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You cant do pick-ups or drop-offs at Bournemouth Airport-it is designed that you have to go out through the short-stay car-park and pay £2.50 for the privilege

You learn a little bit more each day


I'd like some cyclamen coum but haven't been able to find any for sale. Hederofolium just go onand on. Last year sowed some seeds of the white one. Forgot about them and then found them happily germinated on a cupboard in garage, Now in modules and will plant out next year. have given some away as well. Seedlings didn't like wet summer.

Who did!

bjay wrote (see)

 Seedlings didn't like wet summer.

Who did!

Leggi-more walks in the ran



I really should go and get dinner on, is there a dinners thread? I might start one.


Marked down pizza for dinnre here, as the kitchen's been turned into a quince preserve factory - membrillo puttering away, pan full of juice ready for more quince jelly tomorrow - I couldn't face doing anything fancy.



Bristol airport also charges for pickup/drop off. 

I have had an exciting afternoon, I have been hyperturfing a belfast sink.



Tonight- I shall be mostly eating a leek and cheese sauce concotion a la Delia Smith-Day1

We still need to know what quince tastes like-Becks asked hours ago but I may have missed a response

Was that a really messy operation Kate?

Miss Becks

Nor do we know the size of Lotties Pumpkins!


Made some quince jelly once.

Once being the key word here. Wasn't sure what to do with it! What to eat it with. i think more savouryDidn't like taste of it, Can't describe taste as so long ago. Sorry Becks


Difficult to describe, like a cross between an apple and a pear, but with honey overtones. Unique.

The fruit was known to the Akkadians, who called it supurgillu; Arabic  al safarjal "quinces"  The modern name originated in the 14th century as a plural of quoyn, via Old French cooin from Latin cotoneum malum / cydonium malum, ultimately from Greek κυδ??νιον μ???λον, kydonion melon "Kydonian apple". The quince tree is native to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and was introduced to Syria, Lebanon, Croatia, Bosnia, Turkey, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Bulgaria

Cultivation of quince may have preceded apple culture, and many references translated to "apple", such as the fruit in Song of Solomon, may have been a quince. Among the ancient Greeks, the quince was a ritual offering at weddings, for it had come from the Levant with Aphrodite and remained sacred to her. Plutarch reported that a Greek bride would nibble a quince to perfume her kiss before entering the bridal chamber, "in order that the first greeting may not be disagreeable nor unpleasant" (Roman Questions 3.65). It was a quince that Paris awarded Aphrodite. It was for a golden quince that Atalanta paused in her race. The Romans also used quinces; the Roman cookbook of Apicius gives recipes for stewing quince with honey, and even combining them, unexpectedly, with leeks. Pliny the Elder mentioned the one variety, Mulvian quince, that could be eaten raw. Columella mentioned three, one of which, the "golden apple" that may have been the paradisal fruit in the Garden of the Hesperides, has donated its name in Italian to the tomato, pomodoro.

Thanks wikipaedia!

Miss Becks

Oh. Are they fruit?

Never mind. Just seen your post figrat.



Quince-an effeminate prince

Deanos Diggin It

Evening Forky type people!

Tried to catch up!

The highlight of the day's post for me was when Gary went on his intellectual rant about bangs n aircraft! (Has he does! But very much appreciated!) But mentioned "as above" n Beck's had since posted about her Tomatoes n Lettuce!

n Fig replied! "Thought it was a sandwich" Had me in Tupp's! 


Pennine Petal
Evening, TGIF!
Pendle Hill not far from here, often fly over on my broomstick.
Rhubarb Triangle, they do tours and you can hear it growing.

Geoff, what's happening at Southamptin Airport, is it anything to do with you?
Deanos Diggin It

Lottie! My stab! 4lb 3oz!

Glyn! Always in your neck of the woods! That M65 is a start n leadeth to nothing! But very useful! 


Glyn-have I missed a story-just clicked on the Airport site too see they have re-opened after shutting for a time this afternoon -what happened?

Miss Becks

Dean?? 4lb 3oz???? Babies are bigger than that! This is Lotties finest pumpkin!!