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Kate, sorry you'r still feeling poorly, these pesky bugs seem to take some shaking off.

We had cavity wall insulation years ago, rock wool I believe. OH said it was the best thing we did, made to house feel a lot warmer. Yes they do make a racket when they do it, but it's worth it.

Must go and get ready for evening out, SIL is rather eccentric so anything could happen and probably will

Pennine Petal

Drat, Geoff, forgot to take Rossendale off!! Real life photo obviously

Miss Becks

No Chris, Jess won't be Trick or Treating. I don't actually agree with it too be honest. I know it's been around for years, but I think it's an American thing really, and believe me, it's huge in America. Some of my US buddies have been planning events for months and months. It's slowly getting bigger over here, with Spookfest and Frightnight events (both today actually), but nah, she won't be going. I've bought her a costume to wear in the house, and pumpkins, but that's the limit! Maybe when she's older.

Caz, absolutely!

Glyn!! Hottest witch or what!


Jean Genie

 This is crazy ! Geoff you are nuts !

Kate. Don't want to advertise but have you tried All- in- One , the liquid one ? I had a cold then it turned into full-blown flu. Lemsip didn't touch it but the other one seemed to relieve it . A lot of people have come down with same virus near us. Hope yours is just a cold.

Glyn. I shall watch out for you later - just be sure to wear your thermals ! It can get quite drafty on those broomsticks


Cavity wall insulation. Make sure you take large pictures off wall. Vibration when drilling damaged an antique cow when ancient parent had it donePicture fell off wall). We have it here, was in when we moved. House is certainly warm and cosy - got burner lit now as well

You've all been very busy on here tonight. and I've only knitted 2 rows - very slow knitter!!

SCD now. can watch it - allowed

No fungi of the day?

Pennine Petal

Outfit available on the internet! Not sure they will do one in my size though  Loving the Halloween names and pictures 

Had a lie in this morning and ready my book, off food shopping this aft at Todnorden Market and Hebden Bridge Food Festival. they're trying to cheer themelves up after the flooding. Unfortunately we got there when the afternoon shift was packing up and the evening shift were still setting up. Got shome nice Yorkshire tea bread though and a raspberry and white chocolate tart. No wonder I can't get a costume to fit!  


Jean I may need to try that thanks.

Now I am torn, pancakes or cheats doughnuts

Miss Becks

Nooo, the doughnuts! Or both!

Deanos Diggin It

Gis a mo while I catch up!

One thing at once!

Good evening all! 

Miss Becks

It's Pikachu!! Evening Dean!

Jean Genie

Not looking forward to this cavity wall thing now - think I may stay in. ( With earplugs )

Glyn, I haven't had Yorkshire tea-bread for ages. It all sounds very yummy

Gone very cold here but rain forecast for tomorrow.

I tend to agree with you, Becks but I love to see all the little kids dressed up. When I was a lass all you had was duck apple, a bruised nose and a wet head

I need to write all the name changes down to keep track

Kate...Yum, pancakes! It's ages since I have made scotch pancakes. I could just fancy some now The doughnuts sound good as well.

Flo?? Was it you with the parrot? I always fancied having a parrot! (We have a budgie though)

Geoff- I think it is exciting when the egg laying begins too.
I like the variety of topics discussed, a the different little snippets and themes. You learn something new all the time, fungi this week!

Becks-lemon tree, have had lemons off it but not this year, had to trim it to shape as it was looking sorry for itself, made a recovery though. Maybe next year.


Miss Becks
The Bogeywoman wrote (see)

When I was a lass all you had was duck apple, a bruised nose and a wet head

Yes Jean, but I'm on about Halloween!!!

Cool Nola!


Someone is letting off fireworks I cannot decide if they have started too early or are they for the Festival of Eid.

Geoff XF been very quiet this week?


Steak and chips-with an egg-went down a treat

There hasn't been much about XF in the papers although there was a picture of Tulisa and Nicole in very skimpy costumes-I think Rylan had a birthday party

OH heard fireworks earlier-it is now raining here

Becks-you are wag

Nola-it is the variety and the nutters that keeps it going


Blimey you lot- I just about can keep up! Just will stay as ME, it's easier.......

Flu jab doesnt hurt, but slightly sore arm day afterwards shows it's 'working' according to daughter.

Have cleared up in bathroom, & in kitchen & dishwasher on, again. All food plans for tomorrow, & relevant shopping, now a total waste of time as OH & daughter hi-jacked my plans.

Kate- I hope you had pancakes. That would have been my choice. Drat, have plaster on top of thumb & my typing totally up the shoot. J.


Deanos Diggin It

Jo! Thinking that would have been the easy option! n wish I should have stuck to it!

I've lost two! Didymus Mountain n Wonder Witch?????????????