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Morning Forkers.

Get bac to you all later.

Sun is out, garden calling 


Back up again-what have I missed?

Battywoman-Luxembourg is a bit of a diversion-at the moment it is just an idea-it looks like pretty little place that no-one visits-I feel sorry for the Luxembourgites-but if it is expensive.............

I am sorry Ola-has left SCD-my sole reason for looking has gone

Kate-thanks for the info-glad you are feeling a bit better-you need a halloween name

Has anyone ever seen a pixie sitting on a toadstool?Georg???

There was  a strange film years ago called the "Boy With Green Hair"

Morning everybody else-including "confusedfrommanchester" who hasn't done my ironing

Gary Hobson
jo4eyes wrote (see)
Do small fungii growing from houseplant pot count? Shows how c**p these 'new' composts are. 'stillconfusedfrommanchester'

That sounds very unusual.

A long time ago I bought a bag of bark chippings to use as mulch, and, come November, all kinds of mushrooms came up from it.

But that was a long time ago, when bark chippings came from trees. I don't know what goes into those bags these days.


Oh no, I missed my 1000th post! Good grief, have I really been that garrulous!!!

Pottie Pam

Good morning fellow ghouls and ghoolies,

Glad everyone seems fine this morning and Inka has not been washed away.

There certainly seems to be some extreme weather around the world lately. Are the Mayan Prophecies starting to happen?

I'm devastated that Downton finishes next week. Sunday nights won't be the same. Perhaps there will be a Christmas special.



Flo-you and Georg are both past it now

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Sun is out and I may have a chance to get in the garden today! There's so much to do out there. I've been a bit slack last few weeks due to weather.

Must have an early night tonight. Have to leave the house at 6.30am tomorrow morning for Sammy's Britains Got Talent audition in Birmingham. Really not looking forward to it. The things we do for our kids.

Glad to see you're feeling a bit perkier kate!


Flo I would have a shimmy and a cake to celebrate.

Becks we are looking for details on the inside track so we will need a full report.

Geoff when my niece was in Lux she said a lot of her colleagues preferred to live in Germany and commute


We had a dry spell and now light pain

Becks -that will quite a novel way to spend a day-what are they singing?

On the holiday front -it was just going to be an odd at the end -not sure now


Kate- glad things improving. No, dont agree with you re 'just a cold/flu' they can be much more 'grotty making' for a short time. I wasnt a happy bunny last w/end!

Re my situation, just a moaner these days, but actually fed up as been grotty with one thing & another for 12mths now. Have a course to go on later this month called 'Moving On' & yes I need it!! Actually have been seriously ill 2x before so I've had enough.... see am moaning again! Shall fully participate in any discussions!

If OH & daughter ruffle my hair one more time.....grr. It's actually fluffy & sticking up/out in all directions & curling again! Not quite long enough yet to comb, but getting there.

Still only 1 pot of germinating sweetpeas, but hope yet for others... J.


Geoff I am all for doing odd things and I just need to know the small print before I go, we bought 2 drinks in a pavement cafe in Montmartre 10 years ago and it was more than a tenner, which was fine but we did sit there for an hour to get our monies worth

Jo you are very inspiring


I always make a mistake of leaving OH to pay & tip. I never learn, he has no grasp of the value of foreign currency!! Luckily cafe people do question him to 'did he really intend to give that much?'!

Right some chores await & then the ironing to daytime tv! J.


ernie's ghostly gold tops wrote (see)

Flo-you and Georg are both past it now

:- D :- D

I washed away the green hair and now have white highlights as I didn't put a clip in or a hat on when I painted the conservatory walls just now. Silly me

Coffee break and choccy biccy as I have no cake.

Gary Hobson

But we're both in our youth, compared to Ernie.


Geoff that is why I like to be on a slightly bigger boat when I am at sea.

Flo leave it in that will scare the trick or treaters.


Very true Georg.

Good plan, Kate ;- )


You'll NEVER get me on a boat willingly again! Very seasick, even in harbour!!

There's snow in the Austrian village we visit- very pretty. Now have finished all my Milka that I brought back.......

Ok, dishwasher sorted, now to wrap up to go down to compost bin with kitchen veg waste. Postie been with yet another parcel for daughter & letter post came ages ago, which is most unusual. J.