outfits are suitable for a lady of my age! Maybe I will just wear a onesie!


Jean Genie

Lottie - I forgot you  Hello.


Lottie and Geoff maybe you could coordinate your outfits. I am thinking onsies in tiger print.

My cyber locker is overflowing

Miss Becks

You know, when I moved in this house 4 years ago, it had the pre-pay meters, which I wasn't happy about, but have stuck with them, and glad I did. They certainly keep you on your toes about how much you're using, and stops me wasting energy.

Lottie, I've never had a problem before with the deliveries, but this one was a big mess up. Oh well, they say you get what you pay for!


Afternoon-everbody-have once again been up on that roof -risking life and limb-was going to do a practise leap but forgot the oxygen kit and the silk parachute-this thing will not defeat me -it won't, it won't, it won't,-(but it might)

Kate-did you explode at the gardener?

I have never seen such a big banana

Just seen an Asda van go by with a puzzled looking driver


Pottie Pam

I've been waiting for a police raid since someone posted about the pensioners buying a plant from a car boot. I bought a plant from a car boot a few years ago. It died off in the winter but last year and this year seedlings  have come up.  It's too late to flower this year but when it does the flowers are purple with a yellow centre, similar to potato flowers. I think it's some sort of solanum. If not will you please visit me in prison.


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. That's not unusual Geoff. They all look like that!

Pam, that does look very suspect!

Pottie Pam

Did you remember to pre-breathe, Geoff?


Pam I will bring you a file with a cake hidden it-can you make it to Dartmoor as have always wanted too see inside?- and the nice men on the gate wouldn't let me in.

Pottie Pam

Oh I don't fancy Dartmoor, Geoff. I passed it in the summer once and looked very bleak and cold.


Becks look up-it is coming by parachute