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Helloall--it's stopped raining here--at the moment--so I may get out and plant some daffodils, and prepare the garlic bed. A friend gave me a box of Orange Pippins yesterday, and now my hand is sore from peeling and coring--but now have lots of apples in the freezer, so it's worth it. Made a pie from the Gravensteins yesterday, and it was yummy. Even the pastry was good!


Quiet on here today-have been up to Crystal Palace and back -saw the huge transmitter that most of London get their telly pictures from-son's flat is so close that he can get an electric shock from the ariel connector-not sure how that works?

Dinner cooked for us so that was nice

Soggy journey on the way back-what is it with some people and headlights?-but seems to have been dry here

Jean -sorry to hear you still have the dreaded

Becks-love the picture and the sentiment

Nice flower Dean.

Hello everybody else-hope you all have had lovely days

The famous actress (?) is out of SCD

XF results coming up-more tv heaven- I'm a Celeb coming soon


hollie hock

Evening everyone, my lazy day did extend in to today as well, not much done but a good time was had.

By chance saw that Faulty Towers is having a rerun, true comedy just gets better with age, brilliant SCD, never thought I'd say it it but  I was hoping that cricket player would go over Jerry Hall.

I'm going to embrace  my middle age as Radio 4 is great, I do complain about the young,older comedy gets better, but I still play loud music.

Although somewhat expected, it's going to get colder

Caz W

Hello  - hope you've all had a good day. It's been warm and sunny here and got loads done in the garden.  Holli-Hock - I'm with you on SCD!  Geoff - glad you had a nice day.  Get well soon Jean (and anyone else with the dreaded lurgy).  Time to get ready for Downton now 

Pennine Petal
Jo, we usually go to Dunham Massey rather than Quarry Bank, but I do like it there. Missed the photos, did intend to go, but ended up in the car park after our walk and couldn't be bothered to go back down to the mill. How lazy is that!?

Managed to be some of the plants from the pots into the ground when I got home, but still a lot to do and so little time before the cold weather closes in. I could always have a week off work with stress!

I won't miss the actress! Poor Anton, he does get them!



Good Morning Everyone

I do hope everyone is well this morning

I won't miss the actrees either but I do like Anton

I can't believe Rylan is still in

Looks a bit murky outside again - not sure yet if I will be gardening - I must admit to being a bit of a fairweather gardener

It is our eldest Grandsons 11th birthday at the end of the week and he would like a new football and boot bag so going shopping for them today - will also get the wool to start knitting the camels

My American penfriend sent me some lovely flowery photos- I would love to show them to you but can't figure out how to upload them to Photobucket from an email -- any ideas ,please

Have a lovely day

Pam LL x

Gary Hobson

You shoulld be able to save any image in an Email to your hard-drive, and then upload it in the normal way (providing you're using a laptop).

Watched a fascinating program on telly last night, about the working of human cells, and viruses. It was amazing.

More sensational revelations on the news this morning "BBC faces biggest crisis in 50 years" - "Brucie Forsythe to take mid-series break to recuperate from strain of Strictly" OMG. "Tess Daley to host show" OMG.

And an interesting report released by National Lottery, about how new millionaires choose to spend their money. 10% buy a caravan.


And 30% buy a hot -tub

Off to play around shortly-get my 2 hours of exercise so I live longer but not sure by how much?

Got my XF predictions completely wrong again- but still stand by Jahmene

Catch up later-hope those that are ill are felling better and those that are MIA come back today


 Morning all. Foggy morning here. Why do some car drivers still drive without lights on when its foggy? So silly.

I've managed to hurt my back this morning, just bending to put my shoe on! And I was hoping to do some more plot clearing and digging this lunchtime. I might not manage that now - perhaps I'd better go and sit in a hot tub instead!

The pumpkin weight contest will close today - so for anyone not yet already entered this is your last chance. Geoff, you know you can't enter again!

After this weekend, I have a new claim to fame - I have now met two fellow forkers! I have seen cat-man's house, and nutty Nora's - but didn't get invited for tea at Margaret's - and have lots of apples!! 


Good moaning, I have returned from my travels, very wet and misty here which is a pity as I have a lot of snaffled plants to get into the ground.

Lottie so Geoff actually exists? Did you inspect his garden and chickens?


Hi Kate, yes Geoff does exist, although thankfully he wasn't wearing white joggers or anything beige! Cody and the chickens definitely exist - we met them, and of course Mrs Geoff (although I'm not sure if she's allowed out of the kitchen!!) His garden is colourful! 


Hi Forkers

Paniked when I saw forecast for later in week. But then remembered that this time last year - when it turned very cold I had nowhere to put plants, this year a greenhouse. Hooray

Still trying to wash pots but so wet and yuk here don't think it will be done.

Will attempt to get other olive away and with OH help the Bay.

Lottie I have this thing about car drivers and lights as well.

Wet cat just come in and has chosen me to dry off on!!

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies. Bit grey and dull today. And wet.

Pam, when you right click on any of the photo's in the email, it should give you the option to save it, just like you would a normal picture. Save them to your desktop, and then do what you want with them.

Glad you're home safe kate! And you Geoff.

Morning everyone else!


Pam you need to download the photo first.

Lottie glad that Geoff is not a spoofer

Gary Hobson
Lottiebeans wrote (see)

... thankfully he wasn't wearing white joggers or anything ...

Have just been to Wyevale to get rid of some coupons, which I needed to use up by end November. I often end up buying bird food, so the coupons don't get wasted.

Picked up some wallflowers, past their sell-by date. £1 for 12 plants. It's damp and mild, for the next couple of days, so they should be OK. Now I need to find somewhere to put them.  



how can i delete my post


Pam sorry it is not possible to delete a post.

Gary sounds like a bargain.


Morning all.

Still not quite 100%, slightly off balance again, which I hate & the sciatica is niggling again.... Cough not really bad, yet, & so far back better!

Lottie- sympathies, socks & shoes a 'b****r here too.

Have date for bathroom 'job'! Yes the central heating boiler replacement & the rest!! Well, not all the bathroom but about half of it in my book.... Have already told daughter she can stay e/w if she cant cope, which she cant apparently. OH will be starting to remove tiles this w/end- yikes- & then we can work out how many/order/buy the replacements!

OH did ask if I wanted to sort things out- ha- he's hijacked the whole thing so 'over to you buddy'! I've got a course to attend one day whilst all this is going on, brilliant, so shall be well away from the mayhem. He can sort them out!

Now I know why the fat block birdfeeder is going down fast- a Jay was spotted enjoying it this morning. The squirrel keeps going for the niger seed one. We've still to see a single goldfinch this year.

Right, last night's ironing to do. Oh, have Miranda to watch, goodie, J.


Am back-slipped over towards the end and rolled in the mud-

Lottie-I have forgotten the weight of the pumpkin-it was a nice too see you- to see you nice.

Kate -welcome home

Flo-still incommunicado?

Morning/afternoon everybody else

Weather seems to be all over the place this week-we will survive as usual



Hello forkers. I'm missing you dreadfully :- (   Have walked down to local sandwich shop to use their wi-fi  -  a good excuse to drink tea and have some of Emily's delicious lemon cake. It looks as if I could be three more days in Communicado and that's if I don't need an engineer. Weather here dull and mizzly. With no forum to keep me entertained and too yuk to go in the garden I'm seriously considering doing some hoovering this afty. Save me some cake from the 10,000 celebration, I think I'll be missing it.

Flo x