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Pennine Petal
Morning all, working at home today, so time to look in. What a varied conversation - blueberries, knitting, Asda and pumpkins, all in such a short space of time

Sun currently shining, but roads and gardens still very wet. Can we talk about the baking yet! Or is it still under embargo?

In ma day-I say in ma day-it were infants,primary,grammar/secondary-none of your year nonsense-you did what you were told or suffer back of ruler-'appy days-best days of life


Morning all. Yes it seems it tipped down in the night here, judging by the humungous puddles on the way to work this morning! I didn't hear it though.

I lost - thought Asda would be leaving it to the last minute. Oh well.

Lovely pumpkin Jean (and the bloke isn't half bad too - just what was needed to brighten the morning!)

Becks, hope the water is sorted - if not, you can boil and drink cold water from the bathroom tap if this comes from a cold water storage tank - I regularly do, hasn't done me any harm......

Year 2 is 6/7 year olds - what used to be the last year of infants school when I was young.

I refresh the page to see the last posts - and usually by the time I've posted a couple more have been added!


See, by the time I'd posted about 10 other posts appeared!

Yes, can we talk about the baking??


Damn and blast-(other expletives are available)-more apples

I shall wear my golden meddle with pride and my marigolds

I know who won the baking- it was a bloke who baked and won-and two other blokes didn't win but baked anyway.

Hello bjay, Lottie,Glyn




I know who won the baking as well - but was it the right bloke? My friend thinks not!

I'll have those apples!

Pennine Petal
Heard Paul and Mary on Chris Evans yesterday. They said in the final it is all about performance on the day, what has happened previously only taken into consideration if there is a tie, so they must have thought he was an outright winner.

I suppose there will always be disagreement about something so subjective.

Newest-latest-most popular?-dunno

I can announce to the world that 10.55 this morning I got dressed-Jeremy Kyle would be so proud

Lottie-I have sent you a message with some top-secret information-do not tell a soul

Pennine Petal
Cos we all understand the art of conversation, Dvavid, and we play nicely together!
Pennine Petal
Mad as hatters then? As Bob said's good to talk! And we do, It takes me ages to catch up with the thread of conversation when I get home from work. And it always makes me LOL.
David K wrote (see)
Penninepetal wrote (see)
Cos we all understand the art of conversation, Dvavid, and we play nicely together!


But that seems to be the same over the whole of the forum.

Yes, but a lot of the threads are queries that get answered and there is no more to be said. Threads like this and What's the weather like... and, when Wintersong was here, June/July/etc in your garden are more general and chit chatty so keep being added to. But you knew that didn't you, David, and you just caught me with my teacher's head on so I felt I had to explain ;- )

Oh dear, I'm just putting off the moment when I have to get myself off to school, aren't I? Not sure why I agreed to this now. Probably because I have to pay for new reading glasses.


Flo-have you got your lunchbox,satchel and games kit-you don't want to go in the lost property box

Pottie Pam

Is Lottie going to be your new neighbour,Geoff, or just coming for some apples?

Just popped next door to see my son whose working from home today. He's fine now after he had a severe reaction to sesame oil on Sunday. He's on the same steroid tablets, for a few days, as my dog. How come my vet's bill was £152.00 although my dog had anti-biotics as well and my son only had the price of a prescription. The NHS gets a lot of stick but we should be grateful that they are there when we need them

Jean Genie

 Meant the picture I posted but never mind !  I'm trying to clear out some old plants out of a bottle garden. They've been in there since year dot so am planning to replant it next Spring however getting them out is proving to be a bit like the Krypton factor ! I'm thinking a small fern collection next time.

I'll try to behave now , think it must be the meds I'm taking for this blessed cold.


Pennine Petal
You never see a poor vet Pam!

That's the trouble with us teachers Flo, we can never resist answering a question, it's in the blood!

Pam -I wish

I used to have a bottle garden-it was a bit fiddly- and now I have no idea where the bottle ended up

Any medications from a vet or pet-shop seem so much more expensive than on-line-bought some ear cleaner the other day -the vet charges double

They have the prescription meds tied up bit I think you can get the prescription and buy elsewhere but has anybody dared?



I might forget the games kit accidentally on purpose.

I'm really really going now.

Bye all.