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Miss Becks

Will give a full report kate!

I haven't a clue what they are singing Geoff. Haven't asked. There were 4 of them, but 2 have had to drop out for some reason.

Will my slug eaten pepper plants (that produced nothing!) survive the winter in the ground, and miraculously come back to life, or shall I pull them up? I have new seeds anyway.


No Becks the peppers have had it

So are you going to fill the breech and turn it into a trio?

Jo-I am the same about boats-it is all that bobbing up and down-never go on a glass bottom boat and look down-tip of the day

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha Geoff. I would love to, but I don't think Sammy would allow her embarrasing mum anywhere near her!! Plus, probably won't know the song they are singing. It's bound to be some recent song I've never heard of.


You could dance in the back ground and do the do-wah do-wahs?


Pam, I'm going to miss Downton as well, but I'm sure there will be a C**** special - hope so anyway.

Becks, peppers can be started off really early next year in pots.

Caught up on GW yesterday, am glad to see Nigel back and hear he's going to be ok. Bet that was an expensive vets bill.

I have a bruise down my arm and I don't know how it got there - I think the pumpkin fought back yesterday.

Pumpkin soup for lunch, tea, dinner.......and I've only done one so far! 


Jean Genie

What ???? Last Downton next week ?  Hope they are going to to a Xxxs special as well. Sunday nights will be the same again.

Kate glad you are on the mend .

Lottie are you going to freeze your pumkin soup ? Have a feeling you will still be eating it next year.

Becks, you may have a star in the making . I bags the first cyber-autograph .

I will never be going on a boat again.

Oh well, back to boring housework.


You have all been busy this morning.

That boat was really scarey Ernie.

Jo my aunts hair went all soft and curly, she had never had curly hair before so loved it. It's back to normal now though

Glad that ailments seem to be improving

Love Downton and am also thinking what willI watch?

Have spent morning tryingto make sense of the front garden, as I want to comletely re-do it. OH has just realised I have stuck sunflower heads from back on top of the bird feeders. They were in the front. Have dug up galdioli as don't think want them in front next year. Attcked loads of couch grass. 

Put layer of spent potaton compost on the beds - very clayey

Now in for lunch, shattered.

Oh and I think it's going to pain

Gary Hobson

Shiver me timbers.

This talk of sinking vessels. News is reporting the HMS Bounty (of mutiny fame) has just been sunk, a casualty of Hurricane Sandy. It was only a 'replica'.



After Downton-I'm a Celeb starts and will probably be on every night for at least 2 weeks and perhaps 3-we are now in the Countdown to C******* telly in TV land-

-I can guarantee there will not be a Jim'll Fix It C****** special-

-but probably a Downton Special where the house burns down, they all move to 165 Eaton Pace and the series is renamed Downton Upstairs where Rose reveals she is the secret love child of a dalliance between Lord Grantham and Mrs Bridges, Mr Bates finally admits his love for Carson and Mr 'udson cops of with the understairs, kitchen, scullerymaid 's servant.

Or that might just be in my head


Apologies all, Just read my post and find so many  mistakes

My family say they don't understand half the texts I send - brain works quicker than fingers, Then eager to post so forget to check it.

Must do better!


I really fancy pumpkin soup now

Becks can I suggest that you consider growing peppers in pots and then they can come inside for the last month


My hair was/is soft & curly & various shades of grey, so my biggest nightmare was if it came back black & straight!

Chores going v e r y slowly, but really need to disappear into spare room to start the sort out!! At least the sun has arrived so will be warm in there. It's one of those chores that have been left, like w/end homework, but if I dont sort in there I wont have anywhere to plonk stuff from airing cupboard, which needs emptying so boiler can go in there.... still to start ironing too....

Back later. J.

Miss Becks

Jean, of course you can, although I wouldn't hold your breath. I've heard her singing!

Thanks Lottie, and kate, I did have some in pots as well, but they got munched while I was on holiday. I also have a rule as well. What goes out, stays out! I think we said this before. I'm not bringing any bugs and creepy crawlies back in this house!!  I was way too late starting them this year, being my learner year and all, so have high hopes for better outcome next year.


There won't be enough soup left to freeze it - everybody had second helpings yesterday and after today I predict an empty pan. I might get round to freezing some of the next batch! But I will also make some pumpkin pie with the next one I prepare. Also found a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake which sounds (and looks) delicious.

Didn't go out today - cold and wet!

Must remember to watch the Top Gear special tonight about the 007 vehicles, as I saw lots of them at Beaulieu.


It has gone darker and darker and now the pain is coming thick and fast. We just got in with washing/tools in time.

OH has started digging the rest of the 'fairy' bed. It was grass - I can hardly call it lawn- really hard as we have clay.-, compacted etc. I sprayed grass ages ago so it is dead, so He is digging it in. Then will tip it with old potato bag compost and let the frost do its stuff.Planting in spring.

Problem - perhaps someone in cyber land can help- I bought a  large eremurus root to plamt in bed but now do not know what to do with it as bed nowhere near prepared.

Next door neighbours are offering pumpkin soup tomorrow!


Deanos Diggin It

Afties All!

Kate-Glad to hear you are finally on the upturn

Flo-I also have white highlights! Not through choice.......and certainly not due to any painting activity!

I love boat's! Would gladly sell up n live on a canal boat! I put it to OH once, but would have no part in it! Oh well! I await in anticipation of a winning lucky ticket!


It is getting very windy and stormy across ocean-we will at some point get the aftermath of of this but not that intense

I have never tasted pumpkin-in any shape or form -thought Lottie assured me it it is lovely


I have finished the ironing

bjay I wish you luck with the eremurus, It took me ages to find a spot big enough, you need to add lots of grit and give it a little hill to raise it up, then in the first year it was eaten to death, the second year it produced leaves but then nothing happened next year will be its last chance. The root I was given was at least 15 inches wide. Do you have a seed tray it could sit in damp compost over winter?

Jean Genie

Just watching news. This superstorm is getting scarier by the hour. Feel sorry for all those people .

Hi Dean, hope you're keeping warm in your onsie !

Bjay I don't know much about foxtail lillies but could you store it as you would a dahlia tuber. Apparently they don't like having their roots disturbed .

Trying to think of something for tea but it won't be pumpkin  


Ernie, will dispatch some soup to your cyber-locker immediately! Pumpkin is nice but Crown Prince squash is my favourite - sweeter, more dense flesh, and stores for ages! Why did I only grow one??

It does look like New York is in for a battering. They seem well prepared though.