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I have just popped back in to have a cup of tea and a slice of toast and to watch my cursor blink.

I have turned compost,sieved compost, sown sweet peas and generally tidied up.

XF I may also watch, felt slightly manipulated last week

Geoff I am so pleased about the roof.

Gary Hobson

The problem may have been due to an IE add-on or customisation (if you have any) which isn't fully compatible with the updated version. You can start IE without any customisations, by right-clicking the IE icon on the desktop, and choosing 'start without add-ons'.



A beautiful gardening sort of day has just turned to a wet hailing day. Still not made the cake . Was going  scrumping my neighbours apple tree but they have gone out for the cake


Pennine Petal
Big hello, I've missed chatting. just tried to do a quick catch up, nice photos, love that gnome, cute onsie, Jean hope you are still on the outside, Becks, hope you have food in the house!

Have had a long lie in this morning and missed the best of the day. OH got a call earlier to say he just missed his flu jab, so have to go down this afters.

Rocky cat brought a rat home at 5am yesterday morning. Luckily dead, so no trying to catch it involved. Let's hope he forgets where he found it.

Catch up later, happy gardening.

Reading your jottings realised my OH has also forgotten to get flu jab today.

Still need apples for my cake - eating variety

My cursor stopped working today as well. Put fresh batteries in the mouse. Works fine now



Kate-you must have the nicest compost in the world

Hi Glyn-must be busy at the work-face

Hello b-jay

I feel I am on cursor info over-load-hope it is all fixed now

Where is everbody else today?-I need some playtime

Jean Genie

Afties all, just back from daughters. ANOTHER viewing yesterday.  Hope this is more positive than the other 2 as she wants out asap. We persuaded her not to do anything rash though, phew !  Who said it gets easier when these kids grow up ????

Too much to mention on here , I've missed too many posts so Hi to everyone.

I have been a naughty girl and it's Gary's fault . Popped in Wilkos and ended up buying a banana plant ! Couldn't resist - it had been marked down to £3 50.  I'm like Gary - love big plants no idea where its going to go yet but it's here to stay.


Nola, Up until now I've kept my citrus tree outside the back door, very sheltered, and it had not been indoors for over 20 years. Every winter it was hit by cold and always bounced back - eventually. Last winter finished it off and I chopped off all the branches as it was difficult to move with them all sticking out. All "summer" it hung around in the back garden as I hadn't got round to dumping it. Then, lo and behold, about 6 weeks ago it came into beautiful leaf. I just feel that a plant that wants so much to live ought to be given a little tlc and an unheated greenhouse must be better than nothing. The tree was grown from a pip and had never flowered let alone fruited. I'm just going to try and see what happens.

Gary Hobson

Growing bananas indoors seems a good idea, and at 3.50 that's a bargain. There is some advice on keeping bananas indoors through the Winter on the link just below (it's a PDF page).

Quote: 'provides homeowners with a unique tropical appearance'

They need as much light as possible (unlike Cheese plants which can tolerate a lot of shade). Watering is the tricky thing, they don't want to dry out, nor to become too wet. Misting the leaves occasionally may help too.

Some pictures:

Jean Genie

Gary, you are a star . Thanks for that link. The variety I've bought ( allegedley ) is Musa Tropicana and it's about  15 inches high and the leaves are are healthy and green unlike some of the other specimens. I was the source of a great deal of amusement as I took 9 plants off the shelf to check them all before I made my selection.

Do you think it will be ok in the conservatory over winter - we have heating in there if it gets cold ? Thanks Gary.

Gary Hobson

As long as it doesn't get right down to freezing. About 5 degrees minimum. It would appreciate the light.

If the outside temperate gets very low, then it will presumably be more difficult to heat the conservatory. The heating costs will increase. If the weather does get very cold, you could bring the plant into the living room for a short while.

Pennine Petal
Geoff, and then some!

Flu jab done without OH fainting.

Eyelashes for cars 1.99 in B &M, new one opened nearby, never been in there before, bit like Wilkos but not in town centre.
Chocolate Leibnitz 2 for 1.89 in the Co-op, restrained myself and only got the 2. Eccles cakes on offer too, yay!

Car thinks it 's it's birthday, got it washed and polished.

Lovely and sunny off put into the garden now.

Lit burner - been raining /hailing most of afternoon. Cake is finally in oven, lack of eating apples meant i had to search Mary Berry for a cooking apple one. How times change at one time I would have used Delia.

Waiting for an extra dalek.- 3 weeks now. Any suggestions what i can do with garden clearance stuff until it comes, Don't want to put it in brown bin


Geoff I bought a large pack of chocolate cookies hence the time spent on the compost 

I have primped and preened garden but still not time to put it to bed

Now shall I get some sequins out in preparation for tonights show?



bjay I am making a spare compost heap behind some shrubs, while I wait to move my bin. It seems to get smaller everytime I look.


I have been reading the papers-the XF voting "scandal" has kept the show in the news all week and now Gary and Louis aren't speaking says a show "insider"

Now that is marketing and manipulation

Meanwhile Victoria Pendleton might cry



Geoff who would you pay to go and see on XF? The VP thing could be interesting was last week a nightmare or does she have no rhythm?

We have gone from glorious sunshine to hail, how did that happen?



Succumbed to OH and not watching Strictly this series Don't watch XF on principle.

I Do watch Montalbano. Never come across any one else who does though!

Wish it would stop paining. 

May bag (very large andstrong not plastic) garden waste. Can think about it while it pains!!!! 

Hailing on and off this afternoon, grass was white at one time

Not sure about cake. Neighbour come back annd said should have just taken apples. Did I want her tomatoes?  but got loads still slowly ripening