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Didymus is Gary

Wonder Witch is Glyn-with the legs

Do keep up at the back

Deanos Diggin It

Must admit! had an incline for Gary with Didymus! But Glyn threw me! Dunno why! as she is gunna throw some crocosmia bulb's from Lancashire to Yorkshire!


I thought Brucie was going on 'holiday'!

No fireworks so far tonight

Had flu jab on Wednesday. Had to pay - last year went to Boots cost me £15. This year went to local chemist cost me £9.95. Got sore arm now, sore throat and runny nose.


I am watching SCD in bed whilst eating pancakes



Nope but I feel that this is the last leg of the cold.

Miss Bateman

Hello fellow ghosts and ghouls! Not been here for a while but have been trying to keep up with all the posts. . Lots been happening recently with me, but thankfully things are  on the up again. . Didn't get the job that I wanted, however i've had work doing the flu jab clinic at the local health centre for the past month. Been jabbing 40+ patients per day, its been nice to have a break for a while from the sometimes stressfull ward environment. 

Had a couple of gysers tonight at the door, do tracksuits class as fancy dress costumes!? I dont think so!.... gave them 50p and told them to come back when they get proper halloween costumes!!! I will be the talk of the neighbourhood Im sure.

Miss B X


Miss B we thought we had lost but good to hear from you, is it cold up there?

Miss Becks

Miss B! You were too generous! If anyone knocks my door any other night than 31st they get sod all!


31st or nothing in this house as well Becks. 

Compleletly lost about who everyone is now. Have some Forkers on forks thread  from before I joined joined in now? HELP. or is it the wine??

Miss Bateman

Kate its not cold...... Its absolutley Baltic! Snow yesterday and some flurrys today! But nothing we cant handle, its going to get alot worse as usual! Hope you feel better soon.Keep warm.

It was 50p between four of them, enough for a sherbit dip dap each! I dont mind gysers as long as they make an effort. My mum used to make our outfits, carve out turnips for our lanterns and we would sing at the door ... Halloweens coming the geese are getting fat please put a penny in the old mans hat, if you haven't got a penny a hapenney will do if you hav'nt got a happenney god bless you!  We made an absolute fortune. Happy days!

Miss B x

Pennine Petal
I don't give money only chocolate, then if no-one comes, I have to eat it myself!

Used to make Guys and trundle them around, then have 5th November parties with bobbing apples, flour pudding moulds to get the chocolate button, Not really Hallowe'en.


see you all Montalbano starting

Deanos Diggin It

Right Guy's! time to retire! n have covered up my Butt! Sorry Girl's!




Miss Becks


Right, madam claims she is tired. Here we go. Let's see how long this takes. Later peeps! x


Hi Miss B-you must be missing Portugal then?-sorry you didn't get the job

Becks-good luck

Jahmene still the one to beat

Night all


Went out to see a play and recorded Strictly so have just watched it whizzing through the boring bits.

I'm thoroughly confused about who's who :- /  The person who said no fungus of the day must have missed my upside down one. Not as good as Garydidymus's efforts but there nevertheless. The person who said is it Flo with the parrot - yes, I adapted my username so I didn't forget who I was as well! She's small - about 8 ins tall - but a true parrot. Parrots needs are similar to that of a three year old child, I once read, they need company, entertainment, stimulating activities - though not fancy dress costumes ;- )

Nighty night now.


Used to have a parrot called Pontius Pirate--he used to answer the phone. Got my Halloween candy today from a friend who was going to town--hope all those little fun-sized choccies last past the day, as it's wet gloomy and dark here!! Bought some dark rum to make my killer pumpkin/sweet potato pies. It's the secret ingredient--don't tell.


Morning adults

Woke up too early couldn't go back to sleep-there is a frost- the car it is all sparkly-the heating hasn't kicked in yet and the house is cold-too early for coffee-I will get shouted out-nobody to talk to

What was the play Flo?-Esme has a lovely plumage-does she pine for the fjords?