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Got sidetracked by trashy tv, which can watch whilst playing solartaire on pc, so ironing going very slowly. Did also clean kitchen, downstairs cloakroom/loo & bathroom. Daughter back & gone for a snooze before night duty.

Geoff- must be an age thng- sorry, grovelling here. OH tripped over in Austria, ended up with removal of wedding ring, & has also tripped over since when walking back from work. Now he's rather hesitant, not surprised really, so you can imagine the 2 of us, me off-balance, going into town......

Bjay- that's reminded me that a curtain pole is in the loft. New curtains are in cupboard- hall window part way upstairs, but large houseplants on the sill. Wonder if it'll ever get done? Like replacing 2 lampshades. Ok I could do, but the 'bit' in middle wont undo so OH has been going to replace for ever! J.

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

.- having porridge tonight

I like porridge too, but just as an evening snack, rather than main meal.

I prefer Quaker's Simply range - chocolate flavoured; or caramel flavoured; or brownie flavoured; or strawberry flavoured. It's very good for the arteries too.

Managed to plant out wallflowers; without incurring twisted ankle, broken leg, or blown stains on trousers.


Bake off special tonight. looking forward to it.

This afternoon I also have sorted, cleaned and tucked up for winter my begonias that had been drying off.  went to throw away some clematis cuttings but discovered some healthy looking roots but no top growth so have potted them up and left them in garage to do whatever they want

Haven't had porridge for ages. Like it with dried fruit sprinkled on it


Chris could you not have paid with a pre-loaded currency card?-sorry if you already tried that-your way seems rather expensive-nothing was broken but my pride was hurt-thanks for your sympathy

Lottie have just looked out of the upstairs window the pumpkin is about 4 inches round-I first noticed it this morning-I think it had a tea-light in it-can' t tell if it is real or not -will investigate and report back tomorrow.

Jo-I think you may be watching too much Miranda and trying to ape her antics

It will soon be porridge time- condensed milk style- 500calories a spoonfull but mmmmmm

Grilled chicken/macaroni cheese tonight

Yay-I am a winner again-I may eat some of my prize later


I havent actually got round to watchin any Miranda yet- mustnt do during daytime as the sniggering/snorting will disturb daughter trying to sleep above!

Off to assemble garlic flavoured tagliatelle plus fried mushrooms, tomatoes & cheese sauce & all grilled.

Have porridge most mornings for breakfast- yum. Sometimes with fruit on top- sliced nectarines are wow, blueberries good, or any fancy 'crunch' cereal- Whites being a favorite- or Fibre Filler- anybody remember that from the 80s F-plan diet? J.



I thought that if you put a pumpkin outside your door it meant you welcomed trick or treaters


I don't know- but Haloween is not till next Wednesday-seems a bit early?

I expect the kids at the end of the road will have plans- but we do get advance notice


I wonder if the producers have been reading the forums

Caz W

Evening all.  So one show a week is all a bit much for Brucie - but will Tess be any better doing his bit?  I think they could get Anton to stand in for him.

Geoff - we'll have to have one more competition so you can go for a hat-trick.  Ideas anyone ??? 

Miss Becks

Taxi Duty done. Dinner eaten. Bed calling! Don't know why I'm so tired. Haven't done anything out of the ordinary. Lower back is hurting as well. That started last night. I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

Wow Lottie! That was a good size then. Pat yourself on the back!!

Pennine Petal
Evening all, sorry couldn't chat earlier, but got home late from work. I have porridge for breakfast lovingly made by OH, have it made with soya milk and put in dried cranberries.

Leftover lamb for tea, well ab bit late for tea now, will have to be supper.

Well done on the pumpkin front Geoff.

Oh Becks-poor you- get some Ibuleve gel-works for me

What has your weather been like today Caz?

You have long days Glyn

Pennine Petal
I do Geoff. So when I am working at home I try to make up for that and when the students are not around I can be more flexible.
Caz W

Having trouble posting here tonight - for the last hour or so I've only been able to read but not reply and everything going really slow.  Just checked my Asda receipt on line and got a £5 voucher for spending over £40 - nice surprise.

Becks - hope you'll feel better tomorrow. I have always found a hot water bottle on my back really helps with pain too - but don't leave it there for more than 15 mins at a time.

Geoff - I'm still waiting for the heatwave the Daily Mail promised , its been a very murky sort of day but not cold.








Miss Becks

I've took some painkillers, and back has gone a little better. Jess has just dropped off. Heaven.

Right, now to look for a film to watch. Might give The Grudge a viewing.


I have also had trouble accessing the site, very slow


Seems ok for me-but then I am an angel

Keep yawning- all this talk of sleep-going to bed

Miss Becks

Just a quick serious note. I'm a member/donator to Compassion in World Farming, and their latest email today is highlighting the ways hens are kept in Greece (cages) and a little petition to sign.

I know a few of you keep chickens/hens and wondered if any of you would like to sign the petition as well. Here is the link to the petition page, but there is a whole lot of more indepth information about how they are kept on the site. I must admit, I haven't read through it all. Just wondered if anyone was interested.

Problem with link. hang on.