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Miss Becks

Night Glyn. I've just put The Sixth Sense on with Bruce Willis. Not sure how far I'll get with it. x


I have just made a pumpkin cheesecake with maple pecan glaze, if anyone wants a slice before bed. The promised wind hasn't arrived yet.

Miss Becks

Ooh, Inka, I'm a sucker for cheesecake! I haven't dropped off yet!

Pennine Petal
Morning all, off the work shortly, so no gardening today. I haven't opened the curtains but it sounds wet and windy. Woke up at2.30 and went back to sleep at 5.30, so what I could really do with is a lie in. Hope I can stay awake for the teaching, might need a power nap in the middle of the day!

Have a nice day, y'all


Jean Genie

Morning everyone, golly gosh we have thunder and lightning here . Thought it was someone putting their wheely bin out.

I'm handing in a doctors note - got more lurgy  This time a horrible head cold . There's worse things, just would be happier if I could see what I was typing

Hope you all have a good day .

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

...-what am l like? -am I posting too much?

Re recent posts on that thread. Well spotted, Geoff.

If you simply go back to the penultimate page on that thread, and find a post posted by Christopher2, and click on 'Christopher2', it brings up the profile for Verdun! They are the definitely the same poster, who is just trying to play games with everyone.

christopher2 wrote (see)
My habit is to ... be mischievous ...

 He told us so.


It'sbeen harmless though & quite entertaining. Have to admit to joining in.

Wet & very windy here. Daughter flying over to IOM about now. Rather her than me today! Last year, this week, my flight was cancelled on that very, very windy monday. Was very glad that the plane we eventually had was bigger & full so didnt bounce around as much!

Plans to hibernate in greenhouse to sow sweetpeas this afternoon have been abandoned unless the wind drops completely! If am inside & a roof panel flips.....

Tesco due so shall pop off now. J.


Hello everbod

Homeland on record-so no spoilers please-very good prog

Jean-not more sickness-I have just about got over my -it took 3 weeks

Gary-what a lark and no mistake

What shall I do today?


Oh good the charity bag left out for collection, tucked in rain shadow of garage, has been collected. Only put things out for the ones I know acknowledge it.

Am really wanting a coffee but that will be 3 in fairly quick succession & I'll be on the ceiling! J.


Inka, that cheesecake sounds delicious, you might need to post the recipe!

Pam, the new Asda will be quite a bit bigger than the Maybury one, you can look at the plans on the council website under planning applications if you're interested. I had a look yesterday. I can forsee traffic being a problem - its already a bottleneck getting in and out of here!

The boys had chicken for dinner last night!

One of my chickens is still laying but the others have decided to call it a day, might have to resort to buying eggs!

25 years ago I was living in a house called Tall Timbers. After the storm we nicknamed it 'Stumps'. OH's car got flattened between two massive pines - he thought about moving it but at the last minute decided not to, thank goodness!!

Geoff, will be there Friday evening for my apples!

Lottiebeans wrote (see)

25 years ago I was living in a house called Tall Timbers. After the storm we nicknamed it 'Stumps'.

:- D :- D

Not too much personally affected by 1987 storms though had to take a different route to school that morning because the overhead cables were snapped and sparking off the road as they blew around. 1990 we had no electricity because a huge tree came down and its roots tore up underground cables. The main road was put back on but in our cul-de-sac we had to wait a week. The people whose house it fell on needed a lot of work done to the roof!!


We, being up north, didnt get the same winds as those down south, thank goodness.

Am not happy in high winds & the increasing tendency of them these days really unsettles me. Wimp!

Tesco been, only eggs missing, which I shall get instead at the fruit farm tomorrow. 'C' cake making next week!

Have had a marmite drink & 2 cheese & tomato rolls! Early lunch? Going to do some cleaning next so can spend thursday outside- IF the forecast is correct! J.



High winds have blown my olive over again. Think I'll get abigger pot for it in spring. For now I'll snuggle it up in the greenhouse. Last year the 2 of them looked like ghosts standing there draped in fleece. Coming up to the right time of year for that - ghosts and fleece. Any one any good olive keepingtips?

 OH says Benny was really a shakespearean actor called Paul Henry.

Can i come out of the naughty corner please  have picked up an awful cold whilst here and im not happy. Asda are opening a new shop near me at the beginning of November. Chaos has been caused of course, where the sewage will go and also access to the site. Im looking forward to it as the other 2 supermarkets are getting too smug. Hate a smug supermarket. Hope you are all well you seem to be eating well.



Lottie-the calf is being fatted as we speak

Maud-welcome back to the cyber world-sorry if you have a told

I slept through the storm and drove from Aldershot to Southampton knowing nothing but wondering why bus shelters were on their side-that wern't on their side the night before

Have tidied part of the front garden and emptied out most of the containers-those with a bit of colour are dotted about in the border gaps-red salvias still flowering

Miss Becks

Ok, I'm about to do my online shopping order with Asda. Geoff, do you want to start taking bets to see if they can deliver on time!


Are you getting a timed slot or an all-day one?

Miss Becks

I've booked the 9am-11am slot.


I think just for fun-ok then for a bag of apples-we should have a sweepstake on the one who gets nearest to the time