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Based on no scientific evidence whatsoever but on the principle of what goes around comes around and how things have a tendency to even out-after 2 deary Summers in a row-and two droughts followed by enough rain to get all the water supplies back to normal I shall forecast a long hot Summer for 2013-no guarantees, no refunds and usual T&Cs apply -just remember you heard it her first-from the person who predicted Little Mix ,Pudsey and has won 2 recent competitions on here

I am not going to prison- unless it is Dartmoor

Kate-sorry you have now come down with the dreaded

Jean -you must have geenfingers-have a look



Jean Genie

Errrm , have a look at what Geoff ??


Hi everyone.

Hope all backs, lurgii,and slip ups are improved. Sorry about Kate. Just taken me ages to catch up. Interesting about the word 'lurgy' OH says he's not surprised about its origin

Really damp, murky, ground is wet, dog and cats are wet, My hair looks a mess. Oh for a bit of bright sun, even a few minutes.

Loved the mushroom photo

Not been able to get any wallflowers but have seed for next year.

What is a cobeae or what evr. Will kook it up.

It's difficult to find gardening jobs that can be done in this weather.


Jean-your fingers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Have managed to escape the snug and been to look for something quick for a snack lunch. Managed to find a pizza at the bottom of the freezer so that will have to do.

The carbon monoxide alarm is playing up. We moved it and now it piping all the time, it's not the battery as new one had been fitted and we haven't any gas on at the moment. Will have to do something technical like reset the battery?

Love the green fingers, very halloween.


Jean Genie

 Not as good as you lot but  I know a lot more now

Hi, B jay Cobaea are lovely tropical climbers which need a fair amount of sun which has been in short supply this year. Pam posted a lovely photo of her flower somewhere on this site . I'm pretty useless at finding stuff but someone will probally send you the link  They are also known as cup and saucer vine.


I need help-somehow my google search engine has defaluted to a foreign language-how do I get it back to England?-have got alternatives but have got used to google-can I un-install and re-install- anyone?-help



Have you a virus????


Just doing a scan-everything seems to be ok

Jean Genie

Sorry Geoff have no idea . Maybe Becks will post in a bit - she seems to know her stuff.

Just watching news . Methinks heads are going to roll at the BBC .

Caz W

Geoff - when you are on main Google page there is a box in top right corner "sign in" and when you click on that there is a box bottom right where you can choose language.  You probably need to sign in and create a free account.  Not sure if this is right but it looks worth a go while waiting for someone  who knows what to do.

kate1123 or ?

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Dull and damp here. I'm very tempted to pull all my sweetcorn up. It's doing nothing. They are about 5 foot tall, and all have 2 cobs per plant, but just not ripening. The silks are only just starting to turn brown at the ends on the bigger cobs. What a waste.

Think I've sussed my back problem. When I wear a certain pair of jeans, they sit lower down on my back, exactly where the pain is. And a bit tight. I think this is the cause.

Thanks for looking at the link Geoff/Pam. Thought I'd share it to raise a bit of awareness.

Haven't a clue about your Google though Geoff. Does it just do it in Firefox, or all your browsers?

Kate, feel better soon. xx

Caz W

Hello everyone - it's brightening up a bit here .  Glad you're feeling better Jean - OH has had similar and he's been coughing for days.  Kate - sorry you've got the bug now keep warm and take it easy.  OH found hot toddies very helpful not sure if it works but it cheered him up anyway.  Becks - those poor chickens. Glad  I only ever buy free range eggs.  Signed the petition and will pass it on.



I's back! Been shopping, local, then Trafford Centre. Who forgot half term for some of the surrounding areas? Not ours, that's next week, but was puzzled at first as to why so busy earlyish on.

Anyway, last bit of daughter's birthday pressie & a card. Have started on her December pressies & got one for OH's Aunt.

Now having to keep quiet whilst someone sleeping-ahh. She nearly didnt get back into house this morning. Automatically dead-locked front door as went up to bed last night &, despite me having set my alarm, she got home earlier than expected & couldnt get in-oops. Had also turned main phone to silent & mobile not on, so had I not been part awake.............

Now shall catch up with your posts. J.


Caz-tried that -thanks -got back to English-but if I come out again it reverts back to some foreign language -all very odd-have I moved and didn't know?

Becks -it is those pesky washing machines yet again - a lot of clothing appears to shrink-it is just on Firefox at the moment -will go into IE and check in a minute


Oh am sorry for those with various lurgies. Apart from being permanently off-balance, ugh, am feeling a lot better. Sciatica restarted so lost my temper with it this morning & took full painkiller dose with a banana & that worked!

Just realised that didnt buy any yoghurt today. Daughter just been down for a drink & suggested I walk up to get! Probably tomorrow now, whilst a certain big fruit cake cooking..... Did get the chocolate buttons for someones' birthday cake- must also do that tomorrow.

Washing is out, doubt it'll dry much, but some sun/brightness on & off. J.

Miss Becks

Yes Geoff. And the dryer finishes the job!!

Check if it happens in your other browsers, and report back.

Gary Hobson

Google stores some of its settings in a cookie. You can get rid of it, and start again, from Firefox Tools/Options/privacy and finding the google cookie, and deleting it. But anything else Googly, like a Google or YouTube sign-on name will also disappear.

And there's no guarantee that will work.