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I've done it - driven the car for the first time since April 2011. Now to see how foot reacts during the day. Over reved a bit on starts but that's just practise, went slowly - never used to- and managed to park ina car park.

Realy grim again. Little weather box says 'dark cloud '  just fog, damp and unpleasant really.

After lunch am going to sort out new compost bin. At one time getting excited over such a thing would be a no, no.

Looked for a creenhouse fumigater but only one I saw required moving all plants out. Just spent a week putting plants in! Any one know another one.?


The news is full of all doom and gloom -there does not appear to be many lighter stories at the moment

That is good then bjay-to be more mobile again-what a treat in store- shovelling compost

Must remember to bring the hibiscus indoors and the bougainvillea

Can anybody explain why the e-mail that tells me Lottie has posted arrives 10 minutes after the event?-is there some sort of time warp I don't understand-then another one arrives 15 minutes later?

Flo must still be waiting for the engineer to rescue her from the Hinterland

Lots late again for registration

Miss Becks

Sir, sorry I'm late. and fell asleep on you last night as well! Many apologies.

Cloudy and wet here. Not really raining, but that really light drizzly stuff.

Nothing really to report here today.


I thought it was something I said

I can report the Postman is in the street-am expecting something really exciting

Miss Becks

Not at all. Jess asked me to lie with her until she fell asleep, which resulted in us both out for the count!

What you expecting??


Just popping in! Back to work in a minute (at home-paperwork and laptop today).
Grabbing a few minutes with my coffee before getting back to it.

Hope everyone is recovering!
Weather dismal and damp here. I must get organised with more tender plants. I got 2 penstemon recently. I planted one and am going to overwinter the other in the greenhouse (unheated) as I have lost my previous plants in the bad winters.

My email notifications have been very slow or not at all recently.
Miss Becks

Hi Nola! I don't even have my email notifications turned on for this site. I'm just logged in all day.


It didn't come-perhaps tomorrow-who is up for a guessing game?

Nola-you must have a lot of self-disclipine to work from home and not play

Miss Becks

That depends what we're guessing!


What have I bought?

Can do clues

Guess what the sun has come out. Where has it been hiding all this time. Have been and had the hair cut and coloured so no more grey for a while anyway. I also call lurgy,s lurgy. Is it a regional thing do you thnk. Mr sainsbury has delivered early today so i might treat the bathroom to a clean. I do lead an exciting life


Quick nip in! This little notebook was playing 'dead' earlier so as not yet 12mths old was not a happy bunny.

But as you can tell, obviously having an 'off' day & probably objecting to an update that I DIDNT want doing!

A certain large cake now cooling in its' tin on rack- phew, I do hate the new ovens' temperature unreliabilities, but had last yrs' notes from the successful attempt to refer back to.

Only a birthday cake to do next, but outside calling- have done the birds & may now sweep some leaves.

Back later, J.

Miss Becks

Geoff, it's not one of those onesies is it??

Maud, when you've finished with the sun, can I borrow it please??

jo, you're making me hungry.


We have just had a a very brief sunny spell-

It is definitelt not a onesie- but it is a twosie- as it it is a pair

Gary Hobson

Did they arrive on a bus (with you carrying them)?



Do keep up Gary-it/they hasn't/haven't come yet


They are an item of apparel -but wear might be too strong a word

Gary Hobson

Roller skates.

Gardening knee pads.