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Deanos Diggin It

Hi Jean!

That bloody onesie! Caused me no end of bother! Should have brought it home for youngest daughter I was told! I thought it idious! (I obviously have no fashion sense)

Was told last evening by OH (With stern pointed finger) I had to collapse the little guy's travel cot's they used one night last week, or I would be fed to the lion's! 

Glad to report the Lion's shall be going hungry! as I, if like yourself, I don't make a decision on what to eat!

Gary Hobson
Lottiebeans wrote (see)

It does look like New York is in for a battering. ...

The Bogeywoman wrote (see)

Just watching news. This superstorm is getting scarier by the hour.

I've been glued to the news channels. If you have satellite you should be able to get several US news channels, which are giving continuous coverage. Obama is addressing the nation right now, on CNBC. He hasn't actually said much. I think he just wanted to get his face on TV.


That would be the American nation?

It seems as though an element of stocking up has gone on-or panic buying as we like to call it-but as many precautions are in place as can be

It has turned into the usual media event-there will be a lot of disappointment if nothing happens- like the Hawaiian tsunami


I think the eremurus must be about 15" across.  I thought of temporarily putting it in more or less empty rhubarb bed for winter, but if it doesn't like disturbnce.....

I do have a large tray I put pots in, in times of drought that it would fit in with compost, I have plenty of that, but to be honest I've never stored dahlias either.

Any more suggestiions.

Been watching sky news about NY. Now that's scarey!

Jean Genie

Just heard Obama - he says he is more interested in the people and their property than he is about the election . There is a chance of a No.2 storm meeting Sandy now . I 've had news on all day - it's due to make landfall 8 30 U.S. time. Just been an interview with a guy in N.Y. who says he's staying put.

They are also saying the hurricane coincides with the highest tides of the year .


Gary Hobson
ernie's ghostly gold tops wrote (see)

..there will be a lot of disappointment if nothing happens...

There certainly will be.

There are lots of live webcams in the NY, and New Jersey area. I found one in Times Square. The place looked quite normal, lots of people about. But the webcam has just packed up. Probably crashed because too many people from around the world wanted to tune in.

Deanos Diggin It

You all have me intrigued! Although I have listened on radio today! 

The room I frequent on an evening does have a TV n sky+ box! Bet it as not been turned on for over 12 months! 

Now on! n still working! Give me a channel number please!

Deanos Diggin It

Cheer's Geoff!  Of no help what so ever! I shall have to venture into the TV world myself! Of which! I have no interest at all! 


Sky News is 501-most news channels are 500+


I's back for a bit.

Did I do spare room sort out? No, but all the ironing got done whilst watching a prog about Mallory & Irving probably climbing Everest in' 24. Always loved those tales- avidly read Tenzings' book when young.

Am whacked now though- blasted lack of energy- so shall collapse for about 30mins before assemble meal. J.

Jean Genie

Jo, I worry about you ! You are always on the go. have a good rest tonight.


Lottie's soup has arrived


Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! Enjoy!

Proof is in the pudding as they say!

 Set it up for the Girls a few years back! But to be honest, never get used that much these day's!



Phew, my forgetting to actually put the cheese into the cheese sauce for macaroni cheese tonight- - wasnt a disaster after all. I just put loads on top for grilling & then when top browned, just turned off the grill & shut the door. The cheese then melted down into the sauce.

Shant be late out of bed tonight. OH leaves about 5.30am on Mondays & daughter was early this morning too. We've just had a small packet of the forgotten chocolate buttons between us.

Know am tired as cant spell/type properly. Still only another 4 lots before the next scan to see if can have the remaining 3, yay! The end is in sight... J.

Miss Becks

 30 hours without power! I just couldn't imagine it. Especially in this cold weather.  Hope all the elderly are thought of by friends, family and neighbours.

Caz W

Hello Forkers.  It's pretty cold here as the central heating boiler decided to pack up yesterday afternoon and won't be fixed till Wednesday. Glad it was a sunny day today so it was nice and warm in the conservatory anyway.  Will try and catch up with all posts now ....


I think those people will leave their homes Becks-that long without power sounds like a nightmare

I can remember power cuts of 4 hours during the miners strike-that was bad enough -but 30 hours

Evening Caz

Jean Genie

Evening Caz  Hope the weather doesn't turn cold before your boilers fixed.

Becks , that happened to us. When we first moved here , we were plagued by power cuts, Every other weekend . odd times through the week and once the whole of Boxing Day. The excuse from the the powers that be that it was birds flying in to the power lines. The last straw was when we were cut off for 36HOURS !!! Hubbie and neighbour found the problem - it was the tranformer in the woods. A branch had fell on it so they got the direct phone number off it and rang Manchester who were aware of the problem but not aware of the problem with the transformer. At that point, I lost the plot. I informed our local paper and Energywatch. The paper ran a front page story and Energywatch interviewed everyone and then told me they had organised for me to have a radio interview and would I agree !! Must admit it was one of the most nerve wracking things I've ever done.

We were all given compensation as we had been without power for so long but had to claim on our insurance for the freezers as everything was ruined.

We were told there had been a long standing problem with the transformer and since then we haven't had any more problems but what a nightmare.

I really feel for those people who will be without power .