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Borning all- bunged up wiv this cold.....

Agony with back first thing as kept coughing, ouch, & then had to get downstairs to eat something to go with the painkillers! (which actually shouldnt take as could do funny things to my BP, but s*d that, took those tablets first thing) Pkillers now worked, bliss, but plans to strip beddding or do some cleaning, whilst daughter at work, all sensibly abandoned. Tomorrow is another day.

I shall replay GW, did sort of watch but just wanted to go to bed, so not really concentrating Have taped Miranda- she was on radio 2 this week as I was driving back up. Love her progs, Dad & me had many a good chuckle at them when I was down there.

Right, 2cnd coffee awaits, then think shall flop a bit. May start sorting through the photos from Dad's, but that could be too difficult, which is why havent done before. J.


Where is everyone! Have you all decided to stay in bed this morning?

Gary, Jo and me have been up for hours.


You've just reminded me Chris, shall read the paper on-line!

We only ever buy one a week & it keeps us all going for the week, with the various sections. Daughter is calling in a supermarket this evening for us, but there wont be any left by then. J.


I'm here -was up earlier-fed the dog and the chickens back to bed to watch last night's tv.

Am expecting a visit from a fellow-forker this morning,am waxed and polished and the bunting is up


Morning all, just popped in to say hello while I wait for thestart of the  glorious autumnal gardening weather they promised us for the weekend  - need to get my broad beans in and my runner beans relegated to the compost heap - although there's still enough on them for at least one more meal!

I suppose I could be doing a bit of h@@sew@@k and food shopping, it'll have to be done some time .


Pottie Pam


Good morning all.

Poor Jo, hope you feel better soon.

Hope you've put your speedos away, Geoff. Looking forward to some gossip when she gets home.

It's been chaos in Cornwall since Kate came down. Floods on Wednesday. Mysterious bangs on Thursday and yesterday the centre of Truro was abandoned because an unitentified package was found in a bank. They sent for the Bomb Squad but couldn't get the robot into the bank so sent a poor chap dressed like the Michelin Man in. He came out with a camera that had been put inside an ice  cream carton and taped up, that someone was posting on and left it in the bank.

Lovely day here. I'm just waiting for the dew to dry off the caravan then I'll put the cover on for the winter.

All the shrubs and trees have gone mad this year and tempted to cut some back although I know you are supposed to wait until the spring.


Morning Forkers

Lay in bed this morning watching the fog Descend , clear, decend on Hills. Really interesting - better than Tv. Ever changing scene.

Will ahve to watch GW on iplayer as went tosleep during it. Often do, think it's MD voice!!

Back to rhubarb. AS bed for it is nowhere near finished - soil depth and quality- is it OK to pot small one that arrived yesterday into a larger poy, or prepare a small say 2ft square area for it and plant it now? Can do most flower stuff but total novice in veg/fruit stakes.

Back to Nigel Slater Kate - I just thought his garden/herbs looked too good to be true!

After trip to butcher - gardening. Now bright and sunny


I too find difficulty in staying awake with MD's voice! Used to be worse when he first presented GW, last night was coz feeling rough.... Family are used to me taping GW, going to sleep, playing it back & going to sleep again.......

Bjay-re the rhubarb, if crown not too big then a very large pot with good compost would suffice for now. Keep in sheltered place though, say next to a wall or wrap the pot in case a harsh frost. If I remember correctly you're in Worcs, so frost could be a problem soon, depends on your particular area. Any pot grown plant  is vunerable to frost damage of it's roots, in the ground always better.You can plant crowns out until Nov I understand, so time enough, weather permitting to get its proper home sorted? Even a 2' square would do for now.

NSlater is a keen gardener, so it could well be his plot/plants we see. Or TV trickery?

Have been out & fed the birds- groundfeeders keep getting their food snaffled by squirrels & pigeons. Whilst was doing that a litle coal tit was sooo close, totally not bothered by me, lovely. J.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Sun is out for now. Must stop going outside in my slippers. Soggy feet.

Hopefully can get outside today. Not expecting any interruptions or visits.

Geoff, don't forget to ask Lottie the size of her pumpkin!! We still don't know.

My cauli's are covered in caterpillers. They already stripped the cabbage and brocolli when I was on holiday. Has really put me off trying them next year. How do any of you veg growers stop that? Netting?


bjay apparently Dan Pearson designed Nigel's garden they are mates

Today I will be dividing one of my mums day lilies, I wonder if I will be able to snaffle a section

pottiepam I deny all responsibility.

Geoff bunting for a fellow forker visit, I will be diverting on my way home.


Well don't see that very often - heron walking along afootpath to get to its favourite fishing spot. Pond just outside the butchers. As ever no camera when needed.

Miss Becks

Yes David, I did that when I went out. Don't want to cook those SP seeds!

Miss Becks

Really? Gets a bit nippy at night though. But if that's what you recommend, I can do that!

Pennine Petal
Morning all, decided to have a lie in this morning, also feeling bunged up. Sun is shining and now I am feeling guilty, as I should be out planting my wallflowers, but don't have as many as Monty. OH just brought me tea and toast. Watching the clouds sailing by, sheep graing on the hill opposite and trying not to think about much. Racing a good book, Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid, who also wrote The reluctant Fundamentalist which was excellent.

Nigel's (not doggie Nigel) looks too good to me. Also a man with copious leftovers in his fridge!

Was going to comment on something else but can't remember what it was now, brain dead!

Lottie has been-I know the size of the pumpkin-but will not tell until all entries are in

 She brought me some marzipan chocolate


Miss Becks

Are you in an apple-free zone now?

Morning Glyn!

Waiting for big sis to arrive from Kent. Kitchen full of quince pulp, quince juice and various bits of preserve making paraphernalia. Lovely day outside, but no time to garden I fear.
Bit grumpy as opened bag of seed compost, contents soaking wet. Have spread it out on potting tray in the gh to dry it out.
hollie hock

Morning, I've got a day planned of doing nothing, going to have a dossy day.

Looking forward to the dancing tonight

Geoff- in the end I signed the cat over to the vet. He was great and was going to try and find her a new home. It was a tough decision to make but my head tells me it was the only option but my heart tells me something different.Getting easier though.