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There is one bag left of apples for my golfing partner on Monday

Netting will stop the butterflies laying their eggs-will be too late now

Hello everbody else

Pennine Petal
Just keep in mind Becks that we need caterpillars or we will have no butterflies and your caulked are helping to support them!
Miss Becks

That's it Glyn, make me feel guilty!! Maybe I'll plant 2 uncovered, just for them.

Pennine Petal
BTW, have you tried those green Caulies, Romanesque (?), have a lovely nutty flavour and keep better than the normal white ones.

Hollie-that is probably the best all round-I would honestly get yourself another one to take your mind of it?

I can't keep up today


Pennine Petal
Just remembered what I was going to comment on!
Gary, low apple trees as shown on GW yesterday, have seen them used in a couple of gardens, I think Arley Hall and Harlow Carr, and they looked really good and were producing lots of fruit. Very easy to pick too.
Miss Becks

Glyn, no, haven't seen them! Will keep my eye out!

David, noted.


Yes I quite like the look of step-over apple trees. Now that we have more light in this garden, they are a possiblity, but then I do prefer flowers.... Harlow Carr do have them.

Just eating homemade mushroom soup. Never tried before, but had forgotten that chestnut mushrooms are a no-no where daughter concerned- oops.

Have taken next painkiller for back, but lower dose. Can top up with others if not enough. As expected cold settling, but cough getting worse! OH checked up on me. He's been veg shopping at the brilliant market in town near him, sooo jealous & plans more photography tomorrow if still dry & sunny.

Just spotted little mouse again- at bird food. Scuttled off to under the adjacent Epimedium. J.

Pennine Petal
Poor you, Jo, spend the day tucked up under the quilt and feel sorry for yourself.

OH makes mushroom soup, you can buy a box of field mushrooms at Tod market for ??2. Great value for a huge pan of soup.

Video of the day-big sister gives brother a telling off


I saw that Geoff, soo cute. Being an only child.......J.



Dresser emptied and "stuff" from it in boxes in spare bedroom, hope nobody turns up  to stay not that I'm expecting anyone, but you never know. They would have a job to get in the bed. How can 2 people accumulate so many things? Moving the dresser this evening when daughter and OH come round, he's a big strong lad, so hopefully it won't be a problem. Just everything else to find a home for.

Weather has cheered up, cake to bake this afternoon. We are going out for a meal tonight with daughter and co, so will be coming back to our place for dessert, cheese and biscuits, and coffee/drinks.

I love that video, it's really cute..


A very quick hello from a lonely Flo. Internet down since early Friday, hoped it would be back today but no, despite switching-on-&-offagain twice. :- (

Using this very slow computer just to check email - and say I'll be back ....


Ah Flo-was worrying about you-at least you have made contact with the outside world.

Chris- a job well done -now you need to do the big "do we need all this stuff?"exercise

Just caught up on the Choir-next Homeland

Gary Hobson
FloBear wrote (see)

...Internet down since early Friday....

Internet down doesn't sound very nice.

I regard an internet connection as absolutely essential, especially if it's the only way you can get at your bank, and other vital services, like Fork Handles. I used to be with Orange, a long time ago, and they were always giving me trouble, so I switched to BT and have had a perfect connection ever since, but perhaps other people have had a different experience.

Flo does seem to have a back-up dial-up connection - a pain, but better than nothing..


Pennine Petal

We are with BT too, had some problems a while ago, but now have a new hub ad everything fine.

Thought I would post goings on in the park opposite our house, well more a childrens playground getting a makeover.OH being at home all day gives me a commentary of progress usually to do do with workmen standing around watching one work.


They'be been at it for weeks and have managed a path around, some sort of stone structure and a mini stone circle. The 3 dead trees have been there since the last refurb, we are supposed to be getting an orchard. Mmmm apples.




Will watch cutsey kids when Queen has stopped blaring out.Like it though but can't hear a thing. Do i stand for their version of National anthem??


It's so nice out there today that have just sown 4 pots of sweetpeas! In the greenhouse to start with & then into coldframe when germinate. No more seed compost anyway.

Back now aching again didnt realise how I must stand over the workbench/staging. Fed up of sneezing & coughing too. So coffee, honey toast & Inspector Morse now... J.


Bjay-what are you watching?

Glyn -is that OH does- stand there do nothing but watch workman doing nothing?