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Well it all kicked off in Emmerdale -no-one fluffed their lines seemingly-two births and a murder-quite impressive

Glyn-I am sure it is now safe to mention the baking programme

Becks-same taxi run?

Pennine Petal
I just caught the tale end of it, took me a long time to write the essays, still some left to do, but it can wait until tomorrow. I suppose the wrong person is going to get blamed for the murder? I thought the bit I watched went very well live, no-one waiting at a door ready to come through then moving suddenly, as happened on the Bill, I remember.

Figrat, I was glad he won too, his mum was overjoyed. you had to feel sorry for the other two though. Fives cakes too many to cope with maybe. What pesky things those fondant fancies were. Betty's do a lovely fondant fancy, as do Mr Kipling!,
Miss Becks

Well that went better than I thought. Quite easy really. And tasty! Would have been better if I had remembered to cook the New Potatoes that I bought today to go with it.

Yes Geoff, same taxi run.

Can you freeze cheese sauce? Quite a bit left over.


I doubt it-but only based on the fact you can't buy frozen cheese sauce-one for the boffins?


Miss Becks

Cool. Thanks Geoff. I've popped it in the fridge for now, and will finish off tomorrow, but good to know for future batches.


Hi all, yes I would freeze any left over sauce, why not?

Went down to swop the plant pot on parents plot today in NWorcestershire. The pelargonium was a wee bit tatty, but with some tlc should give me some cutting material for next year. It was dark when I got back home, so pot just put against the house wall by back door. Shall sort it out & start to dry it off tomorrow before bringing it inside for the winter. Parents now have violas in their 'pot'- a plant pot cover that takes a 2l pot dropped into it.

Met an old neighbour/friend for lunch & good chat before braving the M5&6 again this evening.

Am probably getting daughters' cold- ta very much- as tickly, dry throat getting worse. At least my back & sciatica not so bad today. That could all change tomorrow as am going to garden! J.

Miss Becks

Oh Geoff! That looks really bad there! Hope it all clears up pretty soon!

Thankyou jo. You stay wrapped up if you're getting a cold and going outside.

Caz W

Becks - left over cheese sauce will taste even better tomorrow. Lovely with some pasta.  You always leave me feeling hungry .....

Geoff that looks bad - high tides/strong winds/more rain

Jo - don't overdo it tomorrow (I've got the same problem so you have my sympathy)

Miss Becks

Thanks Caroline! I'm naturally always hungry. Hollow legs my mum used to say!

I'm now unsure whether to have a slice of cake, couple of mince pies with cream, or both!!


Just had a penguin-

a bugger to catch.

Miss Becks

Haven't had a penguin for ages! Always reminds me of that programme, The Royle Family!


I've already had my treat for today- a pudding at the pub- but there is still cake here.....

No plans for digging/moving herbaceous tomorrow. Shall be wrapping my big, & liitle, pots of Agapathus. They are already in the big coldframe, which is just open at the mo, to allow them to dry out a bit & me to crush any little snails that appear! So need to remove the smaller ones so that I can step into the frame to wrap the 2 biggest. Suspect that carrying them into there was the cause of the latest back problems, but didnt notice anything until the next day!

Then shall probably sow a couple of sweetpea pots & wrap the nerine pot. That's in full flower now on the greenhouse staging, but shall pop it into the coldframe when it's finished. Shant clean out the greenhouse until it's empty- can do anytime over the winter this yr. Do need to do some borde sorting, but unless my back being well behaved that will be left until I can safely do it.

Daughter just reminded me earlier that she's back on nights next week, so must hoover this week sometime friday maybe? as no chance next week when she's sleeping.

BTW I know am the ironing queen around here, according to Geoff, but I do NOT do underware nor socks nor bedding except pillow slips! OH just hangs his shirts straight out of the tumbler when he's done them at his little house (rented near to his work) & I havent the heart, nor inclination to redo them for him when I go over to stay! Heaven knows what his workmates think!!

He's thrilled tonight as he saw a kingfisher at the side of the canal he walks along on his way home. But as he's says only another week of doing that in the evenings as it's already almost dark by the time he gets back & he doesnt feel safe along the unlit bank path.

Drat, the pc needs an update that I'd delayed earlier. Night all. J.


Gary Hobson
Penninepetal wrote (see)
writing assignments for sports marketers, any suggestions?

Not exactly sure what that is, but it sounds huge and interesting. Red Bull comes to mind. Red Bull began as a simple drinks company but has evolved, so the Brand itself is now more important than the drink. They're connected with lots of high profile sports. They're Formula F1 champions. It takes a lot of cash and expertise to do that. Jumping out of space capsules, is really just an extreme sport, generating worldwide awareness of the brand. These are all the things they do:

A different kind of example is everything connected with the Olympics, from putting together the bid, making the animated film, selling tickets, merchandising, scheduling the events, and even creating their own TV company to provide world-wide live coverage of everything. That TV material is still copyright and will generate income for years to come. And much of that expertise will used again at Rio.

And you get big hotels and leisure chains marketing sports as parts of holiday packages. And there's also the problem of how do local sports clubs advertise themselves, perhaps just by getting reports in local papers, but they could do a lot better than that.

Back on earth, it seems that the weather here is going to be mild for at least the next week, so movement of any plants into the greenhouse, or indoors will now be put on hold.


Good Morning Everyone

I can't keep up

I hope everyone is well  and have a lovely day

I am hoping to plant the rest of the Pansies , Primroses and Tulips into some containers now that I have more compost

Pam LL x