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Jean Genie

Morning everyone . Lovely day here  , clear skies and sunshine but think we also had a frost last night. I can see little patches near the woods.

Couldn't find anything to watch on T.V. last night. Given up on X.F and not a lover of S.C.D. Ended up trawling through some old gardening mags for inspiration next year. Don't know whether or not to grow stuff like cobaea anymore as the weather has been so wet. Have been reading due to weather cycles that we can expect our summers to be wetter from now on. Please, please let them be wrong.

Off visiting today so will catch up later. Enjoy your day, everyone.

Gary Hobson
jean riley wrote (see)

Have been reading that we can expect our summers to be wetter from now on. Please, please let them be wrong.

I also saw some news reports, this week, saying that we should expect more dismal Summers:

However, on many notable previous occasions, long range weather predictions, for Summers and Winters, have been completely wrong.

So, on past form, if experts say wet, then it should turn out dry.

But it does make garden planning a bit tricky. All of those optimisticly planted Mediterranean beds have not been such a good idea (so far).


morning. Badfrost here over night. Giung to rush out now and check nothing else tender. Someof cars are still white. Visitors today, styaing overnight, They have just phoned to ask if we would like to walk up the Beacon. Used bad foot as excuse- been an excuse for over 18months and not been able to driv e in that time.

Going to meet them at this nice pub 'onother side of hill' for lunch now

Might not have much time for chat - don't fill too many pags so I can catch up. 

Montalbano was weird last night. Radio Times says in book he's very low.


Don't think there was a frost as such- but was a bit nippy at 7.30

At the risk of repeating myself-never, ever,ever take any account long term weather forecasts-notoriously unreliable-I can safely predict there will be snow somewhere in the country before the end of the year-but other than that total tosh.

I can also predict that when it does snow-it will be the main headline on all news bulletins -providing it falls in England and causes travel chaos


Just nipped out. For somewnere no rain was forecast we had 7mm. Temp overnight in greenhouse was 1.5. Quite like the idea of temp gauge  that is on window. 

Cake survived without beingeaten. Apple cake for visitors tea!



Hot news-one of the new chickens has laid her first egg-extra small does not really cover it

Pennine Petal
Morning all, agree about SCD marking and odd hairstyle, must be the fashion! Nice to see VP doing better.

Mmm, apple cake, do you put flaked almonds on top? Tasty, tasty, very very tasty!

Must get the wallflowers in today.
Hello FF, just read posts over a toasted currant teacake. Apologise for absence,
out visiting a friend last night. A take away and SCD. Chatting too much to really watch though, will have to whizz through to recording! Lovely time and a good catch up!

Thanks for info Flobear, I usually bring my lemon in. It does usually fruit but last year not so happy. Trimmed it well back and leaves returned. I think I will put in the conservatory as it smells so lovely, then unheated greenhouse by early March.
Will see if happier.

Sunshine on and off today. May go for a walk.
Bye for now

It has been glorious here today and I have managed a couple of hours in the garden. I will now be able to eat some cake, who has some to share?

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Sunday dinner went down a treat. Always does. best meal of the week in my opinion.

Jess now wants to go for a walk and to the park.

I've been promising her for weeks, so I suppose I'd better oblige before she rings childline.

Nola, apology accepted! See you later on the night shift!

Geoff, great news on the laying chuck! May you have many more!

Bjay, are you sending all our pieces of cake to out cyber lockers?? I checked mine, and there's nothing there yet?



Useful locker, Becks, I think I'll get one too if cake might magically appear in it.

Hello everyone, website - or poss. my computer - not playing ball last night and have been  out all morning with dogs and OH so have got a bit behind. Louis's hair - eurgh. Bruce's jokes - switch off brain and ignore. Merlin, fab but what had happened to that poor little dragon? Then Friday's Miranda - loved it even tho' a repeat. Gary - gorgeous IMO. Knitting progressed well with all the TV watching but changed my mind about the pattern and undid it all to start again.

Right, a bit of garden time while the sun lasts.

Seeya later.



Becks you have a child who wants to walk, make the most of it

Flo what are you trying to knit?


I still have apple cake -no secret there


How is the apple enterprise going?


-they are still there

Curry tonight-with apple-this is a picture of me earlier-all those apples are starting to take effect






See if I was your neighbour they would all be in my freezer nowmaybe your appearance is scaring your customers


Send over a flock of pigeons-one will not be enough

Becks does the park have swings and such-like?


I am off on my travels this week is it worth a diversion?


What to the park for a go on the swings?


I love the swings and the see saw but I hurt my leg last time I went on a slide, why do the children always give me a funny look?