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Hi everyone.

Pages seem to be moving on quicker, didn't get stuck this time.

Looking forward to SCD this evening, never watched XF since Susan Boyle 's time, just can't get on with it. Then Merlin Early tea tonight. Homemade chicken, ham and mushroom pie, with whatever veg there is in the fridge.

OH has just decided to cut the grass, it has been put off as it was far too wet, it's either cut it or get a load of sheep in

Not heard of B & M Glyn are they a local shop? We called in at Wilko's this afters and I bought more daff bulbs, can't resist, plant labels, and garden twine. Plant food for next year at half price. I do like a bargain!

We see a bright pink Mini sometimes, with beautiful long lashes, and flower transfers on the side my OH say he bets her OH doesn't drive it. don't know what he means

I record Montalbano, just think it is so funny, don't know any Italian though, but the little policeman is hilarious.

Cheers for now.



bjay I do not understand the strictly comment, everyone needs some sequins, glitter and sparkle in their life? I would accept all offers of food, it is going to be a long and expensive winter.

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies.

Had a lovely day pottering around the garden, planting my tulip bulbs, sweetpeas sown, and general tidying up. Found some tomatos on the floor at the foot of the pots. Would they drop off on their own? They're not fully grown ones, but have spotted magpies flying off from the same vicinity in the last few days.

Been trying to do the best I could with a carrier bag of grape vine cuttings my sister bought round. There were no proper sturdy branches in there. I think she just cut off the nearest things to her as she doesn't 'do' gardening, or likes getting her hands dirty.

Puzzled at why the jelly isn't coming off the tomato seeds I saved. I've fermented them twice now, but it's not budging. Any tips??

Talking of bananas, I bought some seeds off ebay earlier this year. Sown a couple, but they still haven't germinated. Info said it could take up to 12 months. I have a couple left. Might sow them later and stick them in the airing cupboard. Light not needed for germination apparantly. They were Musa Acuminata Dwarf Banana.

Anyways, off to do battle with Jess's room in a min. That should be fun.


Hollie watches Montablo but she only pops in here now and again

Chris -Susan Boyle was BGT not XF-schoolgirl error-perhaps Pam can lend your her horseys to cut the grass

Kate -would not pay to see any of them but would love to go to a live show can you get me a ticket?

Still can't give apples away

Pennine Petal
Saturday already Bjay and I haven't caught up with last weeks Montalbano yet.

Just cut some sedums that had fallen over, they look pretty in a vase and often root so get an extra plant into the bargain. Got some clematis coming into flower, can't remember which variety but will take a photo when they are out. Sure someone will tell me.


Miss Becks

Geoff, talking of XF I flicked the TV on last night, and the American one was on . I thought,'Go on, watch a bit. Geoff loves it, can't be that bad' and was then highly disturbed by a little chubby girl with hair in bunches singing, well, if it was that, her version of  'Annie'! The TV went off again just as quick.


Geoff I would pay to see Lucy, I think that she would be funny.

Becks I have tried with banana seeds and no joy, I think with certain plants it is better to buy a small plant and take cuttings. What type of grape vine, my decorative one roots very easily.

Chris do you have any spare pie?

Miss Becks

I haven't a clue Kate to be honest, and neither does she. I asked if they were edible and she didn't know. She has just moved house, and they were from her old house she moved from. I don't even know what colour they will be. I did them all in compost pots. Do you think I should put a few in water as well?


Kate I do but OH has to have  own way sometimes. (sigh)

Wow! a load of Montalbano lovers. It's just.... so..... not scandinavian

Miss Becks

Also, does anyone know what this flower/plant is? They are growing at the bottom of my tree which is fenced off, so nothing I've sown/planted.



 I'm not sure what leaves belong to it, as it is just a weedfest in that area.


Jean Genie

Becks they look  bit like cyclamen to me but I'm probally wrong - usually am on these matters. They are very pretty though.

Miss Becks

Cool, cheers girlies. Would they have come from bulbs, cause when I was digging the veg plot, I found loads of little bulbs, and that's where I threw them.


Cyclamen will have roundish leaves. they'll be there somewhere , probably under the bigger leaves in photo. Flowers definately cyclamen



Vote 3 for cyclamen.

Becks I would try one of the vines indoors in water as it is getting to the end of the season for cuttings outdoors.

bjay I made OH go to dancing lessons with me, now he happily lets me watch it


Hi Becks Cyclamen come from corms ie round lumps just under surface of soil not really bulb-like Perhaps your little bulbs are snowdrops, chinodoxa(glory of snow) muscari. They all naturalise. Got loads in this garden Found one corm about 12ins across. but most are small. I have ti mak sure OH doesn't mow where they are. 


Cyclamen -you have four yessesand are are going onto boot camp

Becks you are coming along -don't watch the American version----well because it is so American


Jean Genie

I'm stumped on the tele front tonight . I'll have to search listings. Hubby and I have totally different tastes - the only thing we agree on is a good documentry. I fancy a blood curdling mind numbing horror tonight.

And I don't mean Gary Barlow.

Miss Becks

Thanks bjay! I'm not a flower grower, so haven't a clue. LOL

I tried Geoff, I tried.