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Gary Hobson

What is your problem. Why do you need an engineer.

I thought Wifi (from Sky or BT) was just about everywhere these days. Though I've never tried to connect my laptop to it, outside my home.


Aaah Flo-still in the outland -come back soon-meanwhile computer cake




Gary a lot of wifi is secured now so you need the code or a BTfon account. I really appreciate it when I visit my parents and my laptop logs itself into my dads hub.

Geoff were you injured?

Gary Hobson
kate1123 wrote (see)

... you need the code or a BTfon account. I really appreciate it when I visit my parents and my laptop logs itself into my dads hub...

OK, that's what I was thinking of, but didn't know how it worked. That's one of the advantages of getting Broadband through BT. I think Sky have a similar thing.


No Kate-just muddy and wet

The football hooligan has receved 4 months in the clink-another one whose C****** is sorted


Miss Becks

Aawm Flo. I would be lost without my internet. Bit sad I know, but it's the centre of my life really, from everyday things to communication. Hope it's sorted soon.

Geoff, was it a You've been Framed moment!

Gary Hobson

I suppose that being in clink saves having to buy presents, and you get a free C****** dinner. They don't have to do any washing up either.

YBF offer £250. For scenes less funny than that. We're assuming that it was funny.

But slippery paths can be a serious matter.


It was an oops and a slide down a bank-I am not sure that people falling over is funny

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

..I am not sure that people falling over is funny

Yes, it is very dependent on the who, and the how.

But sliding down a muddy bank, with a soft landing and no injuries incurred, is definitely in the funny category. And then into a river, at the bottom of the bank, would have been the icing on the cake.


I have just popped into Barclays-there was no river-but there was a stream of people -does that count?

Gary Hobson

I'm pleased you were able to complete your financial transactions OK; with no more damage than a bruised backside.

Two Fridays ago, Lloyds computers were down for an afternoon (just after I'd been to Sainsburys). Two days ago, HSBC was down for 8 hours, HSBC was the target of some militant group.

The best place to keep your money is in a pillowcase, under the bed. Along with a baseball bat.

It's now stopped raining, so must put out some wallflowers. Must be very very careful not to slip up on slippery path.


Geoff as long as you are ok we can all rest easily.

Why are some court cases so quick?


Magistrate court is, Crown court isn't

Why is it that vaccy called animal designed for animal hair aren't spent over an hour this morning unwnding, cutting, swearing, even using tweezers to get mine working again. Dog hairs.

Spent afternoon winter tidying/clearing my end of the garage so that when i need to I can hook up my propagator. mostly flower pots I had just thron intherre and packed some seeds I had saved.

Back aches (perhaps its the weather!) and I am grubby. Now for a cup of tea.

Pleased you survved the great golf slip up Geoff


It is odd- offence on Friday- arrested yesterday-in court today- having porridge tonight

Have just changed two tap washers-mission completed with no mishaps-it nice when that happens

Anybody need any odd-jobs doing?


bjay,thanks for that explanation.

Geoff the neighbours builders need a hand, they seem to be on a go slow.


Miss Becks

Well, no casualties at nursery today, thank goodness. And bought Jess's pumpkin. Haven't a clue what to do for dinner tonight. Bought some reduced veg from the co-op, so probably chicken dinner.

I'm all good for jobs for now thanks Geoff!


Need a curtain rail putting up. Winter is on its way. Window about 12 foot up directly above stairs. OK?


Nutty Nora has already got her pumpkin outside but it is rather titchy.

Just trying to expand my business empire

I saw a trailer for the Young Apprentice yesterday-already some of them are instantly smackable


Hi everyone.

Just a quick call, have had a busy sort of day, but achieved very little, you know how it is. I had to go to the bank this morning to arrange a bank draft to pay the deposit on next years holiday to France. Daylight robbery. It's £25 for an international bank transfer, and £10 for a bank draft. Then went to the post office to post it and when I enquired how much it was for recorded delivery, our charming postmaster - not - said it would be £7, is everyone is out to rob me today.?

Anyway hope everyone is feeling better that have been under the weather.

Shepherds pie with cheesy topping, broccoli, butternut squash for tea.

I can hear the vac going so OH must have finished stripping( wallpaper) so it's safe to venture back to the lounge.

Hope your pride is not hurting too much Geoff.

Cheers for now



Is Nutty Nora's pumpkin perfectly carved? I'm surprised she lets something sit by the door for that long - it could rot by halloween (unless its a plastic one??)

Ok, the quiz answer is 26lb 8oz or 12kg - which means that Geoff is the winner with his guess of 27lb 7oz - but he's already got a prize!

Lots of pumpkin soup, and pumpkin pie, and might even have a go at Inka's pumpkin cheesecake!

My back is still aching - I did do some digging at lunchtime but I made sure not to try and turn too much soil in one go.

Still misty here, hasn't cleared all day.

Bolognese for tea tonight.