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Good luck mon brave-don't leave the homework on the bus.

Gary Hobson

I've just had a peep under the bonnet.

Couldn't see that much, just a lot of wires. Just under Newest Conversations it says 'hotthreadbox'. Maybe its determined by the number of posts to each thread in some recent period.



New phone has arrived a day sooner than predicted, how's that for service Now have to fathom out how to use it


Perhaps its seen as a 'newest conversation' as people have posted to it most recently? Certainly not a new fred!

Geoff - have replied - secret squirrel!



There are some random things that just seem to happen-hot threads is an example

After a lot of fannying about on comparison sites etc-have re-signed with current energy supplier-not earth shattering news perhaps but then neither was a name change but that dragged on and on and on...............

Yay -for a new phone -hours of endless fun with ring tones and  inputting numbers into the memory



Just finished 1st garden shift today.

Bean arch has had its last day. Found it was beans holding it up.Bought it few years back for a fiver.Think I have a new one somewhere in garage.

Still waiting for extra compost tardis. ordered ages ago. They say its with the dispatchers. 


Hello all. Trying to teach myself to knit and not succeeding very well, i can crochet anything you like but knitting i seem to need another another pair of hands. Well was that really you Geoff with the pumpkin, havent you ripened well. Sainsburys are due to deliver between 4 and 5 today, they are usually pretty good and touch wood they have never been late and always very nice. Feeling better today still a bit croaky but on the mend.The daughter doing well on her uni course thank goodness, the house now resembles a jumble sale, with bits of fabric all over the place.

Miss Becks

No more reduced mince pies today. But I did get some laughing cow cheese triangles for 50p and ice cream wafers for 20p.

I suppose I'd better carry on with some ironing. Two things that seems to multiply in this house is the washing up and laundry. The amount we have for 2 people seems absurd.



Glad you are on the mend Maud

Well done bjay-have some lunch

I have weather news -it may snow in Scotland today -but there is a hint of an Indian Summer next week

I spent 2 hours ironing this morning and there is still more to do. Where does it all come from? Only 3 in this house and it never seems to be any of my clothes.The husband reckons you can just rinse things under the cold tap and that will do

Gary Hobson
Maud is in the garden wrote (see)

The husband reckons you can just rinse things under the cold tap and that will do.

But isn't that exactly what you're supposed to do.

Personally, I use hot water and a dash of wonder-stuff.

I cannot understand all this fuss about 'ironing'. Ironing is actually optional, and you are allowed to opt out. You cannot see whether a shirt is ironed, or not, if worn beneath a jumper. If your vest, pants and socks are not ironed, who will ever know.

Pottie Pam

Good afternoon all,

Just seen a lovely big fox with a rabbit in his mouth. at least he'll leave the chickens alone today I hope.

Going back to the conversation about vets. He said he could give me an internet precription for a drug that was going to cost £500 a month that was for an auto-immune condition that he thinks my dog has. When I asked how you could trust drugs bought on the internet he said if they were too cheap probably suspect. Weren't fake human drugs found in Pharmacies recently?


Jean Genie

Postman has just brought my 3 free iris . They come from T. M. so hopefully should be ok. 

I am now reduced to using chopsticks to pull out the remnants of plants out the bottle  Giving up now. Tomorrow is another day.

Ironing is something I do not enjoy.

Bramear in Scotland was - 8 last night so expect them to get the snow first and hope you're right about the weather , Geoff .

I have 3 cats and i cant believe the price of the worming and flea treatment they have each month, it has got really expensive, but it needs to be done. Especially as Lennie is always catching mice he never seems to eat the head though.

As for the ironing  i do as little as possible, the husband has a clean shirt every day and as he works in an office doesnt wear a jumper. I do let the ironong pile up which is why it takes so long to do, my sister in law even irons dishcloths and tea towels, im not that bad.

Gary Hobson

£500 a month seems a lot of money, for remedy that might not work, for an ailment that seems uncertain.

I can see why people might be prepared to pay a lot of money to help a pet. But I'm not convinced that's the right thing to do.

Presumably you've researched the supposed ailment as best you can independently.

I am prepared to allow daily ironing of a man's shirt, for business.


You have to think of the quality of life that the animal has. My mums dog had severe osteoarthritis over the years sha had tried so many things, drugs alternate therapys etc, it came to a point when enough was enough ans although Tally was only 8 we decided it wasnt fair to put her through anymore and said goodbye. Its the last kindness i think. I have had many cats and it doesnt get any easier when its their time but i wouldnt be without them. I now have 3 loonies that keep me on my toes usually trying to rescue a frog or mouse in the middle of the night

Pennine Petal
Just having a lunch break, cheese and tomato sarnie on honey and sunflower bread followed by a coconut macaroon with chocolate on.

.What course is your daughter doing Maud?

Pam, lots of problems with counterfeit drugs in the NHS and with most other products you can think of, the Internet has given the counterfeits easy access to customers. Sorry, that sounds like one of my lectures!

It as definitely a hot thread on here yesterday, you have to be careful where you put your pumpkins!

She is doing a degree in costume and design for theatre, film and tv. Its a 2 year degree and she can go on to do a 3rd year for a B.A. She ahs been working for 5 years and at 23 she is the eldest on the course. Im amazed at the amount of work she has to do hence the house looking like a tip. Well its a tidier tip at the mo roll on the weekend when shes home


The problem with having pets is that we never think of the inevitable -that just gets shut in a very small corner of the mind

I know people who have spent money- into the thousands on operations on cats well into their teens-all logic goes out of the window.

If Cody ever needed a big operation-and even if he only had 5 % chance of survival the plastic would come out.

Glyn-are you sure that is the healthy option?

Ironing is definitely woman's work