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Miss Becks

get your book out Geoff. Stat taking down guesses. I'll throw in a free pack of Marigold seeds!!


I am going for 9.47am

Remember we are relying on your honesty-there is a lot at stake

Kate must be on her way to Cornwall and back in time to the last century

What happened to Dan?


9.02 am

Maybe Dan has changed his name too - Mons, perhaps  ;- )


I wonder what the significance in verdun is?

Miss Becks

Ok. Order completed. Confirmation email received. let's see shall we. I say 10.05am.

Haven't seen Dan post for a while. Wasn't there stuff going on at his work that takes up more time for him now. Dunno.

I'm not with the whole 2 identities thing. Seems very sad to me. And childish.



As long as we didn't upset him

Did you order any treats?


Miss Becks

Yes Geoff! Cake, biscuits, chocolate and quite a few puddings are on this weeks order!



Just as you are thinking it will never arrive!

Using wind as excuse to stay in.

I posted a thread about what to do with a crinum powelli in a pot. No response. anyone any ideas. Flowered this year for first time - 4 years old.

Went to Wilko as one of you said had half price garden stuff. Not in my local one unfortunately

Gary Hobson

The key to getting prompt delivery from Asda is to make sure they know that you're writing about your experiences on social media, and that, so far, you've given a really rubbish impression of the company.

Like these guys...

Jess could blog about all this too. Don't mess with Jess.

Miss Becks

Oh my, Gary. never thought about that !!


10.05am my guess.

Tesco slots now just 1hr, used to be 2, so you often got a txt narrowing it down further. With the Manchester bound traffic around here certain times a 'no-no', but the store dealing with the deliveries isnt too far away. Ironically the actual store is awful- no natural daylight, underground carpark, moving walkways the lot- ugh. I go the same distance in the opposite direction to a smaller store that I can cope with.  I'd used the other store for over 30yrs, but no more unless absolutely desperate.

Just not doing very much after all today. Quite enjoying not having to rush around- only myself to please after all.

The sun has actually made it so may, just may, get down to the compost bin as kitchen bucket a wee bit full!  Actually Jo that's a good idea....

Pottie Pam

Good afternoon all,

Hope you're feeling better Jean. I think it's the germs that Geoff picked up in Amsterdam that's going around.

Lovely day for gardening. I've finished off pruning the raspberries and dug up some old ferns that were in the wrong place. Khan, my dog 'helped me' found a big stone and burried it under my naked lady lilies. I love it when he's naughty as he's showing his age and somedays is just happy to sleep all day.

My guess for the delivery 10.55.


Very windy here, s'cuse me!

A bloke at the allotments came and asked my advice at lunchtime! He's a newbie so I guess I'm now considered an old hand!!

Asda delivery - 10.59


I think my germs took social networking a step too far

I tried to burn off the weeds in the cracks but gave up thanks to the wind

I shall change my name to Accrington


Gary Hobson

It's been a lovely day here. But I haven't been able to see much of it, as I'm confined indoors waiting for a delivery (Amazon). They said sometime between 7am and 7pm. I'm confident it will arrive, it's just such a nuisance being tied in, when I could be outside on a lovely day.

I have not caught any of the bugs going round (touch wood), as I have anti-virus software installed.




Bluebelle laid another small egg today-hopefully they will get bigger-they are not though wind eggs


Hello, all--it's  a lovely morning here-sun's just up,and unlike you apparently, the forecast windstorm didn't materialize. The first ones around here often bring trees down, and we need to be prepared to lose power.

Can't give you a recipe for the cheesecake--I made it up. The glaze was made by boiling maple syrup with cream until thick, then adding chopped pecans.It was very good--will try that one again. I like to experiment with cooking on rainy days.

Tonight my drawing classes begin again--I'm looking forward to it. May get out today to do some raking---about half the maple leaves are on the ground now.


Gary, why no note on the door? Works here.

Geoff re the 'alternative personality', are you wasting your breath?

Compost bin been done & the shopping is oh so slowly getting put away. Trashy TV keeps interupting. All this inactivity today has done wonders for my back & sciatica- hmm, think body trying to tell me something.......

Right, will continue again....... J.


Jo-I think he wants to play but doesn't know how



Hi everyone.

A lot of talk about wind today

I've got a new telephone on order and it will be here between Thursday and Saturday by snail mail, recorded delivery. so will have to ask one of the neighbours to take it in if we go out. (Yes Gary, put a note on your door.I usually ask them to leave it in the greenhouse, if I know they don't want a signature, and remove the note when delivered). This is the second phone we have had to replace recently, getting quite costly. Everything seems to pack up at once.

Becks my guess is 10.24.

We don't have our groceries delivered, but the neighbour opposite does, sometimes it can be as late as 10pm. I wouldn't want to be sorting shopping out at that time of night.

Who's your money on for GBBO?

Had a good day in the garden, OH has trimmed back all the honeysuckle, jasmine and everything else that has gone completely mad, we have got a pile of material nearly as big as the bungalow. I've sorted out the patio containers and replanted with wallflowers and daffodils, really satisfying, swept up and generally had a tidy round.

Tea tonight is. Braising steak and onions. Cabbage, Carrots, Mash. Oranges in low cal Jelly to follow, trying to be good as we are out for 3 meals over the next few days..

Have a good evening,