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Am back from bashing a lottle orange ball about-came back to find 5 more apple messages-have had to disappoint them

Pam -I would never worry to be told an ambulance is on its way

What can I say about knitting?????????????


Pennine Petal
Pam, those episodes can be really scary, hope everything is OK now.

I see Costa Concordia on the news again.

Came in for quick catch up. Alarmed to see that Jess is knitted - but relieved when I read it properly that it says kitted.

Geoff - 'woolly pullies I have known and loved' could be your contibution.

Pottie Pam

Thanks everyone. My son is fine now. Worrying though as sesame  oil is in so many things now aand even though my DIL checks every ingredient missed this one.

Did they every find the little girl who was missing on the Costa Concordia?


Flo I am glad that it was not just me that read that 

I have been aerating my lawn now time for food.



Hi everyone. Apple cake??

 Great with cream or custard but I haven't got any 'cos of WW


I was given a large bag of apples yesterday! Geoff????


Thanks bjay that looks yummy, I have cream 


What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo

-a woolly jumper

-(copyright Dandy circa1961)

More scarey pctures of the jump on the news

Had me apple cake


Hello all, just caught up with most of the posts! Had to skim a few because you'd posted so many!

Geoff - I told you I'd take those apples off your hands - hope you saved me some! I was given a bag of cooking apples by a friend at the weekend - so made a crumble yesterday, and have cream and custard available!

Was just about to go to the plot but its paining.

Been looking online at the plans for the new Asda they will be building next door. Its huge!!!

I harvested my pumpkins and squashes at the weekend, not a bad crop but the butternuts are rather small. Will post a picture if I can get the camera/computer to co-operate!


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha Flo/kate. I had to re-read it myself, just to make sure I hadn't put that, with all the talk of knitting!

bjay, took my slice thanks!

It's going very dark over here.


Lottie -there is a bag with your name on-never worry

Becks -that is the end of the world coming-have you stocked up on baked beans and bread?


Miss Becks

Yep, I have both!! And a cake stash!


Becks is this your sort of film?

Miss Becks

Yes Geoff! That is spot on!!



Even that trailer is scarey

Miss Becks

Don't be daft!! It's a film, in a studio, with actors!


Shall we go?-you bring the popcorn

Miss Becks

You have got no chance! The prices of the pictures these days! I'll wait until it's available on Isohunt and dowload it!!


Is not1/6d to get in anymore?