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Oh my golly gosh 9000 replies- wasn't it just last week it was 8000?

Where is Flo today and Jean and Chris?

Deanos Diggin It

Woe! Was just on about colour of Veg! Saying the lighter colour the lighter the veg!  Used Tomatoes as an example!  Thinking somebody is worried sombody is after his glory!  


A light coloured pumpkin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 a darker coloured grape

 which is the heaviest?




Chuckling now! 

Miss Becks

Friday the 13th is on at 10pm!


But it is Friday the 19th-could they not have waited?

Hollie-that is great-what is the latest on the cat?

Miss Becks

It's not the original like I thought by the looks of it. Bound to be more blood and gore. Might not watch if it's like that.

Miss Becks

Nah, I'm in a film mood. Can you remember the name of that film you posted the trailer to? Or have I got to sift back through all the posts.


Just for you -but it is not even in the cinema yet

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Becks is this your sort of film?

Miss Becks

Aah, that's what I wanted to know. If it had already been released. Was going to look for it to download. Never mind. Thankyou though.

Miss Becks

You most certainly have. Madam has declared she wants to go to bed. Catch ya later!



Night-I'm orf as well-tv in bed


Any one else see Miranda Hart trying to explain to Arnie about going into a shop and buying fork candles . 


@bjay I am also curious about Nigel Slaters garden, I cannot decide if he has a gardener or he just buys in top notch plants but it does seem a little too good to be true. I know that both Raymond Blanc and Jamie Oliver talk about their gardens but both of them have  a team of gardeners.

I have been allowed to watch some tv today

Gary Hobson

There have been a lot of threads on there during the past few days about preparations for Winter - insulating greenhouses, cold frames, dahlias, cannas, pelargoniums, etc.

The write up for last night's GW said 'Monty demonstrates how to prepare tender plants for Winter'. It still says that on the iPlayer page on the BBC website.

Was I watching a different program?

He'd got a lot of wallflowers, 300. If he can plant 1 per minute, that will take 5 hours minimum to plant out. Not sure I'd want to do that, in cold mud.

Was impressed by some of the fruit trees at West Dean, in particular those in straight diagonals against a wall. 1 tree per metre of wall, I think they said. That's a very good technique, and straight diagonals should be easy to do.

Not so impressed by the step-over-apples. In a garden where space is limited, the one place where you do have space is upwards, so why grow them so low; that doesn't make sense. The only advantage I can see for growing apples so low, is that it will make it much easier for Nigel to help himself.


Good morning all.

I'm back after a very busy day yesterday, not a spare moment or so it seemed. Shopping, visited GC to buy more daffodil bulbs. Wyevale are selling theirs at 25% off, but still not cheap. £2.99 for 12. but as everyone else seemed to have sold out I bought some.

I enjoyed GW last night, but as you say Gary, not quite the programme I expected.We have got 2 stepover apples in our veg garden as well as other fruit trees on small rootstocks,the advantage being that they don't block the light from the veg plot  we do get a good crop of apples from them and they are easier to prune etc, they are also a talking point when we have visitors. Not cheap to buy though.

We have got to empty a large dresser in the lounge and move it out as we are having the room re-skimmed next Friday, Oh what joy awaits. We have been putting it off for months, but the time has come to get on with it.

The daily paper has just arrived, so a quick cuppa with it and then must get stuck in. Might be back later if not buried under all the accumulated rubbish.

Have a good day