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Pennine Petal
Thanks for the ideas Gary, some interesting ones there. Did you know red bull came from Thailand originally and was bought by someone from Austria?

Great minds thnk alike, the students have just done the analysis if the Olympics in class. Sounds like you need to come in to do a guest lecture!

Hello peeps

All the water seems to have gone -there is a bit of blue sky and the washing machine is on.

Pam-it does take a bit of catching up to do-it is like a ramble down a country lane that includes a walk on the motorway in a foreign country- you have no idea where it will end up but it has been fun finding out.

Have come over all poetic

Was given a carrier bag full of quinces last night - I now have about 6lbs to play with! Hope I've saved enough jam jars.

Morning Geoff

Some of the lottie holders on our site are very angry - someone has stripped their pear and greengage  trees of all the fruit!!!!! The site is well fenced with new fences so it is horrible to think there may be a thief among the plotholders

Pam LL x



Morning everyone.

Pam, that is appalling. Those poor people who've nurtured their trees and looked forward to the fruit. The greed and meanness of some so-called humans will forever baffle me.

Interesting description of the thread Geoff :- )

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies.

Quite nippy this morning, but the sun is trying it's best to get round the clouds!

Geoff, glad the waters gone down.

Pam, that's awful. First Deans, now yours. Humans can be vile sometimes.


Is it just me -but you know when you see a police car stop someone do you want to hang about and see what happens-only a police car stopped someone round the corner earlier and they are still there 15 minutes later-am tempted to wander out

Pam -said it before- say it again there are some gits about

Hello to the late-comers

Jean Genie

Morning everyone, We had very bad weather here yesterday as well but not as bad s yours Geoff.

Figrat, I'll send you some cyber jamjars - can I have some please ? Never tasted that. That video with the dog was brilliant !

Pam , thats dreadful. Would imagine things will be difficult now wondering who plundered the 'lotty. The lengths some people will go to.

All systems go here. Realised I have a hospital appointment today and to coin your phrase Beck's - can't be axxxd ! Will go though only check up on my bloods. Just hate the hanging round though. Daughter coming with me and news on the house front. It is sold ! She is over the moon and can now look forward to a new start. Me on the other hand , am a bit concerned as to where she is going to move to as the new people want her to vacate on Dec 10th which doesn't give her a lot of time.

Have a good day everyone.

Hey-ho, such is life but sure things will work out

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Loved the dog video too.

Jean, slightly worrying about your daughter's house sale. It's a toss-up whether to sell before you find somewhere else. My brother and wife sold their house near Derby then stayed with me for four months until they found a house down here.

They are teachers too, Flo and they came down here to retire but now do supply teaching  to pay for improvements to their house.

Haven't seen Kate yet. We had the highest tides of the year yesterday so hope she's okay. Her parents live on the moors so maybe the tide didn't reach that far.

Miss Becks

Geoff, that is nosiness at it's best. kate would be proud. You go and have a wander and report back.

Great news on the house front jean! I think you may have a lodger short term.

Todays flower of the day. Roses made of leaves!



Pam, thats awful - which site are you on? Maybe it wasn't other plot-holders but someone who got in somehow? I'm surprised our site doesn't attract more trouble being where it is.

Geoff, glad the water has gone down, I wasn't anticipating swimming this weekend! And yes of course we all want to know whats going on when the old bill turn up!

We got a bit of thunder and lightning last night - just as I was having a discussion with all 3 sons who were all standing outside their bedroom doors there was a huge flash and we all looked at each other startled - bit of a comedy moment.

Jean, sounds like you might have some guests stopping over for C**. Very good that the house is sold and she can move on.


Hot news-just got back-the car is just being towed away-police still there-my guess is an uninsured driver

Yay-for the police-hope she gets a massive fine and 100 penalty points

That is good news Jean-still no apparent movement on next door

Lets all make paper roses

Pottie Pam

Loved the roses, Becks. Wish I had an acer in my garden to have a go at those.

Really awful about the thefts on the allotment. The owners would have been waiting for the pears to ripen. A whole year gone to waste. As if gardeners didn't have enough to put up with this year.

I'm going out now to pick a bunch of dahlias. Still going strong. 

Pottie Pam

You must have efficient police there Geoff to spend so much time unless sh'e caused an accident. 


Jean Genie

Oh well, here's Daughter. Off to become a human pin cushion again  that song Paper roses is now stuck in my head ! Marie Osmond I think.

Catch you all later. Hope Kate is ok.


My guess is they have to go fthrough all the checks-then call for the tow truck and wait till that comes-it was just being loaded so it all took over and hour-still one less on the road.

This will drive you nuts then Jean-paper noses-

Gary Hobson

We have had a lot of threads about vandalism, and similar, recently. How high and secure does a fence need to be to keep determined thieves out. If thieves want something enough, they'll find a way in. That applies to trying to keep certain animals out too.

It also reflects the value of the produce pinched. The more tempting the produce, the greater the lengths people will go to to pinch it.

I'm a fan of alarms and security cameras. It's sad that such precautions should be necessary, but it's a sign of the society we live.


Some years ago my late FIL had an allotment. He went to it one day to do some work and found a lady of eastern origin helping herself to his blackberries,. As you can imagine the air was blue, he raved on about it for weeks. Some people have absolutely no consciences what so ever. The trouble is that it makes you suspect everyone and trust no one.

Have a good day folks.



Morning all.

Cold has started, have taken whatever am allowed to, got lots of tissues everywhere in pockets/shed etc. At least can compost the used ones!

Toerags everywhere. Friend said that for a 3rd time someone had tried, not succeeded this time, to get at the cable supplying electricity to their property & neighbours. Isnt nice to think of someone hanging around eyeing up the place.

Right, sun has arrived, 1st wash load done so am of out to try & do something, but actually not much enthusiasm, drat. J.