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I am collecting quite a collection of plants so value for money it will be fine but I can  take the carpet out of my boot so a quick shake and it will all be tip top again.


Astrantia, an orange lychnis? a blue flowering hardy alpine plant, a sedum plus assorted plants that my mum has forgotten the name of.

Miss Becks

Soundslike you've got a good haul there kate. Just line the boot floor with a couple of bin bags, carpet will be fine!


Caz W

Just whizzed through the last few pages - fab harvest there Lottie - glad you remembered the new potatoes tonight Becks -  cinammon your favourite Flo?

OH home from work early as he's coming down with man flu



Yes, that was it, Caroline! Though nutmeg is equal top for me. On top of my apple cakes before cooking I put a mixture of either demerara or soft brown suger, mixed with cinnamon, then (and this is the really indulgent bit) drizzle melted butter over that.


Don't have a baseball bat [surely in Britain it would be a cricket bat?]--but I do have a shotgun loaded with rock salt under the bed. We do have police on the island now, but that is fairly recent. I have actually had to show it to unwanted visitors a time or two. But having 2 large dogs makes me feel safe nowadays.


Bird flu-just to redress the balance


Pennine Petal
Evening, just got through today's crop of messages. Fantastic drive over the hills to work today, clear sky, sunshine, water in the reservoir like glass with the sun reflected in it and mist in the valleys. Shame I was on the way to work really, it all went down hill after that.

Too much to comment on, but paper woses now in my head, exam answers made me laugh, I get some great stuff from overseas students, but can never remember them. Nice veg and flowers. Everyone who mentioned the c word, off you go to the naughty step, like I had to!
Caz W

Flo, I'll definitely try the melted butter next time as the apples on the top did dry out a little bit.  Love nutmeg  - always grate a bit into white/cheese sauces too but never tell OH as he thinks he doesn't like nutmeg.


It makes the apples on top all toffee-ish, Caroline, very yummy. Secret nutmeg made me laugh!
I think I know what I'll be baking at the weekend :- P

Gary Hobson

Was up and breakfasted by 6 - can't waste my life lying in bed dreaming. It's like the middle of the night outside. Clocks won't be going back for another week.

Watched an interesting prog on BBC4 last night - about life expectancy and risk.

They showed that smoking 2 cigarettes reduces a person's life expectancy by 30 minutes.

On the other hand, 30-minutes of vigourous exercise can increase life expectancy by 30 minutes. But there's a catch in that, as the program explained. If you spend 30 minutes to gain 30 minutes, you don't actually gain anything at all. Vigourous exercise, for its own sake, is a waste of time.

Being active through gardening, for example pushing a lawn-mower, is however useful, because there is a by-product - you get useful work done. And because that activity increases your life expectancy, you don't actually use up any of your allotted time doing it.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Big excitement in Cornwall as a loud boom was heard all over Cornwall yesterday afternoon , not an earthquake  and some theories are that it was an asteroid. I think it was an aircraft as there were a lot of military aircraft flying around at the time.

Or could it have been Kate digging the plants up?


Hello housewives everywhere

That is jolly interesting Gary-I knew I had things right all along-packed in the fags years ago-I shall now live a long and prosperous life-I think

Pam -the aliens may have landed-have you checked the back garden for strange beings?

Pottie Pam

Oh, Geoff,

I never thought of that.  I had some weird dreams about flying in a spaceship last night and I have some strange marks on my body this morning.

On the other hand if it was a meteor, I believe they are quite valuable. I will of course share if I find one.



This was on the news just now


Miss Becks

Morning lovelies.

Sun is in and out. Just picked some lettuce to try for the first time!

I wonder what that was then Pam?

Jess is now going to roadtest the lettuce and our first ripe tomatoes.



Gary Hobson

The most likely cause of big bangs is military aircraft. The stuff about meteors can sometimes be a cover up to prevent public concern. Unless a local astronomer has a photo, which will often be the case.

The was a big bang over Warwickshire earlier in the Summer. It was caused by two interceptor fighters racing towards Bristol, to shoot down a civilian light aircraft.

The civilain pilot had accidently pressed a big red button, that all planes carry, which signals that the plane has been hijacked.

Miliary planes need special authorisation to break the sound barrier, and will only do so in cases of real emergency. For example, an approach by hostile UFOs, such as the one shown above.

I thought it was a sandwich.