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Caz W

Evening all - late checking in due to shopping, library, trying to remove a thug of an artemisia from a small flower bed, cooking and watching SCD. 

Srummy looking cake Chris - love almonds.

Geoff - are the audience restrained on XF









Get the £10 on Jahmene-he will walk this-trust me


It is not going to get that warm next week-at most mid to high teens and cloudy

Frost in October/November- not exactly brain surgery and coming weeks means any time in the future

Daily Mail or Express?

Miss Becks

bjay, they look awesome!! Love the Strawberry ones! Might treat myself to some of them for an annual event at the end of December!


Pennine Petal
Enjoyed SCD, some good performances, Lisa Riley does make me smile. Just catching up on one of the programmes about India, they are fascinating.

Managed to get some gardening done this afternoon, planted some of the wallflowers in a tub, but conscious that MD says they like lots of sun. Is it too late to take some penstemon cuttings?

Glyn-try rooting the cuttings in water

It is 7.15 and ghostly quiet-chickens need to be fed-going out in the dark

Christoper and Rylan -bottom 2 tonight-can't see Rylan escaping again



Gary Hobson

Enjoyed SCD movie night. I seemed to be entranced by the lighting, and the props, and costumes, and the singers, so sometimes didn't pay that much attention to the actual performance. The first number (Fern's Mary Poppins) was quite spectacular.

Hottest performance of the night was undoubtedly Kristina Rihanoff. Most ridiculous frock was Ola.

Flav's jump didn't seem that difficult. Louis just seemed to lift her up. I'd been expecting a flying leap. But I suppose it was still risky and brave, for live telly. Potential for life-long embarrassment.

The dog was well behaved.

I've taken a peek at the results, so will not disclose who was kicked out.

Watched Merlin afterwards, about ghosts, shades of Hamlet. Liked that episode. I prefer that low key paranormal-type drama, to the mindless fights and bloodletting which we sometimes get.

Foggy here this morning, and sub-zero temps being forecast by Met Office for later this week. Time for the cannas, geraniums, and other tender plants, to come in. I prefer to do that now, rather than be doing it any later, with freezing fingers.

Jean Genie

Morning everyone. I have another doctors note . This lurgy has turned into nasty chesty thing now so in bed last 2 days Fed up with myself but feel a bit better today  Missed a lot of posts but have been reading through them them and they've cheered me up no end.

On a brighter note . my new banana plant has grown a new leaf  I'm like a big kid when that happens , I have to check as soon as I get up to see how big its growing and this seems to have unfurled itself overnight . Going to play with all my houseplants today as can't go out  Hubby says he will cut grass and give front a tidy. Sooooo frustrating need to do a few things but will use it as an excuse to eat cake and generally slob around.

Have a good day everyone .

Pennine Petal
Jean, wrap yourself up and don't do too much! Let OH pamper you. If I lived closer, I could bring you over an aromatherapy potion,lavender and eucalyptus to rub on your chest.

Geoff, thanks for advice, will try that.

Lovely morning here,blue sky and sunshine, going out for the day, but can't decide where to go.

Morning. Well you have all been up bright and early.

Becks I had a tomato pair and am now on sunflowers. Excepy for deep digging, which I can't do now. I wer them for nearly all gardening, washing out et. 'Crocs' have holes so don't really keep feet dry.

I thought you might get some for the end of December!! 

Foggy and damp. was going to pot wash but may just potter in newly cleared out GH


Good Morning Everyone

Not keen on going in the garden today - it is very wet and soggy out there

Think I will play with my new iron again - it irons so much easier than the old one

Shall I make a choccy cake!!!

Have a lovely day

Pam LL x


Good morning everyone

Just a quick visit to wish everyone well. Hope all the invalides are feeling better.

We are going out for Sunday lunch to a pub about 7/8 miles away, looking forward to not having to cook.

It's just beginning to brighten up here, very misty first thing, I went to greenhouse earlier and got covered with cobwebs.

Catch you all later.

Have a good day


Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Got loads to do, but just can't be bothered today to be honest. The vacuum thinks it's been made redundant.

We're just munching on bacon sarnies.

This sums up my motivation at the moment.

 Have a great afternoon all!

Jean, get well soon. Miss you. x


Afternoon all, Rylan really has to go, it's a singing competition and he's not entertaining in the slightest. If he stays I might say very rude things to my tv.

Too cold and wet here to do anything worthwhile in the garden and we've had to put our visit to Brogdale on hold for a bit, still working on getting the OH to agree that walking in the rain is a good idea. Surely I can't be the only one who likes it? 

Becks that's a great quote 

Leek and potato soup for tea.


Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, just arrived back from a few hours at Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire. Didn't participate in the ghost walk around the mill though, Halloween stuff all around the place, Jess would have enjoyed it, Becks.

Trees looked resplendent in the sunshine on the woodland walk, very muddy though. Off out into the garden while there is still a bit of sun on it.

We were at QB a couple of w/ends ago Glyn. Agree about the muddy walking & OH hadnt brought his boots home with him that w/end! We really wanted to see the Litchfield exhibition, which we did, but unfortunately coincided our visit with an apple day so place was heaving- ugh, dont like crowds these days.

Actually sat in the sun plus a book & cuppa earlier. Nice & a rare happening this year. OH has had fun apparently- taking photos of the town where he works, good.

Jean- big hugs & take it steady! I thought I'd be over this cold by now, not so. Rather wobbly today, coughing well, but at least back seems better- until the next time....

Have wrapped up some of daughter's birthday present, but spoke to OH when realised that we hadnt actually got her much. Shall sort that this week. Need to either be very quiet- ha- or go outside/go out as she's doing nights again.... J.


Oh & not only do I have a birthday cake to do, am also doing the 'C' cake this week! Not quite happy about the latter, as, despite doing the same recipe for donkeys' yrs, last yr managed to burn the first attempt! The new cooker oven is hotter at certain temperatures so took a lot of care with the 2cnd & it was fine. Still doesnt stop me worrying though. J.


Sun came out briefly so washed a few seed trays and some long pots for SP. Going to have a go using own seed!

Spent most of day making tomato ketchup. Hours. Still now bottled and  sealed. Tomato glut has gone and a few C things as well.

Those dots and dashes on weather chart mean dismal mist most of day

Used Skype to view grandchild - 5 weeks old - trying to find a plant with her name for my 'family' border. Think I may have found a fuchsia but RHS says no longer available.

Any plant as long as its hardy, pretty and not enormous - 'Bonnie'

Deanos Diggin It

Hi all! 

Mental few day's! But we have seriously bust a gut to get stuff done!

Water butt now in place! Fencing almost done! Now needs staining! Bed's demolished, A few new bed's knocked up n stained! Will post in time! My phone died!

We decided to have a bit of an early finish today as I needed to carry on putting stuff to bed at home!

Been Gorgeous here today! So have really cracked on!

The really sheltered front porch as thrown a surprise this last few day's, but thinking this will be the last! Been a very, very strange year!

 Now in need of a very hot bath n summat to eat!