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You see that is the trouble you do an edit- and 2 posts sneak in-between


And other people edit posts-my head hurts

Miss Becks

But if you don't, sometimes it doesn't make sense! Or you are insulting someone!!

I'll just leave the mince pies here. You can all help yourself!



Caz W

Thanks Becks but whose is the one with a bite taken out of it??

My estimated delivery time - 11.01

Gary Hobson

I have not been able to view the Rewind Time advert, as I explained about 10 pages back.

But, courtesy of Google, I have found out what it means. Nothing to do with astronomy and running the Big Bang, in reverse, as I had thought. More about civil engineering and raising mountains.

sotongeoff wrote (see)

..mountains out of molehills comes to mind

Sort of, I suppose.

Not much on telly at the moment.

My goodness, that other 'discussion' has been raging away. I never understood the reason why that original thread - am I posting - ever got started in the first instance.

Miss Becks

Caroline, a little 3 year old named Jess springs to mind. She didn't like it, hence me baking a cake.

Caz W

Aaah - bet she wants one with icing and sprinkles


I can sympathise with her. I really don't like mince pies, christmas cake and christmas pudding. I do like clementines though.


Figrat-you have changed your avatar

Gary-ones tries to see reason but some people..................

Becks-do you have any carnation-(other tinned milks are available)

Evening Caroline and Nola-very remiss of me

Deanos Diggin It

I am gunna post this for no better reason than! I like it!

n then I shall retire knowing I have educated in good music! Maybe for you Oldies! I have been told!


But I been advised to get in the scene! Don't ya just love kid's!!!!


Miss Becks

Yes, caroline, and jam in the middle.

No carnation Geoff, sorry. Bit thin for me. I would put that with Fruit Cocktail!

Here you go figs!!


Evening Geoff ....and all other FFs

Mince pies, yum. We have already had some, they won't of course count towards my happy month quota as the unmentionable time of year is not yet upon us!


Pennine Petal
Evening all, you've had a busy day.

I noticed when I was in the Co-op the other day that they have Amazon lockers and you can have your order delivered there. saves you having to wait it.

Geoff, I live around the corner from Accrington, or should we call you Stanley?

Just arrived home to se the waterlogged pitch, Oh good, I can watch the baking now instead!

They are not figs- they are satsumas


Figrat- never knew that you could use the chaenomeles fruit for jam! Mind you getting at mine at the mo well nigh impossible, especially with my back being iffy. Shall consider another yr perhaps.

Ok baking final- bye.J.

Miss Becks

I just watched it Dean. To be honest, I've never heard of Maroon 5, but I did like the song. But she shouldn't have took the one goldfish. They will be lonely.

Miss Becks

Smart arse Geoff! They were for Figrat. And they are clementines!!