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Becks - I hope your shopping turns up in the morning!

Inka - I am glad you have rain !

bjay -Monty would be a good name !

Kate - I don't watch football

Went to the G/C today and bought some bulbs - Pipit,Tete a Tete,Minnow and some cream Tulips,bright pink Tulips, A Skimmia,a Lophomyrtus,an Eleagnus,A bowles mauve Erysium and a Lychnis

Going to be busy finishing making up pots and baskets tomorrow

When we were in Waitrose car park I saw a lovely car with eyelashes

Pam LL x

Miss Becks

Dean, that is so cruel!! I have a name for blokes like you!!

Thanks Pam. x


Caroline I have had that problem in the past, you need to keep an eye on the posts and use the arrow.

Dean Onion Bhaji please.


Pam a car with eyelashes

Footy what happened to patriotism?

Caz W

Thanks Kate - it was really weird and I could get on all the other threads fine.  I was Lost in CyberSpace!

Dean - I've already eaten so can I just pick some of yours???


I have me rattle and scarf at the ready-what is the score?




Geoff, I hope no animals were hurt in the making of that joke :- D

If David Tennant produces his Tardis I may have to avert my eyes - but maybe peek a little bit ;- )

Caroline, welcome back from Cyber Space, presumably your parachute opened but did you break the sound barrier?

Bjay, thanks for the rundown on the cats and dog.

Deanos Diggin It

The food as arrived! Willing to share with everybody! Feel free!  n Dive in! 


Every one. i really don't want Monty as name of small gnome. Got him cheap from local flea market. Have also got lovely bench from there Needs a bit of tlc but not a lot

Other gnome is called Titchmarsh, got to sound gnome-like!


Dean  parts of Cannock Chase are often starving -Know it well- too many take away to choose from! Used to live there



2-0 to England

Miss Becks

Ok. Weird thing has happened. Door just knocked. It was Asda. They have delivered my shopping!??!! I'm happy, and confused.

Dean, I hope your curry chokes you!! 


Hurrah, let not poor Becks starve!!  Good thing you hadn't gone out for a takeaway and missed them.

Deanos Diggin It

Beck's! No Need!!!  Lol!  night all! !!!! Sleep in!!! Bonus!!! 


Becks   If they bring more shopping tomorrow what will you do?

Still 2-0.



Caz W

Glad your food has arrived Becks - perhaps you'll get another one tomorrow (buy one get one free)

No footy on TV here - OH watching rugby (well, we are in Wales). 




bjay-call it Zurich

I knew my support would help- but would like it back after the game

I wonder Becks if they do turn up tomorrow whether you should keep quiet or send it back-do you need two packs of coco-pops?



Miss Becks

Flo, yeah, I had no warning!

Kate/Caz/Geoff I will keep it as a goodwill gesture.


Geoff it is now 5-0 your support will get trampled in the celebrations.