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Country captain here. Recipe that my mum nicked off Eisenhower's chef, easy peasy.

Whole chicken jointed into 8
2x onions, 2-3 green peppers, chopped coarsley
2 crushed cloves garlic
2 teaspoons curry powder
2 tablespoons currants
2 cans tinned tomatoes
Toasted flaked almonds

Brown chicken pieces in oil. Remove. Soften onions, add pepper and cook for ~ 5 mins. Add gartlic and cook for 3 mins. Add curry powder, stir. Add tomatoes and currants, bring to boil. Add browned chicken pieces. Simmer till chicken very tender. Serve with plain boiled rice and garnish with toasted flaked almonds.

Quoted as written by Eisenhower's chef.



Lottiebeans wrote (see)

Kate, the new Asda won't be unpopular with me! Not sure about the houses nearby though. This area is half housing and half industrial so its a bit odd really. Got a while to wait yet as its only at the planning stage.

I get masses of little oak trees growing on my plot due to the large oak on the next plot. They are a nightmare - tough little things!


Lottie - If it is a bigger store it has to be better than the Maybury one - I have only been there twice and didn't like it

I am pleased you like my knitting  I used Jean Greenhowes patterns but had to go on ebay to find a Camel pattern!

We had Gammon steaks,huge mushrooms ,EGGS and tomatoes for dinner

The Army cadets look very smart Becks

Cottage pie,carrots and peas tomorrow - Grandchildren are coming here while their Mum and Dad go to the open evening at school

Who else used to love Saturday morning pictures We used to buy warm rolls from the bakers to eat on the bus home - make a hole in the roll,dig out the middle to eat first then eat the crust

Pam LL x


That sounds yummy figrat

Pam LL x


Salmon--nonpleb-chips definitely pleb

Is this just a phase Becks or is an army career on the cards?

Saturday morning pictures Pam-this is what I remember but thought it was in colour~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pennine Petal
Evening all, you've had busy afternoon.

Becks, she looks very determined Becks!

Went out for fish and chips, cottage pie tomorrow.

Watching University Challenge, got the first 3 right, but nothing since!


Pennine Petal
See what you mean with postings Becks, how strange.

For those of a certain age Miss Diane from Crossroads has turned up in Corrie-the years have not been kind

I used to have a schoolboy crush on her

Miss Becks

Thanks Pam!

Not sure Geoff. She's been doing it a while now. We'll see how it pans out. She wanted to work with disabled children not so long ago, and did her work experience in that enviroment, and loved it.

Glyn, she is like me, a big joker, and always laughing, so that must have took some serious concentration for her to stay like that for a photo!

Evening all!
Roast chicken etc yesterday for me. Chilli and rice just finished tonight.

Geoff, had read and then missed posting about the first egg (and second one!)
I wish my hens were still laying, they gave up for their winter rest so will have some months to wait
Glad your apples have found a home!

The apple cake looked yummy, could fancy a slice of that bjay

I too am back knitting in the vain attempt to stop me raiding cupboards for cake/biscuits etc. In the middle of a pair of socks for my daughter.

I had roast chicken on Saturday, hot chicken sarnie with stuffing for Sunday, chicken clubhouse for brekkie today, so it definitely won't be chicken tonight, although I made a chicken curry and froze it. Rain has stopped, but there is a wind warning up. Some of my bulbs in pots are showing!


My neice joined the army and met her husband there-it had a very,very sad ending

Nola out of the three older chickens we are still getting 15 eggs or so a week -Bluebelle is the first one to lay from the new 3 -she follows me about like a puppy


Pennine Petal

Geoff, you didn't wear a knitted hat did you?


Don't like wearing hats-did have a school cap though-just like William

Pennine Petal

I can't start calling you Benny then?


Sorry. Only one slice cake left for me tomorrow.

Tht scnd wll ws hrd tdy wsnt t!! _H plsd s h gt t!!!!!!!!

Taken up knitting. My 26 year old daughter didn't even know I could knit. Finished tonight a little dress for my 4 week old grand daughter - 1st one. Just have great trouble sewing it up to look like a little dress!!

Prefer gardening.



I wonder what happened to Benny-he never appears in anything?

Pennine Petal

Geoff, well spotted on posting too much. I thought the same too,  Good comment!


Caroline, the cinema was the Granada in Kingston (upon Thames) Sometimes the organ music would be broadcast on the radio - Light programme I guess.

Pam, you don't happen to have a reference for your camel pattern, do you, so I can try and get one; Id love to knit a camel for my belly-dancing teacher!!

Geoff, a wind egg is a very small egg, usually laid by an immature chook, which has no yolk. They are also called cock's eggs.

Pennine Petal
Just caught up with Homeland, is anyone else watching the second series? It got interesting to ought.
Miss Becks

Finally, madam has just fell asleep. I won't be far behind her.