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Good Morning Everyone

Thankyou for the link Becks.I hope you are o.k this morning

I still can't show you the photos

So much for the Indian Summer that was promised

Have a lovely day

Pam LL x

Gary Hobson

My Fungus of the Day.

Found a few of these beauties...

This is the notorious Amanita muscaria. Book describes it as 'hallucinogenic and dangerously poisonous'. Dangerously poisonous means that they make people ill, but you don't actually die. Book uses the word lethal for killer mushrooms.

A mild damp day ahead. Ideal mushroom growing weather. I have a few more wallflowers to put out. I'm glad I haven't got Monty's 300 to do.

Pennine Petal
Morning Pam, just eating my porridge before venturing out into the fog. Running a little behind schedule, but couldn't get out of bed this morning. In fact, would be happy to climb back in.

Have a lovely day everyone.
Pennine Petal
Morning Gary, that's a very pretty fungus. Have'tdone all my wallflowers yet and I only had 8!
Jean Genie

Morning fellow forkers, I'm back  I NEVER want that virus/ lurgy/ whatever/ back again  Really nasty- spent loads of time doing nothing as it completely wiped me out. Just left me with tickly cough now. Not good being welded to your bed.  Hope every one else ok and bug free.

Going to do a bit today but not outside . It's dark, dank and 'orrible out there this morning - proper Sherlock Holmes weather.

Gary, I like your mushroom



Becks -have added my voice -thanks for that

The Indian Summer has gone elsewhere-or stayed in India -it was always an optimistic thought-now we are all going to die from cold

Glyn-I got up- and got back down again 30 minutes later-this is the life

Jean is back-and back into Carry On mode

Jean Genie

Geoff !  I really do like the mushroom !  I'm not up to being naughty just yet but maybe later

Thought everyone was avoiding me because they didn't want to catch a cyber - bug.

Gary Hobson

Why have all of Brucie's witty quips been edited out, by the BBC? George Entwistle needs to explain.

And what happened to the dog?

It's like a version of GW without Nigel, or Monty.


Hello people hope you are all well. Ive been busy busy busy and could get no where near the lap top. Cant stand Brucie some one has told me he will be taking a break as he is tired!!!!!!!!!!!! I think if i got paid as much as he does i could cope for 1 evening a week. Tess and Claudia will be doing the show.


Morning Everyone.

Glad you'r feeling better Jean, take it easy for a few days, it's not fit to go out anyway, murky and dank.

Apparently we are all getting onsies for C***** according to page 35 of the Daily Mail. Huge numbers are expected to be bought, you heard it first on FH  a few weeks ago. Can't wait to get mine

Might go out and rescue some of my more tender plants in pots, and plant the remaining wallflowers. Everywhere looks miserable this morning, it's much nicer indoors.

Geoff. Could you explain the pre-loaded credit card for paying the deposit for my French holiday, I've never heard of it, only for use when abroad yourself. Ta.

Have a good day fellow forker, whatever you are up to.




I have a fairFX currency card loaded with euros-I used to pay for the accommodation that I booked here before going away last year as well as purchases on holiday-obviously the recipient has to have the facilities to accept payments in that way.

Have a good day-it is so soggy out there-need some sunshine and warmth to lift the gloom-sunshine is coming but no warmth

Hello Maud-you ok ?

Im fine thankyou geoff. The daughter got a bit panicky about her uni work so ahd to do a lot of calming down. Half term next week so i think a bit of retail therapy might be in order. Not managed to do any gardening as everything is so wet and slippery and im prtrified of slipping over as when i fall over causes awful problems with the back.

Jean Genie

Morning Chris And Maude - just had a little stroll outside for an inspection as I haven't been in the garden for days. My flabber has never been so ghasted !!!!

Look - can you believe I have a bud on my cobaea and one of the free clematis has a flower on it as well

What is going on ?


 And my new leaf on the new banana plant - it's not very big yet but seems to be growing well



I have now got the lurgy  I am not happy about this.

Jean I checked my cobaea yesterday, no buds, but the cutting I took has rooted.



Hi Jean.

A flower on the cobaea, that's great, at last, and the banana plant look well.

I bought a packet of cobaea seeds in Wyevales sale, but after reading comments about the lack of flowering this year I was beginning to wonder about setting them next year. You can't afford to spend time and energy on things that don't perform. Perhaps we will have a better summer next year and things will do better, only time will tell..

Geoff. -- Thanks for the info, will bare it in mind when we venture to La Belle France next May.

I am trapped in the snug at the moment, can't get through to the kitchen as OH is stripping wallpaper behind the door. He's not a happy bunny.


Gary Hobson

This is the Oxford Dictionary definition of 'lurgy':

lovetogarden wrote (see)

.. I was beginning to wonder about setting them next year. You can't afford to spend time and energy on things that don't perform...

A lot of plants performed very poorly this year. My sunflowers were a disaster. I will still get some seed for next year, in hopes. The weather may be better.

The real problem is that we have no idea what the weather will be like.

There was a report in the press yesterday saying that some Italian seismologists had been sent to prison because they failed to predict an earthquake. We need our weather forecasters to pull their socks up, and do their jobs properly. A spell in clink, for failed weather forecasters, would be a good incentive.

Jean Genie

Kate - you have my sympathy . Hope you feel better soon. Good news on the cutting front though.

I'm thinking a long the same lines as you , Chris. I don't know whether to try again with the cobaea next year or just to plant a paddy field.   7 months waiting for a flower is a bit much but I may be lucky and depending on the frost , it may just survive  I shall keep everyone updated.

Interesting about the word ''lurgy'' Gary,   thought it originated in the Middle ages.



I also thought lurgi came from the middle ages.

Growing anything from seed seems to be a bit of a gamble, I have always grown french marigolds successfully from seed but this year they would not grow.

Chris if it was me I would just stay in the snug all day.


I'd quite like a onesie for C***. If I'm feeling as cold as I do now, I'd put it on and not take it off until spring! Trouble is boss has left his office door open and he's a fresh air freak and always has the window open. Its nice when he's away as I shut the door and whack the heating up!

Didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I think I might have a touch of SAD, its so grey here for a second day. 

Kate, hope you feel better fast. Keep warm!

I quite like the idea of sending a few weather forecasters off to clink.