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Pennine Petal
Oh yes I think you said before, sounds really interesting. Students are classed as mature at 21 nowadays. Perhaps she will win an Oscar one day!

I had a cat of 18 that had a stroke, the vet reckoned i could put some drug up his bottom  the cat not the vet) and it would stop him fitting, i felt i would never go out in case he had a fit when i was not there. I really couldnt put the old boy through any more distress. He is now in the garden and has frittilarias planted on top of him, i speak to him most days. and all the others out there.

Pennine Petal
Maud, I have picked up a voucher for ??12 off a first Sainsbugs shop online, can you recommend it? Will it stop me spending so much on store do you think?
Pottie Pam

I quite agree with Gary and Maud. Animals have a short lifespan compared with us and I think it's selfish to keep an pet that has reached the end of his life.

The vet said he probably has anal furunculosis which is a disease that only German Shepherds seem to be prone to. At the moment he is fine on steroids but I will know what's best for him not me.

I have mine delivered in the cheapest delivery charge slot £3.95 on a weds afternoon, i dont seem to spend any less and they dont always have everything that i need so end up going out to the shops anyway. It does save all the carryingand lifting though.We will soonhave a asda nearby so will be going to give them a try. One thing i will say about sainsburys they have never been late and quite often they are early


Caz W

Hi all - just come in after chasing leaves around the garden.  Tip of the day: don't try to sweep leaves up in the wind.

Jean - what meds have you been taking to make you so frisky (I want to get some) Glad you're feeling better though.

Gary (re: ironing) my son agrees about not ironing a shirt if worn under a jumper, however I once caught him using my  hair straighteners to press the collar and top bit between buttons whilst wearing it!



A few years back OH used to "do" for a busy family-one of her jobs was to do a spot of ironing- which included ironing the husbands boxer shorts


Well I successfully circumnavigated the M25, M4 and M5 and arrived at my parents in time to watch the GBBO and the footy fiasco. I have been inspired and today I am cooking a spinach and goats cheese pffiffevierea and a banoffee pie.

Glyn I am the biggest fan of online shopping for all the essentials, washing tablets, tins of beans, rice, spaghetti and I have this delivered once a month and then I can do the nice stuff with a basket when needed.

I put a bit of effort into buying clothes that do not need ironing.


I hate ironing but can't bare to see crumpled clothes, they never feel clean to me unless they have had an iron run over them. When our daughter was at home she used to iron the collar and cuffs of her blouses/shirts that she was wearing under a jumper. My husband is of the same opinion as Gary, can't see the point of it. As for Geoff comment, well, was that meant to provoke a response

I have just taken this pic of my Acer.


 This one was taken on 9th October, what a difference a few days makes in the colour of the leaves.

Caz W

Geoff - hope she didn't starch them


Kate, glad you survived the journey unscathed! Good luck with the pffiffivierierererer, OH says he had one once and it was delicious. I think I'd cheat and buy the pastry frozen - rough puff is a faff to make! Don't forget to send some banoffee pie to the cyberlockers!

Caroline - did it work? Have heard of ironing your hair but not straightening your clothes!

I would never iron boxer shorts! Or shirts for that matter. Men can do their own!

Caz W

It worked well Lottiebeans - apparently he'd been doing this quite some time before I caught him.  Fortunately for him it hadn't harmed my straighteners!.


Just caught up. Shift 2 in garden finished and planted arose as a reward -'Little White Pet'

My one cat has developed a flea allergy, she has also developed an allergy to the stuff she has to stop the fleas. She got very depressed. vet said give her flea stuff as better than what she is like with fleas. Happier cat, but not look as good as she did.

Love the acer. which variety?Have a patch saved for one if I see one I like at right size (and price)

Just found the spell check

I had an operation on right shoulder for a long time before could not iron, then op, now I don't bother. Son does his own if he's desperate. OH not bothered (retired). Pressed some knitting yesterday.

Going to have cup of tea and not have a shift 3. OH says he will do digging but not today. He has just chopped a load of logs then the match - again!

Pennine Petal

Loveley acers.

Just had a huge hail and thunder storm here, but the sun is shining again now!



Geoff-from his bunker~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What a smashing acer

Whats a prifffireriere?

I would have scattered itching powder on the boxers

Shutting the door again-waving white flag


Pennine Petal

bjay, I had a cat with a flea allergy, he only looked sad for a while and then all the fur came back and he was as right as rain.


My daughter did a costume , fashion etc course. Loved it. she was an mature student as well - 21 . Just had a promotion she works for a well known chain of younger fashion shops and has just promoted to Manage a new concession - anew one- and we feel really proud. health problems meant at one time she would not be able to do anything. initially she wanted to get an oscar as well.


Does any body know what they did in the olden days- say Merlin's time- about creased clothes?

-is ironing a recent phenomenon?

It is nice when the kids find their feet and are happy in their world


My mother used to say it's the way you hang them when wet cuts down on ironong.

They used to have flat irons heated by the fire. Posher were the ones that coal was put in. Maybe they were longer ago as well

Different tack - Gladiolus. Do they have to be dug up? Do you dry them as tulips? 

Just ordered some bulbs from Parkers 20% off meant postage paid


Don't dig my gladdys up-some do-and they still come back each year

There was a time of bry-nylon that advertised the non-iron shirt-also nylon sheets-the worse thing known to man